Ann Coulter’s “Straightjacket Party”

Coulter claims to abhor Nazi and Fascist imagery. Coulter decries comparisons of conservatives to the Devil. Coulter also rebukes liberals who label conservatives as lunatics.


In promoting Slander, Coulter argued:

“The big [lie] and the one I, I, that is really all the same lie is – Don’t listen to conservatives. They are stupid or they’re nuts. … This is how liberals respond to arguments, to principled arguments, to facts, to figures, to studies. They respond by calling the conservatives stupid, mean … This is one of, I think, the biggest lies. Liberals are incredibly vicious. They accuse Republicans and conservatives of every malfeasance imaginable and then they sit back and say, ‘Oh, both sides do it.’ Both sides don’t do it, as I demonstrate in my book.”[1]

Also in Slander, Coulter complained:

“This is how six-year-olds argue: They call everything ‘stupid.’ The left’s primary argument is the angry reaction of a helpless child deprived of the ability to mount logical counterarguments. Someday we will turn to the New York Times editorial page and find the Newspaper of Record denouncing President Bush for being a ‘penis-head.’”[2]

Nevertheless, with a straight face, Coulter contends: “Perhaps if conservatives had had total control over every major means of news dissemination for a quarter century, they would have forgotten how to debate, too, and would just call liberals stupid and mean. But that’s an alternative universe.”[3]

Yet, in this universe, that’s precisely what Coulter does.

Coulter’s Crazy Quotes

Coulter condemns the Left for its derogatory caricatures of Christians as crazy, writing, “The point of the phrase ‘religious right’ or ‘Christian conservative’ is not to define but to belittle. It informs the reader that the object of the sobriquet is presumptively insane by saying he is a member of it.”[4]

However, it is Coulter who is crazy about insanity.

In Slander alone, Coulter calls Sen. Jim Jeffords a “half-wit,” Gov. Gary Johnson “truly stupid,” and Gov. Christine Todd Whitman a “birdbrain” and “dimwit.” Coulter writes of “ideology-driven insanity,” “lunatic demands,” “lunatic overreaction” and “Telegenic half-wits.”

Note also this small sampling from her third book, Treason: “insane policies,” “crackpot ideas,” “this idiot,” “infantile logic-chopping games,” “worthless appeasers,” “raving column,” “the left’s dynamite combination of stupidity and arrogance,” “infantile Oedipal disorders,” “a nitwit’s hysteria,” “every idiot liberal,” “psychopathology of celebrity traitors,” “caterwauling idiot,” “knuckleheads,” and “hysterical fascist banshees.”


Ann Coulter is the Lois Lerner of the Republican Party. Her perspective on the Democratic Party is succinctly summarized in this statement: “In my lifetime, presidential elections have consisted not so much of Democrats versus Republicans, or even liberals versus conservatives, but the Straitjacket Party versus the Sane Party.”[5]

According to Coulter, “It’s as if all the brain-damaged people in America got together and formed a voting bloc.”[6] She blames the media (as well as institutions of higher learning) for this outcome. “Only total hegemonic control of all major means of news dissemination in America could possibly give rise to the insane pig Latin patois of the left.”[7]

Coulter believes, “Yes, of course liberalism is a mental defect.”[8] Indeed, she takes credit for that observation, asserting, “As I was the first to say and other people ripped it off, liberalism is an aspect of mental illness.”[9] And, of course, she wants to eliminate liberals: “Some liberals have become even too crazy for Texas to execute, which is a damn shame.”[10]

Indeed, she even takes credit for liberal lunacy itself: “The imminence of conservative victory has driven liberals to insanity. Have I contributed to this? Gosh, I hope so.”[11]

On her latest book tour, Glenn Beck exclaimed, “I’m sorry, Ann, you’re out of your mind crazy.”[12]


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