Coulter Hates White Liberals

This week, in a beautifully titled column (“No Facts, No Peace”), Ann Coulter brought some much needed perspective to the turmoil taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. (Her laudable column was marred, however, by a foolish posting on her website.)


Drawing from her best-selling book, Mugged, Coulter accurately attacked the default media narrative – “Racist until proved innocent” – and she provided numerous examples of the media’s jihad against white America and local authorities.

Coulter also offered up a rationale for this deplorable dynamic: “Stirring up racial hatred is how journalists make up for sending their own kids to lily-white private schools.” (Personally, I suspect the Sixties counter-cultural mindset pervades the mainstream media.)

She further noted the necessarily changing media narrative as actual facts emerged. (Though the minds of many still remain committed to the false narrative.)

My one criticism has to do, not with her column, but with a website posting she made around the time she posted her column. (This morning I stumbled upon Ann’s posting, and I find I must address it.)

On Wednesday, Coulter announced the posting of her column via twitter. Eighteen minutes earlier, on her website, she had posted remarks related to that column with the caption “I hate white liberals.”[1]

“I hate white liberals.”

Really? Racism is bad, phony charges of racism are bad, riots are bad, but hatred is good?

Coulter only hates “white” liberals? Black liberals and race hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson create this strife, but Coulter doesn’t hate them?

There was a time when Coulter was equal opportunity in her hatred, hating everyone on the Left (as well as some on the Right).

Perhaps this is really a sign of spiritual growth. Perhaps next week she will only hate white male liberals.

It’s a start.

Once again, I don’t have any criticisms of her column, or her evaluation of the situation at Ferguson. (Rich Lowry might not like her jab at him in her opening paragraph, but, since he’s not a girly-boy, I’m sure he can take it.)

It is only Coulter’s profession of hatred that I address here.


[1]       Why does Coulter single out “white liberals?” Coulter provides an excerpt from Mugged (see graphic). Her excerpt is extremely disingenuous. Coulter cites a poll concerning the 1992 Los Angeles riots and compares those who disapproved of the riots with white liberals who thought “the riots were great TV.” Her citation does not say those liberals approved of the riots or thought they were justified. One could reasonably suspect that most people – whether liberal or conservative, black or white, male or female – thought “the riots were great TV,” irrespective of whether they approved of them or not. After all, the riots were a major story and most people watched. Sort of the definition of “great TV.”


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