Ann Coulter’s Root Causes – Part IV

(November 6, 2012)

How did Christian polemicist Ann Coulter become such a controversial, confrontational, and contradictory figure?

Coulter is revered and reviled in America and around the world. Few who know her are on the fence. Many who know her have discerned a “mass of contradictions” in her life and her work.

How did a Conservative Icon become a RINO?

Why would a professing Christian attack selfless Christians?


The first three parts in this four-part series cover Coulter’s life and career from birth through 9/11/01 and beyond: (1) Born and bred an elite groomed for success, (2) Coulter struck gold with the Clinton impeachment saga, but (3) found herself in freefall at the turn of the millennium.

However, within just a few years, the Comeback Queen reached her zenith with several bestselling books under her mini-skirted belt. She became a much sought after AAA-list celebrity who could command lucrative speaking fees while headlining a variety of events.

With her considerable political clout as a Conservative Icon, one would think hers was the perfect life (as she herself has claimed). One would be wrong.

Even in the midst of her achievements, Ann’s contradictions and inconsistencies grew.

Despite her manifest success, Coulter’s life and career started to fall apart by the middle of the first decade of this century.

Ironically, even as Ann was achieving the pinnacle of her success to make her parents proud, she was losing her father to dementia. Her third book, Treason (2003), was her last book that her father would be able to comprehend. (He died in 2008.)

Ann’s parents deeply impacted her life, as she herself explained, “Your parents are your whole world when you are a child.”[1]

John V. Coulter Passes Away

Coulter’s father died on January 4, 2008. Coulter’s touching eulogy, published just a few days after his death, began with these words:[2]

“As Mother and I stood at Daddy’s casket Monday morning, Mother repeated his joke to him, which he said on every wedding anniversary until a few years ago when Lewy bodies dementia prevented him from saying much at all: ‘54 years, married to the wrong woman.’ And we laughed.”

Coulter continued:

“And last Friday morning at 2 he passed away, in his bedroom with Mother. The police and firemen told my brother that they kept trying to distract Mother to keep her away from the bedroom with Father’s body, but she kept padding back into the bedroom to be close to him.”

Father was Ann’s rock, her sense of security, and a person whose integrity she admired and depended upon. Ann wrote, “Besides being very funny, Father had an absolutely straight moral compass without ever being preachy or judgmental or even telling us in words. He just was good.”

It is interesting to read Ann’s tribute to her father in the context of who Ann has become. Ann wrote: “Father hated puffery, pomposity, snobbery, fake friendliness, fake anything.” She continued, “Father didn’t care what popular opinion was: There was right and wrong.”

Now Ann’s rock was gone. The “absolutely straight moral compass” no longer there as an example or available for guidance. And Ann’s ability to discern “right and wrong” would suffer.

Nell Husbands Martin Coulter Passes Away

Ann’s mother died on April 14, 2009.

Nell Coulter succumbed to ovarian cancer after a five-year battle. She began her “final decline” the previous fall, when chemo treatments failed to work, prompting Ann to cancel speaking engagements, delay the publication of her next book, and tend to her mother.

Ann recalled, “I’ve been looking at her across the room in doctors’ offices over the past few years, thinking to myself: There will come a point when you won’t see that face again.”[3]

The void left by her passing was evident in Ann’s poignant tribute:

“A lot of people claim to be my No. 1 fan – God bless them – but my true No. 1 fan left this world last week. My mother quietly stopped breathing last Tuesday, as she slept peacefully, holding my hand.”

Ann added, “She was the biggest fan of all of us – Father, me and my brothers John and Jim.”

Continuing, “Her angelic face always looked like home to me. My whole life, as soon as I’d see my mother’s face I’d know I was safe, whether I was a little girl lost in a department store or a big girl with a problem, who needed her mother.”

If Father provided Ann with moral guidance and an example of integrity, Mother provided security and unconditional love. According to Ann, Mother’s “most notable characteristic” was “her constant, unconditional love.”


Little Girl Lost

Since her double-loss, Ann has been without her familial North Star. Having lost her touchstone (“a standard or criterion by which something is judged or recognized”), Coulter’s judgment has suffered.

The apostle Paul advised, “that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head – Christ (Eph. 4:14-15).”

Ann has been tossed to and fro for many years. She has embraced political and theological positions totally at odds were those of her parents and opposed to her own stated positions in years past. Indeed, even as she expresses one set of views in public, she opposes them in practice.

Though a proponent of the nuclear family and traditional mores, Coulter courted the gay lobby and became a Gay Icon.

Though claiming to be staunchly pro-life, she has criticized others for being too pro-life.

Once a speaker at Tea Party rallies and a former Sarah Palin fan, Coulter now thwarts the efforts of the Tea Party movement to achieve its limited government goals.

Claiming her life’s work is derived from her Christian faith, many of Coulter’s words and actions have been decidedly anti-Christian.

Claiming to be anti-establishment, Coulter continually supports RINO candidates like Christie and Romney, deeming them more “electable,” principles be damned.

Obama Defeats Romney

Ann was devastated with Romney’s defeat in 2012. Coulter said, “If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. … There is no hope.”[4]

Consider these words – spoken nearly two years later: “I was as depressed as I’ve ever been in my life – and I’m including my parents dying – after Obama won the second time beating Romney …”[5]

Ann’s worst depression was after Romney’s defeat? Not after the deaths of her parents following years of their deteriorating health?

Just last night, Coulter exclaimed, “I think the last presidential election was the most important election. But as we keep losing, each election becomes ‘oh, my gosh, this is our last shot.’ It makes me want to cry with tears of rage.”[6]

The reelection of Obama on November 6, 2012, dramatically impacted Ann’s life in perhaps incalculable ways. To this day, she insists Romney was the ideal candidate and she rejects the notion that she herself was in part to blame for the GOP not getting a better – winning – candidate.

Coulter makes excuse after excuse for Romney’s loss – and other losses in the Senate – all to deflect blame from herself. Moreover, Coulter still – to this day – wants Romney to run again in 2016. When recently asked about that prospect, she immediately declared, “I hope so. Oh, I hope so.”[7]

Her tenth book, Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican, fared poorly in sales and is her only book (thus far) not to make the New York Times best-seller list.[8]

Coulter began a campaign, it seems, to alienate as many natural allies as she can. She has blamed pro-lifers for being too pro-life, Libertarians for being too Libertarian, the Tea Party for being too anti-establishment, and Christians for, well, being Christians.

This past summer, it seemed as if Coulter had descended into madness. Week after week, Coulter’s columns expressed foolishness, xenophobia, anti-logic, unrivaled polemicism, and impenitent arrogance. Coulter even – twicedefamed Christian missionaries serving in Ebola-laden nations, calling them hypocrites seeking glory.

Whither Ann?

Ann Hart Coulter – born and bred a political, socio-economic, and religious elitesought stardom and succeeded. Having achieved success, she was traumatized by a reversal of fortune and the fall of the Twin Towers. While struggling with the devastation wrought by terrorists and, later, seeing her own career diminish, Ann lost her father to dementia, her mother to cancer, and her hopes in Romney defeating Obama.

Throughout it all, we have witnessed the ups and downs in Ann’s life, and see countless contradictions and conundrums in her words and her actions. It’s as if the Ann Coulter that each of us knows is a different Ann Coulter.

Perhaps Ann has never been able to discover who she really is, or who she really wants to be. She has certainly been compelled to seek the limelight and thrives in the glory. Yet, somehow, that has not been enough. The values imparted by her parents and her faith are often lacking in her life.

With her personal, professional, and political losses, Coulter seems fearful and desperate to find her way in uncertain times. Yet her refusal to repent (or forgive) obscures her vision and prevents her from seeing the truth and discovering God’s will for her life.


Chapter 9: “The Goddess of the Conservative Movement,” The Beauty of Conservatism, 2011, available as a free download at

Chapter 10: “Equality: Self-Evident Truths,” The Gospel According to Ann Coulter, 2012, available as a free download at

Chapter 8: “The Lost Art of the Eulogy: It’s ALL About ME!,” Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, 2012, available as a free download at

Appendix 1: “Is Breaking Bad Breaking Good for Ann Coulter?” Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, 2013, available as a free download at


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