Immigration More Dangerous Than ISIS

Forget ISIS! Ann Coulter proffers illegal aliens as the true evil of our times.

Coulter is reprising her xenophobia[1] from last summer when she published two back-to-back[2] diatribes[3] against soccer followed by two[4] back-to-back[5] polemics[6] assassinating the character of Christian missionaries.[7]


In a speech just a few weeks ago, Coulter exposed her heart, exclaiming: “The common enemy are the Democrats! Haven’t I made that clear?”[8]

According to Coulter, America’s enemies are not ISIS, and it’s not really the immigrants themselves, but it’s the Democrats!

To be perfectly understood, Coulter then underscored her point: “I don’t even care about ISIS!”

Coulter’s Propagandistic Polemic

A few weeks ago, Coulter wrote a column[9] in which she dismissed ISIS as unimportant and targeted all immigrants in America as potential killers.[10] Indeed, her title alone is wrong in the particulars. ISIS is in America and illegal aliens have not invaded America with a purpose of killing.

Coulter began her column by accusing the media of conspiring to cover-up the truth:

“You can always tell the media are hiding something when they obsessively focus on Muslim atrocities someplace else in the world. Cable TV could cover Muslim atrocities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 632 A.D. to the end of time, without repeating themselves.”

Apparently, the recent and unprecedented savagery emanating from Islamic strongholds around the world in not newsworthy in Coulter’s eyes. Raping of women and children, beheading children, burning people alive. That must all be ignored to focus on what interests Ann.

Coulter repeated her claim regarding a media conspiracy on Hannity:

“For a month the Democrats have been filibustering to defend Obama’s amnesty, and every time I turn on TV it’s ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. Well, ISIS is going to have the rule of the roost because if this amnesty isn’t stopped Democrats just get 10 million more voters.”[11]

(Fox News, which covers ISIS far more than all the other networks, must therefore be part of Coulter’s grand conspiracy.)

In her fourth paragraph, Coulter drastically diminished the ISIS threat to America, claiming,

“ISIS has killed four Americans – in Syria. We’re not exactly talking about another 9/11. Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.”

Bogus tip. Americans have been killed in America and around the world by ISIS and its Islamic jihadist brothers and sisters.

Most of those tragic killings in America have been underreported by the media that Coulter claims is conspiring to saturate coverage. Many of those domestic terrorist attacks have been falsely identified as “workplace violence” or some other such nonsense. Moreover, the media purposefully whitewashes the Islamist nature of these crimes. Ironically, Hannity himself has covered many of these stories, so he should have seen through her fraud.

Next paragraph:

“Meanwhile, illegal aliens have killed, raped and maimed thousands of Americans – in America. …”

Sixth paragraph:

“Our politicians don’t care. They are obsessed with cleaning up the rest of the world, while we’re getting our clock cleaned at home.”

Next, Coulter made another one of her more asinine analogies, writing:

“Americans are at greater risk of being killed by Joran van der Sloot than by ISIS, since a lot more of us vacation in Aruba, as Natalee Holloway did, than in Syria.”

Actually, Americans are at no risk of being killed by Joran van der Sloot, who is in prison. Moreover, Americans have been killed by ISIS at home and abroad.

Berating the media for its “Soviet-style censorship about immigrant crime,” Coulter offered up several anecdotes for our edification. (See “Letter to the Editor” below.)

Following her anecdotes, Coulter proffered her Orwellian Big Lie:

“ISIS is not at our doorstep. Illegal immigrants are not only at our doorstep, but millions of them are already through the door, murdering far more Americans than ISIS ever will.” (See “ISIS IS in America” below.)

The once staunch neoconservative defender of wars in the national interest has turned isolationist, arguing, “Sometimes people don’t want to be cleaning up the rest of the world.” This mirrors Coulter’s crazy attacks last summer, charging Christian missionaries serving overseas with treason.[12]

Letter to the Editor

Pat Caley wrote a letter to the editor spotlighting Coulter’s flawed analysis of immigration.

“I suppose it’s naïve of me to expect honesty from Ann Coulter, but you would think that if her claim that

‘”illegal aliens have killed, raped and maimed thousands of Americans’ was true, she would be able to cite more than three examples in her recent column.”

Caley continued:

“Indeed, she attempts to describe seven instances where ‘illegal aliens’ committed horrific crimes, but four of them (more than half) didn’t actually involve undocumented aliens. While researching this I found that Coulter apparently cut and pasted parts of an article from a right-wing anti-immigration site that also provided no documentation for its claims.”

Caley continued:

“It seems the only thing they all had in common was their foreign-sounding names. Margarita Garabito is Puerto Rican, Bassel Saad is a legal Lebanese immigrant, and I could find no documentation anywhere that Ennio Avolio and Javier Mejia were here illegally.”

“Coulter’s attempt to lump all immigrants together – as well as Puerto Ricans who have been U.S. citizens since 1917, a bit of history Ms. Coulter is apparently unaware of – muddies the waters of the immigration debate in a most disgusting, racist manner, and neglects the vast majority of undocumented immigrants who live and work in the United States and contribute to society without breaking any laws.”

Caley concluded:

“Apparently, Coulter is unable to make her point without lying, which is a good reason readers should ignore her and The State Journal-Register should stop printing her drivel.”

ISIS and Genocide

ISIS engages in genocide wherever it gains a stronghold. ISIS is a primary villain in the global persecution of Christians by Islamists. Rev. Franklin Graham recently said, “The Christian community is being slaughtered by Muslims.”[13]

Christians are not the only victims of this barbarism. As reported in Front Page Magazine,

“Throughout the Islamosphere in Africa and the Middle East, men, women, and children have been subjected en masse to unspeakable acts of cruelty. Jihadists, while pillaging and burning homes and churches, have laid waste to whole communities. Families have been destroyed as husbands and fathers were bludgeoned, beheaded, and burned to death; wives and mothers raped, beaten, and starved; young boys forced to convert to Islam and take up arms on behalf of their captors; and young girls enslaved and sold off to become either wives to grown men or human missiles – i.e. suicide bombers.”

ISIS IS in America

Contrary to Coulter’s claims, ISIS and its Islamist brothers are already in America, seeking America’s destruction.

Nevertheless, Coulter dismisses Islamic jihadists already in America and countless terrorists attacks which have already taken place in America.[14] She ignores the gruesome beheading of American citizens in America[15] by Islamic fanatics who deliberately target Americans for death.

Just arrested, Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa, an avowed Islamist, described herself as a “martyr” on her Facebook page.

All jihadists ultimately seek the destruction of America. But Coulter claims that Americans are endangered by all legal and illegal immigrants. She uses apocalyptic language of people who have come to America to be a part of America, but doesn’t care about the millions of Islamic jihadists who want to destroy America out of hatred for her.

Coulter cites the homicidal acts of a few legal immigrants and illegal aliens as if they are normative, but dismisses the brutal and savage actions of Islamic jihadists despite those acts being representative of all Islamic terrorists.

According to Right Wing News, ISIS is Inside the United States. It’s lead paragraph conveys the urgency of this Islamist threat:

“While in Mississippi for a local law enforcement conference, FBI Director James Comey said that the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is already in the U.S. and actively plotting to kill Americans. Comey’s statement came as Americans sat horrified watching the news that ISIS had burned alive a Jordanian pilot.

The FBI, said Comey, has open cases against possible ISIS terrorists in every state of the Union except Alaska. The biggest threat could be individuals, or ‘troubled souls’ as Comey called them, training in their basements to fulfill the ISIS mission to ‘just kill somebody.’ The target may be any average American.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Ernest Istook reports, “the FBI’s February 2015 testimony confirms that over 3,000 Americans and other Westerners have been trained by ISIS and returned home. And that we’ve lost track of most of them.”

Dawn Perlmutter recently reported on the existence of the Islamic State in America.

In her report, Perlmutter confirmed that the FBI has “open cases looking into individuals who may be connected to ISIS in every state in the Union except Alaska. Evidence of the Islamic State’s successful recruiting efforts in America is literally written on the walls. Islamic State graffiti has appeared in Minneapolis, MN, Houston, TX, La Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, AZ, Bakersfield, Ca, Washington, DC, Brooklyn, NY, and in many cities around the world. Followers of the U.S. designated terrorist group are showing their support in every form of graffiti from full color pieces to the graffiti genre of stickers; aka labels or slaps.”

Perlmutter’s reports, “There is no misinterpreting the graffiti stickers of the black ISIS flag that are being plastered all over the Southwest including Texas, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. … ISIS graffiti [also] appeared in prominent areas throughout Northwest Washington, D.C. The most frequently displayed message read ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is Greatest) in Arabic, and underneath in English Letters ISIS.”

Perlmutter concluded (emphasis added):

“Islamic State graffiti should be interpreted in the same manner as any other gang graffiti. Significantly graffiti is often the first indication that street gangs are active in your community. It is used to glorify the gang, mark territory, demonstrate the gangs power and status, create a sense of intimidation and fear, and for individual gang members to show association and allegiance. When gang units document Bloods, Crips, MS13, Latin Kings and other gang graffiti they do not attribute it to stupid kids, they understand that it reflects gang activity and the inherent violence associated with it. When graffiti in Brooklyn, New York reads ‘ISIS is here’ we better believe it.

Whither Coulter?

After 9/11, Coulter treated all Muslims as if they were terrorists, just as she treats all liberals as if they were traitors.[16] Now, she is treating all immigrants as if they are a homicidal maniacs.

How can someone so smart and so knowledgeable, be so foolish and so deceptive?

Ann’s narcissism[17] makes Coulter utterly untrustworthy.[18]

Update: House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul revealed that “we have the foreign fighters. There are about 30,000 of them, 5,000 with Western passports. According to the DNI, Clapper, 180 have returned or gone to the region. And we have a — a number that I can’t disclose publicly.”

McCaul warned, “They’re here in the United States. So the foreign fighters, in addition to that, the homegrown violent extremists who can be inspired and radicalized over the Internet is what greatly concerns me – to inspire them to attack our military in the United States. And I think, unfortunately, it would be not so difficult to pull off.”

Indeed, Islamists are seeking to establish sharia law in America.

Recently, “Two female New York City ISIS sympathizers have been arrested on charges that they were building what court papers referred to as ‘a weapon of mass destruction’ to unleash on the city’s residents.”

ISIS is so widespread in America that one state is known as “The Islamic State of Minnesota.”

Update: The recent jihadist attack in Garland, Texas – in opposition to a Draw Mohammed Contest – highlights Coulter’s myopia on this issue.

A partial list of jihadist attacks in America (2002-2009) can be found here.

The Heritage Foundation urges “major counterterrorism reforms” to counter the growing jihadist threat within the United States.


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7 thoughts on “Immigration More Dangerous Than ISIS

  1. You are too kind and patient with her. But you also expand her footprint by putting her name in print 88 times on this page alone. Familiarity alone creates appeal and credibility.

    1. Therein lies the dilemma confronting people in every era: to speak out against and risk promotion of that which you find objectionable, or to be silent and, by being silent, become complicit in the objectionable behavior.

      As for credibility, I would argue that the American people are becoming overly familiar with Hillary and that she is arguably losing credibility (as but one example).

      As for kindness, who knows? Perhaps it will rub off.

      Jesus spoke the truth in love. The apostle Paul exhorted Christians to do likewise. Too many people err on one side or the other: too much truth and not enough love or too much love and not enough truth.

      The proper balance can be very difficult to discern and attain. I fear I have not found that right balance.

      Thank you for your comments.

    2. I can name 5 people who have been killed and murdered by illegal Mexicans in California within the last three years. I cant name ONE person who has been killed by ISIS in my State, not one …. ever. In this state and circumstance Illegal Mexicans are far more dangerous to my family than ISIS. I think Anne’s point is well made.

      Michael Davis, 42
      Daniel Oliver, 47
      Serenity Reedy, 9 months
      Terrell Horne III, 34
      Daniel Durden, 30
      Christopher Rowe, 4

      Oh and those are just the killings. I don’t think it would be possible to count the cases of burglary, fraud, battery, and other assaults against the American People.

      Also, the truth can never be a slander. The only resort left to defenders of a weak unsubstantiated position is personal attacks, emotion, elevated (volume) rhetoric, and misinformation. (See Ramos’s actions in interview for example)

  2. Ennio Avolio was born in Los Angeles to U.S. Citizens. He was never charged with murder – indeed from the photos of those who have been charged, it neither of them appears to be an immigrant. One looks African-American, the other looks blond, like Ann.

    1. Coulter claims to be a “fanatical” researcher, yet, all too often, her ideology intrudes upon her methodology. She wants to reach a certain outcome and fudges facts to get there. She has done that throughout this century.

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