Coulter Trashes Principled Patriot, Promotes Corrupt Incumbent

Ann Coulter has again trashed principled conservatives to extol a corrupt establishment Republican who used fraudulent and illegal methods to retain power.

In the midst of crises, character is forged and proven, and true leaders emerge triumphant. In the midst of the darkness of deceit and treachery, the light of truth shines most brightly.

Coulter eschews the light as she runs to the darkness.


Coulter Discounts Integrity and Principles

Coulter began her column by listing a series of current domestic crises, then asked, “why is a dime’s worth of money being wasted on trying to replace the Republican senator from Mississippi with a slightly different Republican?”[1] Because principles matter!

Slightly different Republicans? They are drastically different Republicans. One is a pro-establishment incumbent who engaged in a smear campaign and voter fraud, then covered it up. The other is an anti-establishment Tea Party candidate standing up for principles and the rule of law.

But for Coulter, the rule of law does not matter as long as her candidate wins.

She treats McDaniel supporters as if they were iceberg-deniers on the Titanic (“Honestly, I think these deck chairs look just fine. Maybe we should check on the Titanic’s hull, captain.”)

Coulter, Still Race-Obsessed, Lies About McDaniel

The majority of Coulter’s column focuses on race, Cochran’s racial bona fides, and the Left’s dark history of racial animus toward blacks. But she blames McDaniel – not Cochran – for injecting race into the campaign.

For the truth, we must turn to the National Review:

“But the ads and robocalls against McDaniel went much further. They explicitly warned that McDaniel was closely tied to people involved with the Ku Klux Klan. They said McDaniel had a ‘racist agenda.’ They specifically branded the entire tea-party movement as having ‘racist ideas.’ And even the slightly-less-explicit robocalls, which Barbour already admitted helping pay for (although he says he never listened to them in advance), tied tea partiers explicitly to disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”

At the onset of her racial attack against McDaniel, Coulter admitted, “Yes, it’s annoying to see a Republican appeal to Democratic voters to save his seat.” Coulter utterly ignores Cochran’s illegal and immoral methods of effecting that appeal.

Then she continued her blame game, asserting, “It also doesn’t look great having alleged Republican activists claiming that any votes from blacks in a GOP primary were fraudulent.”

Say again, “alleged Republican activists?” Disputing “votes from blacks?” But that isn’t what McDaniel alleges! McDaniel is focusing on illegal votes, not black votes. It is Coulter who is obsessed with color.[2] Color matters to Coulter.

Again attacking McDaniel, Coulter lied, ‘But it’s really fantastic to have McDaniel supporters out there denouncing Cochran for getting blacks to vote for him.” McDaniel is addressing a corrupt campaign which used fraudulent means to win a primary election.

Coulter concluded her column by asking, “Why shouldn’t Cochran ask black people for their votes in a primary? The Republican Party was once, and for some still is, the natural political home for black Mississippians.”

These are the real questions: Why is Coulter so adamant that McDaniel ignore his opponent’s voter fraud and why is Coulter so determined to have a GOP nominee who wins the primary based on the will of the Democratic base and not the Republican grassroots?

Answer: If the election were honestly run, the anti-establishment Tea Party candidate would beat the establishment incumbent Republican.

For Coulter, it’s all about results, not principles.

But if you’re principled, you’ll get the result.

Previous Essays in this Series

ESSAY 1: “Coulter Attacks Principled Conservatives” at

Coulter, called “The Manchurian Columnist” by the American Family Association, is busy attacking the Tea Party again. As Bryan Fischer notes, “her attack on McDaniel and his camp is wrongheaded and unprincipled in almost every respect.”

What does Ann Coulter have against genuine conservatives? Coulter attacks what she is not.

Standing up for principles – and for principled conservatives – seems to be very difficult for Coulter. Indeed, taking Coulter’s “pragmatic” approach has proven counterproductive for several election cycles.

ESSAY 2: “Coulter is Just Wrong About McDaniel” at

Coulter is wronglegally and politically – about McDaniel because she supports the establishment candidate over him.

Coulter has been an establishment RINO for many, many years. In the last election cycle, she attacked every Republican who threatened the candidacy of her political savior, Mitt Romney. Indeed, she still regards his as an exemplary candidate who should run for president in 2016.[3]

As a consequence of her factually-challenged polemics, the reputations of good people have been tarnished and the conservative brand has been damaged.

ESSAY 3: “Ann Coulter, Orwell’s Protégé” at

Coulter was recently called a “Manchurian Columnist,” conjuring up images of propaganda and brainwashing. Certainly, Coulter is the consummate propagandist and her recent polemic against Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel is representative of her work.

Coulter utilizes many Orwellian techniques to fool her readers into believing her big lies. Among them, Newspeak, doublethink, the memory hole, and character assassination. Coulter also uses humor and ridicule to delegitimize her foes, and uses exaggeration to effect.

Let’s look at a few of the techniques she used in her attack on Chris McDaniel and his campaign. (Remember, McDaniel is a surrogate for the Tea Party and all those who oppose her establishment candidates.)


Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age at


[1]       Ann Coulter, “Eyes on the Prize,” 7/23/14.

[2]       This has been true for most of the past two decades and, most recently, in her disparagement of soccer as “foreign.” See “Coulter’s Soccer Flop – Part Trois” at See also Chapter 4: “Prejudice,” in Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, 2012, available as a free download at

[3]       See “Case Study # 7: Mitt Romney – Ideal Candidate,” Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, 2012, available as a free download at


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