Ann Coulter’s Hoaxes

In her last column of 2014,[1] Ann Coulter gave a splendid explanation of liberal hoaxes explicitly designed to further a progressive agenda. But Coulter has created her own set of hoaxes explicitly designed to further her own agenda.

Welcome to Propaganda – Ann Coulter Style.


In Propaganda: Orwell in the Age of Ann Coulter, you will discover myriad ways in which Coulter distorts language, manipulates logic, and massages truth to fool people into accepting her own agenda.

Coulter’s utter fascination with Orwell’s 1984 has saturated her thought processes and permeated her rhetoric to such a degree that manipulation of language to deceive has become her subconscious modus operandi.

Her books and commentary are riddled with Orwellian constructions, and, while often expounding accurately on many subjects, Coulter infuses her own fabricated “facts” to lead her audience to erroneous conclusions.

Coulter has, throughout her journalistic career, created hoaxes both big and small to advance her personal, professional, and political agendas.

For instance, Coulter created an Orwellian term – “functionally treasonable” – which, as David Horowitz observed, “is a problematic phrase on several counts.”[2] Horowitz pointed out that “’treasonable’ is not a word but seems to suggest ‘capable of treason,’ which is different from being actually treasonous. The distinction is important.” (Think Newspeak.)

Horowitz also noted that “’functionally treasonable’ is also disturbingly reminiscent of the old Stalinist term ‘objectively fascist.’ This was how people who swore their loyalty to the cause were condemned (often to death) if they deviated from the party line. Stalinists defined all dissent as ‘objectively’ treacherous.” (Think thoughtcrime.)

Horowitz warned, “This is not a path that conservatives should follow. When intent and individuality are separated from actions in a political context, we are entering a totalitarian realm.” (Think Big Brother.)

By 2003, the year Treason was published, Coulter had become the Leni Riefenstahl of the Right.[3] At that time, Coulter launched her campaign for “a new McCarthyism.”

Last summer, Coulter contended that selfless Christian missionaries serving overseas are ungodly traitors.[4] This continued a theme she launched near the beginning of her career wherein only conservatives (Republicans) are Christians and all liberals are godless traitors.[5]

Coulter also proclaimed soccer to be inherently anti-American and an existential threat to Western Civilization.[6]

As for presidential politics, Coulter has set up her own ground rules for nomination, clearly designed to nominate the candidate of her choice. Even now, Coulter continues to extol Mitt Romney as the “ideal” GOP candidate – not as an inheritor of the Reagan mantle but superior to Reagan.

To paraphrase Coulter, “The only new rule we really need is one to stop these infernal Coulter hoaxes.”

See the new exposé on Coulter for more details. This free 245-page PDF book – Propaganda: Orwell in the Age of Ann Coulter – is available at


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