Ann Coulter’s Scott Brown Out

This year’s GOP election wave left New Hampshire candidate Scott Brown in the undertow. Brown – Ann Coulter’s favorite candidate – lost, despite Coulter’s valiant efforts to push him to victory.


Enraptured with Brown, Coulter gushed, “Scott Brown in New Hampshire – my total love.”[1]

“[Scott Brown is] a fantastic candidate” Coulter enthusiastically told a talk show audience.[2] “He’s fantastic on immigration. He’s fantastic on Obamacare. … Scott Brown is such a fantastic candidate. … I think he’s fantastic on the single most important issue that he’s raised.”

Coulter’s primary, overarching issue – amnesty – failed to garner the election outcome she envisioned, even with such a “fantastic” candidate.

Coulter continued her praise: “And he’s well-spoken.”

Coulter devoted an entire column promoting Brown by attacking his rival. In it, she concluded, “The time to vote for freedom – for Scott Brown – is now.”[3]

In one election-focused column, Coulter highlighted and endorsed Brown, writing,

“Everyone reading this column has got to donate to Scott Brown immediately.”[4] Lest anyone underestimate the urgency of her plea, Coulter added another emphatic sentence:

Donate. Right now!”

Explaining that Brown, “a very strong candidate,” was “‘the 41st vote’ against Obamacare,” Coulter underscored, “but more than any other Senate candidate this year, Brown is running against amnesty. Even with a tidal wave of new welfare cases pouring across our border, Brown is one of the few candidates smart enough to make immigration an issue.”

Brown, the “smart” candidate, lost.

Supports Fake Conservatives

Conservatives have long questioned Coulter’s obsession with RINOs, from Chris Christie to Mitt Romney. Even now, Coulter supports Romney for president in 2016. When recently asked about that possibility, Coulter exclaimed, “I hope so. Oh, I hope so.[5]

Coulter also thought Romney was a fantastic and ideal candidate.

As a Massachusetts senator, Brown voted against tax cuts, supported gun control legislation, considered same-sex marriage and Roe v. Wade settled law, and voted with the Republicans only 54% of the time.

Principles matter. But it appears principled conservatives do not matter to Coulter. She is too quick to follow after the money, the glitter, and the charm, and to thereby overlook the importance of substance.

Hopefully, she will shed her RINO affections, stop attacking the Tea Party, and start embracing the Conservatism that she once so eloquently championed.

Update. In her post-Election Day column, Coulter defended Scott Brown at length, again asserting that he “was such a fantastic candidate, aggressively denouncing amnesty and open borders, that he managed to single-handedly turn a safe-seat for the Democrats into a bloodbath. He is surely responsible for at least one Republican senate win by forcing Democrats to divert precious resources to New Hampshire.”

But Coulter repeatedly urged her readers to contribute to Brown’s campaign, thereby diverting precious resources from other GOP campaigns. Most winning GOP candidates opted against emulating Brown’s immigration stance, while Brown, following Coulter’s immigration-as-the-single-issue strategy, lost.

GOP winners took advantage of national disapproval with Obama and his policies while emphasizing significant local issues of the moment.


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2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter’s Scott Brown Out

  1. The only thing I don’t get is why someone would waste time setting up a web page to worry about Ann Coulter. She’s utterly irrelevant to anyone who knows how to think.

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