Ann Coulter Attacks Principled Conservatives

Ann Coulter, called “The Manchurian Columnist” by the American Family Association, is busy attacking the Tea Party again. As Bryan Fischer notes, “her attack on McDaniel and his camp is wrongheaded and unprincipled in almost every respect.”


Using rhetoric similar to her attack on soccer fans and players (“throwing hissy fits,” crying on camera), Coulter, in a “condescending and patronizing” manner wrote that McDaniel was behaving as if he were in a “prom queen election.” Rather, Fischer writes, “It’s a hotly contested election for a seat in the most powerful deliberative body in the world.”

Fischer provides numerous principled reasons to contest the primary results, including vote-buying, Cochran campaign irregularities, and other election abnormalities.

According to Fischer, “Coulter falsely argues that Cochran actually won the majority of Republican votes,” adding, “McDaniel won the Republican primary and Cochran won the Democratic run-off.”

Last year, Fischer took Coulter to task for attacking Tea Party candidates.

Coulter claims, “There’s no reason to think that a majority of Mississippi Republicans didn’t want Cochran as their nominee.”

A Red State analysis of the Mississippi election concludes: “But careful analysis of what Chris McDaniel repeatedly said on the campaign trail, against the backdrop of what voters want, shows that McDaniel understood both the people and the community he sought to represent.”

Moreover, “McDaniel, a two term state senator, is a man who knows the people he sought to represent. It is worth pointing out that in his home county, voters supported him with a solid 85% of the vote. Cochran didn’t receive that majority in any other county.”

What does Ann Coulter have against genuine conservatives? Coulter attacks what she is not.

Standing up for principles – and for principled conservatives – seems to be very difficult for Coulter. Indeed, taking Coulter’s “pragmatic” approach has proven counterproductive for several election cycles.

Coulter’s election analysis for several years has been abysmal. Claiming to be a conservative, Coulter consistently attacks the Tea Party and promotes candidates like Romney and Christie. Her political analysis cannot be trusted. See Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at


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