Adios, Ann: Coulter Trashes Nikki Haley

In her zeal to combat America’s existential immigration crisis, Ann Coulter denounces all immigrants as culturally (and genetically[1]) inferior[2] to Americans.[3] Coulter’s views regarding Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) are emblematic of her worldview.


When asked about the Confederate flag controversy, Coulter boasted, “Well, I’m a student of American history.”[4] She continued, “On the other hand, [Nikki Haley] is an immigrant and does not understand America’s history.”

Yes, Coulter called Nikki Haley an ignorant immigrant! In reality, Haley is a native South Carolinian well-versed in its history.


According to Coulter’s logic, Nikki Haley had to be ignorant because she was an immigrant and she had to be an immigrant because of her ethnicity.[5]

Coulter’s false claim perfectly fits into her dehumanizing, anti-immigrant narrative – all to sell a book and an agenda.[6] Coulter is captured by her own racial,[7] xenophobic[8] paradigm.

Coulter wields the word “immigrant” like an epithet.

Right Scoop is chagrined: “Thanks a lot, Ann Coulter, you’ve sunk to Joe Biden level stupidity.”

Coulter Denigrates Gov. Nikki Haley

In a recent tweet, Coulter compared Haley to terrorists!


In her tweet, Coulter claimed that Haley “constantly brags” about being a second-generation immigrant. (In other words, Haley’s bio says she’s a native South Carolinian with immigrant parents.) But then, Coulter compares Haley to jihadist Nidal Hasan (Ft. Hood massacre) and jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki (influential imam) as well as infamous tabloid queen Octomon, snidely noting, “we R getting the best ppl!”

Why does Coulter denigrate and despise Haley, who is a successful and popular governor of a major state? Is it because Haley is not of white Anglo-Saxon heritage? Is it because, in her eyes, Haley is a foreigner who somehow became a governor but Coulter couldn’t even find a party to support her run for Congress in Connecticut?

Why does Coulter attack Haley? Coulter calls first-generation Americans (citizens) second-generation immigrants to fudge her data, flesh out her case, and blur the concept of American-ness. Haley’s success contradicts Coulter’s stereotype of legal immigrants and threatens her agenda.

Coulter’s attacks upon Gov. Haley are not an aberration but, rather, manifestations of how Coulter thinks and feels – about herself and others. Coulter regards herself as extraordinary, as the measure – the gold standard – of patriotism,[9] of conservatism,[10] of Christianity.[11]

In her exasperation with Haley, we see the coalescence of elitism, classism, racism, nativism, and narcissism – all intertwined into the being we now know as Ann Coulter.

Coulter has developed an immeasurable sense of superiority toward others,[12] constantly contending that she knows best, and, as a consequence, condemns Christian missionaries as fake Christians,[13] was incensed at not being invited to speak at CPAC,[14] denies that ISIS is in America,[15] and insists Romney should be the 2016 GOP nominee.[16]

It wasn’t that long ago when Coulter compared Hillary Clinton to Josef Mengele![17] Coulter has also referred to Marco Rubio as “the Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party.”[18]

Ace of Spades Speaks Out

Ace of Spades made some salient observations on these points. He wrote:

“But I would still have to reject the Essentialist nature of that argument – the implication that only ‘true Americans,’ born here, made of this blood and this soil, can understand America.”

“America is not chiefly about a place. Our physical location is happenstance. It is not about blood or soil. It is not about race. America is an idea – and ideal.”

[But Coulter makes it entirely about raceWhite Anglo-Saxon Protestants – with the emphasis on white.[19]

He continues:

“But if she’s now going down the road of asserting that an ‘immigrant’ (who is not an immigrant) really can’t understand America like the native-born can (even though many native-born Americans seem to want to kick American tradition to the cub and go full-on decadent European socialism), then I’ll have to conclude that she has become more than merely unfashionable, but instead simply … not worth reading.”

“That is off-base. That’s just Nativist and Essentialist – only the native-born are truly American; only those born with the essence of America in their blood can understand America.”

“And frankly, that sounds a lot like the Tribal Identity Politics that I don’t like in the newer classes of immigrants.”

Defending Coulter

Peter Brimelow penned a defense of Coulter, writing, “Ann Coulter misspoke trivially.” Coulter’s tweet regarding her words belies Brimelow’s defense. (Coulter does not misspeak. She says what she wants to say exactly the way she wants to say it.)

Far too many people try to justify Coulter’s misdeeds. Regarding Nikki Haley, Coulter’s words were extremely clear and unhesitatingly spoken.

In a Facebook dialogue, Coulter defenders came to her rescue. Here is an abbreviated version:

Steve Mason: I sure can see the connection between persecuting the Rebel flag and Third World, Turd World immigration. Are we Immigration Patriots the only ones?

John Rutowicz: Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley

Daniel Borchers: You can try to justify Coulter’s extremely clear and unhesitatingly spoken words, but Coulter’s false claim perfectly fits into her narrative of criticizing unworthy immigrants – all to sell a book and an agenda.

John Rutowicz: And you think this will make us dislike Ann Coulter?

Daniel Borchers: It’s not about like or dislike. It’s about truth and its opposite. Are you arguing that Coulter is right when she’s wrong? Haley is an American, born in America. Not an immigrant.

John Rutowicz: Americans are racially European, and religiously Christian.

Daniel Borchers: Where do blacks fit?

John Rutowicz: In Israel.

Thomas Meehan: I wouldn’t wish Israel on them. Sub Saharan Africa would be nice though.

[These people represent Coulter’s audience!]

Conservatives should have long ago abandoned Coulter as their spokesman. Coulter has proven herself to be, time and time again, a self-promoter interested in what is best for her [20] – not for conservatives and not for the country.

Update: Following the State of the Union address in 2016, Coulter tweeted that Trump should deport Nikki Haley!


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