Coulter Wrong Again! Romney Caves on Amnesty!

Ann Coulter is wrong again!

In the wake of a GOP election tsunami with a decisive anti-Obama mandate, Mitt Romney caves to a lame-duck president whose policies and agenda were repudiated at the ballot box.


Romney caves on amnesty!

Romney envisions a multi-pronged approach to immigration reform which one could call “comprehensive,” a code-word for amnesty (because the Obama administration would ignore border security provisions in any law and solely enforce amnesty provisions).

Indeed, Romney “indicated that he still felt the new Congress should pass a more permanent amnesty bill.”[1]

For years, Ann Coulter has extolled Romney’s virtues, calling him a perfect, magnificent, and ideal candidate. Amnesty was Coulter’s primary issue.

According to Coulter, “Amnesty is a winner for Republicans and it will only help in 2016, and I would use Romney as an example. That was the reason I supported Romney. He was very good on immigration.”[2]

Coulter has repeatedly claimed that Romney was and remains the very best GOP candidate on immigration. Repeatedly, in 2014 alone, Coulter has championed Romney, asserting, “that’s why Mitt Romney was my favorite candidate, he was the most aggressive on immigration.”[3]

Now that Romney has adopted the very same comprehensive immigration strategy as Sen. Marco Rubio once did – a strategy Coulter ridiculed from a senator she excoriated – what will Coulter do? Excoriate her presidential beau?

Remember, Coulter continually favors establishment Republicans over Tea Party candidates. And she falls in love with RINOs for president, from Romney to Christie.

Coulter desperately wants to be a president maker and she has long contended that she knows better than most Americans and better than most politicos. Her hubris – and her many errors in presidential prognostication – dictate that we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at


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One thought on “Coulter Wrong Again! Romney Caves on Amnesty!

  1. Coulter might be a NOMINEE-maker, but her POS choices (i.e., Romney) somehow never seem to win the general election.

    Naturally, I assume that Coulter will be addressing Romney’s comments any day now in her next column.

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