Ann Coulter Goes Off Half-Cocked on Tea Party

Ann Coulter was off of national television for over two months – and she should have stayed in her “bat cave.”[1]

In her return debut, Coulter hailed Mitt Romney as the great conservative hope for 2016. Responding to the suggestion by Bill O’Reilly that Romney might again be the GOP nominee for president, Coulter exclaimed, “I hope so. Oh, I hope so.[2]

I hope so?

Oh, I hope so???


Romney Rave

Coulter’s former fans on Free Republic took her to task for this lunacy.

“Good Lord, the one Republican politician in all of the United States who can’t run against Obamacare and Ann Coulter wants him to run again.”

“ann is a pod person.”

“This is about year 8 that Ann has been pushing Mitt. Someone should point out to her that during his 22 years of campaigning, he has won a single election with less than 50% and was driven from office that he wanted to win reelection to, exiting with 34% approval and losing the seat to the democrats after having been the fourth Republican governor in a row.”

“Ann thinks Mitt’s last campaign against the worst president in America’s history was impressive. She especially likes the way he defined his principles and initiatives in contrast to Obama, and how he aggressively countered Obama’s campaign and policies.”

Coulter is all over the map. She lost it long ago. ‘Romney would be great in 2016, or Cruz.’ That makes no sense. When she makes sense, she must be viewed as undependable, politically toxic, since she can turn on a dime.”

Tea Party Tempest

Three days later, on Hannity, Coulter blamed GOP consultants and, principally, the Tea Party for previous Republican defeats.

“The reason this election is so important is because we have blown Senate seats – I say ‘we’ – you have the Republican consultants on one hand you cannot trust because they’re beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and then you have the base – these Tea Partiers – running off and causing Republicans to lose elections. But for elections lost by Republican consultants and/or the Tea Party, we would already have [a Republican majority in the Senate].”[3]

Notice her use of the imperial “we,” which she quickly redefined as “I’m not to blame.”

Coulter accepts zero blame for Romney’s debacle in 2012 and still touts him as the perfect candidate for the GOP in 2016. Romney lost and, therefore, had no coattails. Running RINOs will never attract the conservative vote.

But Coulter prefers to besmirch principled Republican candidates with character and, instead, support “electable” candidates like Romney and Christie who are fake conservatives. It can never work.

There are many reason why Coulter is no longer trusted. See Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at


[1]       Coulter’s coy term for her isolation from humanity in order to complete her next book.

[2]       Ann Coulter, O’Reilly Factor, FNC, 10/18/14.

[3]       Ann Coulter, Hannity, FNC, 10/21/14.


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