Coulter is soooooo confused!

Coulter considers Sarah Palin “establishment” and Mitt Romney “anti-establishment.”

So Confused

Coulter penned a column proclaiming Palin “Conservative of the Year” in 2008.[i] In it, she wrote, “Palin is the sort of genuine American that brings out the worst, most egregious pomposity of liberals.” But Coulter cautioned Palin, “Perhaps Palin’s year is 2012, but I would recommend that she take a little more time to become older and wiser.” (Like Coulter?)

Then Coulter claimed that Palin was too inexperienced to run for president. Now Coulter claims Palin is too experienced – part of the establishment, writing, “… Fox News contributor Sarah Palin – who has also offered herself up as a possible presidential nominee at a contested convention. (Wouldn’t a former candidate for vice president on a major party’s ticket be part of the Establishment?)”[ii]

If Palin is “establishment” for being a VP candidate, why isn’t Romney “establishment” after twice being a P candidate? Yet, Coulter still wants him to try again in 2016!

Just a few months ago, Coulter said, “Well, don’t tell him, but I’m planning on giving Mitt Romney a little more time to rest, flying out, kidnapping him, and depriving him of sleep, food and water, until he agrees to run again.”[iii] Coulter added, “I think he was a fantastic candidate.”

Coulter claims Romney was a “fantastic candidate” in 2012[iv] and would be ideal for 2016. Does Coulter know that Romney voted for Paul Tsongas in the 1992 presidential primaries. Tsongas was a social liberal and economic moderate.

True to form, Coulter castigates anyone who threatens the person she believes should be the nominee. At the end of the last century, Coulter defamed Gary Bauer as a “fascist” to support her man, George W. Bush. In this century, Coulter besmirches Sarah Palin as “establishment” to support her new man, Mitt Romney.

Coulter conforms reality to her fantasy. “That’s what they call delusional, this schizophrenia,” Coulter said, explaining, “they do weave some reality into fantasy.”[v]

Recommended reading: Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at


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