Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Blood Politics

Coulter lied about her credentials[1] and she lied about ISIS and Mexican immigration.[2] Now, Coulter promotes blood politics while decrying blood politics.

Every time Coulter has been interviewed about her new book on Fox News, the hosts have begun by asking her whether she expects to be called a racist. Invariably, the answer is in the affirmative, with Coulter claiming that 1) the Left is afraid to debate her and 2) spurious charges of racism is their only recourse to the truth she proclaims.


For instance, on Hannity (6/1/15), Hannity introduced the topic: “You will, you know you will be called racist for this.” Coulter replied, “As I say, that’s the only argument they have. They prefer not to debate me at all, but if they have to, they’ll call me that.”

Similarly, on Kelly File, Coulter responded, “But they won’t say it to my face because few are brave enough to interview me.”[3]

Invariably, the hosts line of questioning is designed to inoculate Coulter from such charges and, also invariably, the hosts never actually consider the validity of the question.

Overlooked are the many and varied reasons so many people suspect she is racist. Coulter has been hostile to countries across the globe[4] and vilified overseas Christian missionaries.[5] She has demeaned seemingly every racial group imaginable[6] and openly displayed her prejudices.[7]

It is a small wonder that some people regard Coulter as racist.

Blood Politics

Coulter is correct in identifying major cultural transformations in America due, in large measure, to unbridled immigration and the Left’s refusal to pursue a proper integration into the existing American culture. She is also conversant with the Left’s obsession with identity politics and cautions conservatives from adopting their positions.

An American conservative of Cuban descent told Coulter that he was proud to have two GOP candidates of his blood in the presidential race. Coulter’s response – initially – appeared exemplary, mildly rebuking this young conservative:

“This blood thing – not really an American Anglo-Saxon tradition. This is a problem, and that’s why the Democrats are insistent upon dumping all of these very different cultures on America, because they can get people to vote on the basis of blood. That is not how Anglo-Saxons vote. Not at all.”[8]

Liberalism’s penchant for voting (and judging) on the basis of race, gender, or class is a Marxist, not an American, notion.[9]

Coulter continued: “No, and we have, we have Third Worlders voting in tribal ways.”

So far, so good. Coulter first stated the standard: the American Anglo-Saxon tradition. She then identified the problem: identity politics.

But then Coulter launched into her own version of identity politics, saying: “If we had gotten 71% of the Hispanic vote, Mitt Romney still would have lost. If he’d gotten about five percent more of the white vote, he would have won.”

Having condemned tribal voting as un-American, and then complained about the results of tribal voting in the last presidential election, Coulter next urged Republicans to vote tribally:

“So Republicans better wake up and for the first time – in, oh, I don’t know, my lifetime – appeal to white Americans for votes.”

On the Laura Ingraham Show, Coulter said, “Any immigrant to this country is going to make America less free, more statist, and more corrupt, unless they are from one of the half dozen northern, Western European, Protestant nations.”[10]

For all Coulter’s stuff and nonsense about her book, her viewpoint, and her mission being about cultural preservation, they are not. Coulter is not seeking to preserve an American culture but a white culture. She couches it in other terms – Anglo-Saxon, British, Western European, etc. – but, at heart, she means white.

From her book: “Historically, when Republicans ignore white voters, they lose.”[11]


Race. Not culture.


Are there not voters who are black, Asian, and Hispanic who believe in Rev. King’s colorblind vision of the world,[12] who believe in a constitutional and republican form of government, and who cherish the values of America’s Founding Fathers?[13] I would argue “Yes.” Coulter apparently believes otherwise.

Again, from her book, “By unapologetically opposing the transformation of America into a Third World country, the GOP could sweep the white vote – once white people recovered from the shock of any candidates asking for their vote.”[14]

No! Don’t appeal to whites! Appeal to Americans!

Coulter continues: “Any party incapable of winning the vote of white men ought to hang its head in shame.”[15] I would argue that blacks should overwhelmingly support conservatives given the abject failures of liberal policies over the last fifty years.[16] But Coulter focus is on whites.

Does Coulter really believe this stuff? Only the white man could have tamed the North American continent? She thinks so!

“Without the white settlers, what is known as ‘America’ would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes chasing the rear end of a buffalo every time their stomachs growled.”[17]

No one else – except white men from western Europe – could possibly colonize and civilize America? Even today?

Affirmative Action and Racism

Surprisingly, Coulter reiterates already debunked claims from several years ago, namely that civil rights are an exclusively black thing.

In her book, Coulter claims, “The entire edifice of civil rights and discrimination law was meant of address the black experience in America, not to reward any loser with resentments.”[18]

To a question from the audience, Coulter shouts, “The answer is: you’re not black, so drop the racism crap.”[19]

Coulter clearly does not understand what constitutes racism. Coulter actually uses race as a criterion for racism when, in fact, anyone from any race can be guilty of – or a victim of – racism.

But Coulter’s position is absolutely astonishing in that she hails conservative author and intellectual Thomas Sowell as “the greatest economist” and she claims to have read most of his books. If her claim is true, then she must modify her reading habits to concentrate on absorbing what she reads. Sowell repeatedly condemns thinking such as that displayed by Coulter.

I am reminded of her similar nonsense when she was on tour for Mugged, claiming that civil rights are only for blacks.[20]

Although she is a self-described constitutional attorney who worked as a litigator for the Center for Individual Rights and has been the Legal Editor and the Legal Affairs Correspondent for Human Events since the mid-1990s, on the eve of her book tour for Mugged, Coulter was surprisingly inarticulate and in-artful when discussing civil rights, “one of the most important points of [her] book.”[21]

Indeed, her words were astonishing! Coulter claimed, “civil rights are for blacks.” Her reasoning? “We owe black people something, we have the legacy of slavery.” In contrast, “We don’t owe the homeless. We don’t owe feminists. We don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, or gays who want to get married to one another.”

On her Adios, America! tour, Coulter insisted: “The only time you should be able to sue for discrimination is if you are an African-American. That’s it! That’s it! I don’t want to hear about anybody else. You can hire whomever you want to. You can fire whomever you want to. … Civil rights are for blacks.”[22]

Again, “And I agree with that, we are not allowed to insult black people. Blacks, African-Americans can boss us around.”[23] What? Ask Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas if they agree. (Hint: They do not.)

As noted by Cornell Law School: “Discrimination based on ‘race, color, religion, or national origin’ in public establishments that have a connection to interstate commerce or are supported by the state is prohibited.” Civil rights are individual, not collective, and pertain to all citizens.

Coulter to this day still contends that affirmative action remains intact “to make up for the legacy of discrimination and of slavery,”[24] claiming, “Their experience has been stolen by people who have never set foot in this country.”

But this is nonsense.[25] America has already paid its slavery debt – many times over. The Civil War (which wiped out any economic boom from slavery) and LBJ’s Great Society/War on Poverty are but two examples.[26]

Coulter herself has known better for the better part of two decades. In the course of our personal and professional correspondence (which lasted well over a year), Ann sent me precisely one press release, suggesting its importance to her.

While working for the Center for Individual Rights in 1997, Coulter forwarded me a press release on a CIR lawsuit to end racial preferences by the University of Michigan. (Coulter was hired by CIR expressly because she had graduated from U of M.)

At that time, Coulter considered racial preferences (i.e., affirmative action) “unconstitutional.” That press release stated, “The lawsuit seeks to terminate use of race-based admission preferences.”

“According to University documents, minority and non-minority students with identical credentials are treated differently solely on the basis of their race. In some cases, minorities are automatically admitted whereas non-minority applicants with identical SAT scores and grades are automatically rejected.”

“The lawsuit contends that the University’s racial preferences violate the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Those students who were discriminated against were white.

(CIR has this case information online.)

Still, in many ways, Coulter emulates the Left in racial thought.

Update: David Duke loves Ann Coulter and Adios, Americaexcept, he wants her to attack Jews.

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