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Coulter Disses Pro-Lifers – Again!

Coulter claims, “I am totally pro-life.”[1] But then, why does she always attack pro-lifers? What explains her 15-year opposition to the pro-life movement?

Did you know that pro-lifers are putzes? Ann Coulter says you are!


Referring to the current furor over Planned Parenthood’s selling body parts from aborted fetuses, launching of congressional investigations, and attempts to stop funding of Planned Parenthood, Coulter chides the so-called (in her eyes) bravery of politicians who are behind the times, saying,

“… their big thing is to keep talking about this abortion thing. Well, that’s great if it were 1977. I’d think you’re really brave and you’re doing a great thing. But I kind of think you’re just a putz imitating what was good forty years ago at this point.”[2]

Sorry, Ann, but “this abortion thing” is a big deal, especially now, when the entire country is horrified by what recently released videos reveal. (Much like the public is horrified by the Kathryn Steinle murder, a media frenzy Coulter is all too keen to exploit and take credit for.)[3]

Instead of doing the right thing – protecting the lives of those most vulnerable – Coulter would have Congress do nothing but pursue her immigration agenda. (Build fences while babies die!)

For Coulter, it is never the right time to defend the unborn,[4] to help those who are regarded as somehow “below human.”

In 2000, Coulter vilified GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer and other pro-lifers who were seeking a constitutional remedy to abortion. Her essay was titled, “Must Christian conservatives be fascists?” Coulter’s purpose was to preserve George W. Bush’s candidacy from the wrath of the abortion industry.

Ever since, Coulter has subordinated pro-life considerations to whatever matters she considers more immediate or more expedient. Coulter has, in fact, rejected many potential pro-life candidates for others she deemed more electable.[5]

Coulter blamed pro-lifers for Republican defeat in 2012, writing, “Can you learn to say, ‘no exceptions’ or rather, ‘no abortions with exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother?’ Learn that. Memorize that. Stop waxing philosophical when you’re running to make laws.”[6]

Yes, Coulter blamed pro-lifers for Romney’s defeat: “The last two weeks of the campaign were consumed with discussions of women’s ‘reproductive rights,’ not because of anything Romney did, but because these two idiots [Akin and Mourdock] decided to come out against abortion in the case of rape and incest.”

Moreover, Coulter thinks life in the womb is a “philosophical” argument and wants pro-lifers to be pragmatic by permitting human beings who are conceived in rape to be aborted. Coulter’s disregard for human life is clear in her pretzel-twisted logic:

“No law is ever going to require a woman to bear the child of her rapist. Yes, it’s every bit as much a life as an unborn child that is not the product of rape. But sentient human beings are capable of drawing gradations along a line.”

A child of rape is “every bit as much a life as an unborn child that is not the product of rape,” yet that child’s life is forfeit for political reasons.[7]

Ethics have never been Coulter’s forte.[8]

Last year, Coulter offered a talking point for Republican candidates:

“Yes, of course there should be exceptions in the case of rape and incest, and I also support giving rapists the death penalty, unlike my Democrat opponent, who wants to give rapists the right to vote.”[9]

Now, Coulter scorns pro-lifers to target immigration – her current single issue – because she is selling a book.[10]

Still, Coulter has the temerity to claim, “I am totally pro-life.”[11]

Coulter is the real putz![12]

[See also “Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues” at]


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Coulter’s Ego: I Did It!

Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities have caught the attention of both the public and politicians. Outraged citizens, anti-immigration activists, non-profit organizations, the media, lawmakers, and presidential candidates have weighed in on the escalating immigration crisis.

And Ann Coulter takes the credit.[1]


Last Friday, when asked about the depth and intensity of interest in illegal immigration, Coulter jumped in, claiming, “Because of Adios, America![2]

Ann, never shy, immediately added, “Everyone always says to me, ‘Oh, what good timing this book was.’ No, it’s not good timing. The book came out – that’s why everybody’s talking about [immigration].”

(Yet, in interview after interview, Coulter has complained that the mainstream media is completely ignoring her. How can this circle be squared?)

No, Ann. The intense interest in illegal immigration did not arise because of the publication of Adios, America! It arose because of a human tragedy.

The face of the movement to end sanctuary cities and enforce existing immigration laws is not that of Ann Coulter but of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported five times and had returned to San Francisco for sanctuary.

The public, politicians, and other concerned citizens are responding to this tragedy, not Coulter’s book.[3] (Nor Trump’s campaign.)[4]

It’s called “Kate’s Law,” not “Ann’s Law.”

Let’s show some respect for the dead and the bereaved.


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Coulter’s Humanity

In a series of tweetspromoting her book and its anti-immigration theme – Ann Coulter belittled Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman who committed suicide in jail.


Notice Ann’s extraordinary compassion toward the victim and her family and friends. Notice, too, Ann’s deep concern for the rule of law, civil rights, suicide prevention – and simply discovering the truth.

(Coulter is known for disparaging innocent people, from defaming Christian missionaries to falsely accusing a journalist of plagiarism.)

Ann Coulter Tweets (emphasis added):

Massive investigation for druggie/scofflaw’s jailhouse SUICIDE, not for immigrant’s cold-blooded murder of 5 marines. – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:05 am

MSNBC more upset @ suicide of a jailed black woman druggie/scofflaw than a Muslim immigrant’s murder of five marines. #WhiteLivesDontMatter – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:06 am

NYT homepage is bristling with stories about druggie/scofflaw Sandra Bland today. Muslim’s slaughter of 5 Marines gets a few small AP items. – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:19 am

Coulter: All Immigrants Are Bad

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled commentary to address yet another Ann Coulter blunder – one which exposes Coulter’s very heart.]

Ann Coulter claims that there are no good immigrants!


Last night, Coulter established herself as the undisputed head cheerleader for a Donald Trump candidacy (even in a third party): “Go, Trump, go!”[1] But, more than that, Coulter disparaged every immigrant in America.

Trump’s campaign contests illegal immigration while Coulter contests legal immigration. As she puts it, “My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones.”

There are no good immigrants? Coulter explained, “We’re taking in the poorest of the poor from the most corrupt, backward cultures of the world.”[2] (For Coulter, any non-white, non-British nation is backward.)

There Are No Good Ones

Coulter’s hyperbole has been getting the best of her for the better part of two decades. Coulter stereotypes people – from individuals, to cultures, to nations – with a very broad brush. Like Orwell’s Big Brother, Coulter is in perpetual warfare against a host of enemies – all of whom do not look like her.

With her first book of this millennium, Slander (2002), a polemic which accused all liberals of being at war with civilization, Coulter began launching a series of jihads – against liberalism, Muslims, women, and any individual or group of people she does not like.

That pattern persists to this day. According to Coulter, there are no good Democrats, only a few good Republicans, and, now, no good immigrants.

Nikki Haley – Second Generation Immigrant

In the midst of the confederate battle flag controversy, Coulter falsely accused Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) of being an ignorant immigrant.[3] In reality, Haley is a native South Carolinian well-versed in its history.

Remember, Coulter has her own definition of “immigrant.” The word Coulter wields like an epithet – immigrant – she applies to American-born citizens, calling them second-generation immigrants to fudge her data.

Gov. Haley, a citizen by birth, has proven herself a successful leader who has assimilated very well in America (even converting to Christianity). Haley’s success contradicts Coulter’s stereotype of legal immigrants and threatens her agenda.

Bobby Jindal – Anchor Baby

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), also a very successful governor, is an anchor baby. Gov. Jindal is noted for championing American exceptionalism. He identifies with being an American, not a hyphenated-American. His patriotism is undeniable. His love of country is indisputable. And, like Haley, he has converted to Christianity. As noted in 2007, “Jindal has assimilated into an American lifestyle and Christian religious practices.”

But Jindal is not a WASP. Coulter is very conscious of Jindal’s race and his origins (probably even his “funny foreign name”). Over six years ago, Coulter began her attack on this anchor baby who became a prominent conservative leader. Coulter wrote:

“Even Gov. Bobby Jindal, whom I suppose I should note was the first Indian-American to give the Republican response to a president’s speech, began with an encomium to the first black president. (Wasn’t Bobby great in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?)”[4]

Nevertheless, Coulter seriously asserts, “one thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist.”[5] Doesn’t she read what she writes and hear what she says? At times, Coulter’s writings are suffused with racism.

Coulter’s Xenophobia

Few people looking at the evidence can doubt that Coulter is a xenophobe. She claimed, “All countries suck compared to America.”[6] She condemns soccer as evil and un-American.[7] She vilifies Christian missionaries.[8] She decries all things foreign.

Most recently, Coulter has exchanged her fatwa against Muslims for one against Mexicans.[9] When she talks about immigration, she does so in distinctly racial terms,[10] demonstrating her confusion over race.[11] Moreover, she promotes white supremacy[12] and the resurrection of a WASP America.[13]

Within that context, it is easy to understand Coulter’s comments about immigrants. While most conservatives believe in the cultural superiority of America, Coulter takes it many steps further, finding nothing of value in other cultures and actually corrupting the American identity into a racial, WASP, ideal.

Why does Coulter hate contemporary immigrants? Because they are not white WASPs.


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Coulter’s Latest RINO Would Give Democrats Victory

Yet again, Ann Coulter supports a RINO, but this one isn’t even a Republican![1]

An ecstatic Coulter gushed, “[A third party candidacy] would be fantastic! Go, Trump, Go!”[2]

Ann Coulter’s latest RINO love is Donald Trump, who, if he runs a third party campaign, wouldn’t even be a Republican. (Right now, he is a faux Republican.)

Trump’s political self-identity is, at best, murky. That he would even consider a third party run – which would ensure a Democrat victory – proves he is not a conservative.


So why would Coulter support Trump for a third party candidacy?

Coulter Loves RINOs

Coulter’s love of RINOs is no secret. She still yearns for Chris Christie and has loved Mitt Romney since 2006.[3] Coulter has fought against the Tea Party – and for RINOs – for years,[4] even ferociously supporting Mitch McConnell, who has seriously disappointed her.[5]

Consider her infatuation with Christie: “My flirtation with Christie was like running off with a biker. He was new and exciting – and made conservatives feel alive.” Even now, she says, “I still like [Christie], except he’s bad on amnesty. He’s smart. He’s articulate.”[6] Coulter argues, “I was [Christie’s] biggest fan because he’s funny and smart …”[7]

But, early in 2014, Coulter admitted, “But I don’t think Christie was that electable other than the fact that he probably would have been the most liberal candidate running in a primary.”[8] Yes, Coulter supported the most liberal GOP candidate.

Nothing has changed after all these years.

Coulter Loves Trump

Now, Coulter has been smitten in a big way by the Donald,[9] so much so that she has defamed American war heroes[10] and redefined racism[11] – all to defend Trump, and herself, from criticism.

So, what does Coulter like about Trump? His looks and his style! [She thought Romney was tall and handsome, too!]

As reported by the Daily Caller, Coulter thinks “He’s attractive. He’s tall. He’s hilariously funny.” (Is Coulter talking about herself?) (A few weeks earlier, Coulter exclaimed, “Donald Trump, I love him because he does talk a little like me, which is to say, blunt.”[12])

Coulter continued, “I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win.” (Really? As a third party candidate splitting the conservative vote?)[13]

Coulter added, “The more I see Trump talk, the more it diminishes the other candidates.” (Coulter has already called the other GOP candidates “midgets.” How much smaller can they get?)

Coulter insisted, “I promise you that if the nominee is Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry or really any of those midgets, our fate is sealed. … The Republican isn’t winning if it’s Marco or Jeb Bush. It’s absolute madness.” (Yet another promise Coulter can’t keep.)

Coulter’s own madness: “The polls show Donald Trump is way ahead.” (Since when does Coulter trust polls? And polls this early in the election cycle? Coulter has often said that the only poll that counts is the election.)

Trump is Like Coulter

Perhaps what Coulter really likes about Trump is that Trump is so much like Coulter (though more flamboyant and less erudite). They are both self-promoting narcissists with few filters on their speech.

Consider a National Review column promoted by Coulter on her website. It describes Trump this way:

“A brash showboat and celebrity, self-promoter and controversialist, silly and mocking, a caricature of a caricature, Donald Trump is no one’s idea of a serious presidential candidate. Which is exactly why the radical middle finds him refreshing. Not an iota of him is politically correct, he plays by no rules of comity or civility, he genuflects to no party or institution, he is unafraid of and antagonistic toward the media, and he challenges the conventional wisdom of both parties…”

Those character and personality attributes could equally apply to Coulter, which perhaps explains to a large extent his appeal to her. Coulter describes herself as a polemicist who seeks to be outrageous and offend people.[14] (Latching on to Trump’s coattails to garner greater book sales is surely another personal motivator for Coulter.)

(To be fair, Coulter does reflexively defend Republicans, unless doing so interferes with her agenda.)

Trump and Coulter are similar in character and temperament. Maggie Gallagher observes: “He is our id, he doesn’t play by the rules, he gives out Lindsey Graham’s personal cell-phone number, he beats the media over the head and calls his fellow Republicans ‘losers.’ He’s politically incorrect on steroids, and he’s not going to apologize for any of it, ever.”

(Don’t expect any apologies from Coulter, either.)

Like Coulter,[15] Trump thinks he knows better than everyone else. Jonah Goldberg observes:

“Of course Trump wouldn’t hesitate to attack John McCain’s war-hero status. Trump’s bottomless insecurity cannot countenance the idea that his critics have any legitimacy. Of course Trump won’t apologize – because his dog-and-pony show is predicated on the idea that he ‘tells it like it is’ and ‘fights.’ He’s the omniscient master of The Apprentice. He can’t behave like the Biggest Loser.”

Likewise, Coulter discounts her conservative critics as “phony,” “fake,” and “so-called” conservatives.

Trump = RINO (Without the R?)

How, exactly, is Trump not a conservative?

George Will succinctly summarized core aspects of Trump’s character and platform:

“They’ll find he’s not just uncouth; he is unprincipled. They’ll find out he was pro-choice, ‘very pro-choice ‘as he used to say. They’ll find he gave money to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) because he obviously wanted the Democratic congress. And they’re going to want to think about that. Other issues, the Kelo, the worst Supreme Court decision of this century, which vastly expanded the power of people like Donald Trump using government to take away private property. He supports that. See how people like that.”

Trump also favors gun control and socialized medicine and opposes entitlement reform. As noted by the American Enterprise Institute, “His hair has been more permanent than his political positions.”

While Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric appeals to many voters who rightly feel ignored by the political class, his attitude toward Islamic jihad in America mirrors that of Coulter. Trump continues to denounce Pamela Geller’s courageous stand against Islamists in America, calling her an “obnoxious blowhard” and “nobody” – very Coulteresque language.

Like Coulter,[16] the Donald does not get it: We need to defend our right to free speech against Islamists.[17]

Real Clear Politics asked why Trump isn’t running as a Democrat. Carl Cannon wrote, “Let’s go further, however, and point out that this guy has never really been on the GOP team.” Cannon added,

“In a recent interview, Ari Fleischer, who was White House press secretary under George W. Bush, said it was clear that Trump was ‘no conservative.’ The real issue is more basic: there’s not much evidence he’s even a Republican.”

That Coulter-promoted National Review column reiterated what most informed people understand: “Trump is not a conservative, nor by any means a mainstream Republican.” Moreover, he reached a conclusion in direct opposition to Coulter’s views.

The closing paragraph warns, “What so worries the GOP about Donald Trump is that he, like Ross Perot, has the resources and ego to rend the two [factions of the GOP] apart. … So the demagogue rises. The party splits. And the Clintons win.”

Ego can be extremely destructive (and self-destructive).

Trump as Third Party Candidate?

Could Trump win as a third party candidate? Is Ann Coulter right? Time will tell. (One thing we do know is that Coulter’s track record at political prognostication is mediocre, at best.)

A recent Quinnipiac poll reveals, “Perhaps the biggest loser, however, is Donald Trump, who has negative favorability ratings of almost 2-1 in each state.” It is pretty hard to win an election if people don’t like you.

While defending the viability of a Trump candidacy for the GOP, Larry O’Connor predicted, “Third party is death for the country.”[18] History agrees. Theodore Roosevelt’s third-party run gave us Woodrow Wilson, an inspiration for progressives throughout the 20th century. Ross Perot – another flamboyant billionaire – derailed George H.W. Bush’s re-election efforts, leading to a Clinton victory.

Let us avoid a repeat of 1992.


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Ann Coulter’s Crazy Funhouse Mirror

Peeking behind the variety of masks Ann Coulter wears can be very intriguing and entertaining. Looking into her soul reveals insights into human nature. Seeing Ann Coulter through her eyes is equally enlightening.

Last year, I noted Coulter’s many conflicted expressions about her self-identity[1] and her divorce from reality. For Coulter, nothing less than superlatives describe her. (Only the best for the best.)


She calls herself, “right-wing crazy and proud of it.”[2] She’s not just a run-of-the-mill crazy, but the best: “I’m second to none in right-wing lunacy.”[3]

Coulter is anything but a squishy conservative or a RINO (as she tells it): “I went to Cornell, but I was a casual conservative. After being in Ithaca, NY, I left a violent conservative.”[4] Indeed, she goes to an extreme to prove herself the ultimate conservative: “I’m like the conservative ayatollah.”[5]

Ann is also the poster child for libertarians, claiming, “I’m more libertarian than most people who call themselves libertarian.”[6]

Condemning Sarah Palin (whom she regards as a fake Tea Party leader), Coulter considers herself the opposite (and a card-carrying member at that): “I’m more Tea Party than most tea partiers.”[7]

Let’s not forget her (not so) warm and fuzzy spiritual side: “I’m an extraordinarily good Christian.”[8] Do “extraordinarily good Christians” actually call themselves that, or, being “extraordinarily good Christians” do they exhibit a tad bit more humility than Ann?

So, to recap, Coulter is the best conservative, best libertarian, best Tea Partier, and best Christian. Oh, I almost forgot, paraphrasing Coulter, nobody does crazy as well as her.

Coulter’s Characters

In addition to superlative characteristics, Coulter imports herself into superlative characters, likening herself to famous people, such as Bob Woodward, Bibi Netanyahu, Abbie Hoffman, H.L. Mencken, and Mark Twain.

(One must wonder whether Coulter really thinks that highly of herself, or whether she thinks so little of herself that she wants to be someone else!)

The masks Coulter chooses to wear are illustrative of how she wants to be seen by others (and how she wants to think of herself).

Coulter’s bio promotes the irreverent, iconoclastic, side of Ann, proclaiming her to be “the Abbie Hoffman of the Right.” Strikingly, the qualities which made Abbie Hoffman Abbie Hoffman are neither conservative nor Christian in nature, suggesting the impossibility of a right-wing version. But irreverence is part of what she sells and is a term frequently used to sell her books. (Wait! Didn’t Ann write a book decrying anarchy and mob-like behavior? Yes – Demonic!)

Coulter has strongly denied any comparisons of her with her counterpart, Michael Moore, but she has offered up two preferred alternatives: “I think I am the right-wing [H.L.] Mencken, the right-wing Mark Twain. I am not the right-wing Michael Moore.”[9]

However, “Newsbusters’ Warner Todd Huston dubbed Coulter ‘the H.L. Mencken of our times … minus the intellect.’” As Ilana Mercer put it, “Coulter is sui generis, but Mencken she is not.”

More recently, Coulter has repeatedly compared herself to the renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward, only (in her mind) she’s better than him and she does it all on her own. Coulter boasts, “I’m the female. I’m the conservative Bob Woodward, except I don’t hire researchers and co-writers.”[10]

Strikingly, Coulter plays the Gender Card as she crows, “I’m the female Bob Woodward except I don’t have researchers or co-writers.”[11] Coulter reiterates, “As I said, I’m the female Bob Woodward.”[12]

Yes, she thinks she better than Woodward and she does her own work. (Yes, Ann, we believe you: not a smidgeon of plagiarism.[13]) Plus, she’s a woman to boot. (Yes, Ann likes her boots.)

To demonstrate her own courage, Coulter likens herself to a renowned Israeli warrior and statesmen: “I might just show up anyway just to piss them off. I could be the Bibi Netanyahu of CPAC.” Her Facebook bio brazenly states: “Coulter … has emerged as the bold heroine of our day!”

Carrying on in the grand Coulter tradition, others have made their own Coulter comparisons. Brad Miner claimed, “[Coulter] is to the 21st century what Lenny Bruce was to the 20th.”[14] (Again, Coulter is being compared favorably with a decidedly countercultural figure antithetical to conservatism.) Yet, in many ways, such a comparison is apropos. Coulter is known to use profanity, racial (and other) slurs, and, generally, just say whatever she wants to.

In fact, with her book, How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must), Coulter enumerated her rules on how to be deliberately offensive. Coulter fervently and irreverently follows her own rules.[15]

Bernard Goldberg, once a big fan of Coulter, admitted, “Ann Coulter is the Miley Cyrus of political commentary.” Dorothy Rabinowitz said, “[Ann Coulter is] the Maureen Dowd of conservatism.”

Meghan Daum suggested another intriguing impossibility: “[Coulter is] the adopted lovechild of Oscar Wilde and Gore Vidal.”

A Wordsmith – More or Less

I have always regarded Ann Coulter as a gifted wordsmith[16] – and said so.[17] But receiving praise and praising oneself are two different things. The former should be done with grace; the latter is unseemly and tasteless (gauche).

(Rush Limbaugh’s shtick includes tongue-in-cheek superlatives about his own greatness; Coulter is serious.)

Ann Coulter has an exalted sense of self because she constantly exalts herself.[18] Consequently, she says and does some very foolish things.[19] Pride is the embodiment of foolishness.

During Passion Week, Coulter spoke about Christian courage:

“I mean if the one thing – a few days before Easter, it’s worth mentioning besides eternal life with your Creator – the one thing every Christian should have is courage. The most important thing in your life.”[20]

Does Ann Hart Coulter have the courage to face herself and her Creator?


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Coulter’s Flawed Calculus

Coulter claims, “I’m always right.”[1] Hardly, especially when it comes to political prognostication.

Remember her nine-year love affair with Mitt Romney, briefly interrupted with her infatuation with Chris Christie? In 2011, she predicted, “If we don’t nominate Chris Christie, Romney is going to be the nominee and we’ll lose.”[2] Later that same year, she reversed course, claiming, “I think the candidate, it is going to be and is the strongest candidate to beat Obama is Mitt Romney. … I think hands down that is Mitt Romney.”[3]


Until this July, Coulter has championed, “Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney. … We have to demand that he run.”[4]

Now, Coulter worships at the altar of a new political savior, asserting, “the people want [Trump] to be president.”[5]

Coulter has indeed linked her book tour to a Trump candidacy,[6] extoling him (and herself) in the process – and even defending his defamation of American war heroes.[7]

According to the Washington Examiner, Coulter would even welcome being part of Trump’s cabinet: “I see myself as his secretary of Homeland Security.”

A recent interview with Sean Hannity demonstrates how politically out-of-touch Coulter remains. She repeatedly said that she did not believe the facts that her friend, Sean, was telling her – that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Rick Perry had pledged not to run a third party candidacy. Her reasoning for calling her friend a liar? Because those candidates would neither be asked that question nor give that answer.

Denial of reality. Further, when asked what she thought of a third party run by Donald Trump, she punted, suggesting she might favor it because, “I promise you Jeb or Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency.”[8]

Her reasoning appears to be that if either Bush or Rubio is the GOP nominee, Republicans lose, so it would not matter if Trump ran against the GOP. Coulter has seemingly forgotten about the ill-fated Ross Perot run in 2992 that led to a Bill Clinton victory over the first Bush presidency.

Coulter assumes that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee.

Coulter assumes that either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio will be the GOP nominee (if Trump is not).

Coulter assumes that either Bush or Rubio would lose to Hillary.

All three assumptions are questionable.

Just this week, a Quinnipiac poll showed Hillary to be in jeopardy to both Bush and Rubio:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is behind or on the wrong side of a too-close-to-call result in matchups with three leading Republican contenders, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, according to a Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released today.”

Hillary “star power” continues to decline, especially when confronted with specific (as opposed to generic) GOP candidates.

As Jonah Goldberg observes, “Donald Trump stakes much of his fortune on the alleged value of the Trump brand. Hillary Clinton’s candidacy rests on a similar assumption about the Clinton name. Both fail to take into account the fact that personality trumps brand.”

For Coulter, brand is all that matters. Only image counts. Integrity and veracity are disposable commodities in Coulter’s world. Hence, her many failures.[9]

When Coulter is consistently wrong on the same subject, why do people listen to her?

Update: As it turns out, Trump is already threatening a third party run.


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Ann Coulter’s Open Secret

(Ssssh! Nobody is supposed to talk about it!)

(Please permit me to interrupt my essay series examining Coulter’s latest book to address breaking news from newly-released videos taken at the premiere screening of An Open Secret, a documentary about the sexual exploitation of children in the entertainment industry.)


Yesterday, Red Carpet Fly released two videos from this premiere, with footage filmed before and after the screening. Although Coulter’s segments take only a few minutes to view, they are well worth the time.

Pre-Screening Interview

Coulter answered a few questions prior to this documentary’s screening [Coulter begins at mark 4:45.]:

Asked why it was important for her to support a movie like this, Coulter replied, “Well, I’m just dying to see it. It’s not so much supporting it; I’m dying to see it. And one of the financiers behind it was refusing to tell us about it because he said, ‘Well, I don’t want to give away the spoiler. There’s another spoiler.’ So, I’m dying to see it. That’s why I’m here.”

Coulter deliberately disabused us of any notion that she might be supporting the cause entailed in the movie she was about to view. Indeed, her sole reason for attending – despite her rather rambling answer – was to experience the thrill of walking the red carpet accompanied by a handsome, (much) younger actor and the star of the film[1] to be premiered. (Coulter’s face was literally beaming.)

Asked why so many youth “fall prey to the casting couch scenario,” Coulter answered, “I remember a quote from Ronald Reagan, you know, when he was doing the GE tours, he would meet these nice, sweet, corn-fed gals and say to them, and they all said to him, ‘Ronald Reagan, how do I come to Hollywood and become an actress?’ and he remarks later, ‘I’d just shake my head and think they’re gonna go become whores.’”[2]

Ronald Reagan would never had spoken those words! (Ann, cite your source!)

The Gipper was a gentleman who treated even his foes with warmth and amity. As Jennifer Grossman observed in a special issue of BrotherWatch dedicated to Reagan, “Then I realized why Ronald Reagan was such an enduring and unique President, for here was a man who didn’t just love America, as some abstract ideal − he loved Americans. And they loved him back.”

With her words, Coulter appears to be blaming the victims of the casting couch, completely counter to the intent and purpose of the film.

Coulter is notorious for casting such aspersions. Just days after the burial of Princess Diana, Coulter called Diana a “round heel” and “the definition of ‘not a good mother.’”[3]

Coulter had similarly condemned recently-deceased Ambassador Pamela Harriman as a “round heel,” suggesting either Sharon Stone or Madonna as her replacement.”[4] Coulter even called Hillary a prostitute for marrying Clinton[5] and an unfit mother for staying married to Clinton.[6]

Coulter continued her answer at this red carpet event (was she looking in a mirror?): “And, I don’t know, especially with children, it’s almost like a Twilight Zone episode, where you can have, where you can have any wish in the world and what you want is fame and money and it ends up being the worst thing that ever happened to you.”

Coulter certainly has the fame and the money. What has it done for her? From her birth, Coulter has been groomed for greatness.[7] Everything Coulter does is geared toward that goal.[8] Hence her proclivity for deception and deceit.[9]

Jesus asked a very practical question in Matthew 16:26: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Post-Screening Soundbites

Following the screening, Coulter answered a few more questions [Coulter is the first featured interviewee]:

A seemingly deeply-moved Coulter seemingly empathized with the victims, saying, “I mean, these poor kids. Somebody needs to tell them, ‘It’s not your fault. You don’t need to take drugs and alcohol. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Maybe Coulter’s heart can be moved. Was this a fleeting, momentary aberration or is it representative of a more long-term transformation?

But then, in talking about Evan Henzi, the film’s star, Coulter – laughing throughout – gushed, “Also, at 18-years-old, he’s taping this molester and the tape recording – I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this kid is good. We gotta get him working for the CIA.’”

I recall her laughing in similar fashion in early 1997, when she giggled over the details of the various sexual allegations Paula Jones made against President Clinton. Coulter couldn’t contain her merriment.

Coulter has rarely addressed child sex abuse (until recently, using it as a hook for her current book), but, in 1996, she has denounced it (as anyone should): “You don’t want those [sex offenses] to be repeated more than you don’t want robbery to be repeated, particularly against little children. … Sex offenders are almost invariably repeat offenders. It’s a sexual compulsion.”[10]

However, Coulter has always been reluctant to address the Catholic Church’s decades-long sexual abuse scandal, and she has actually defended the Catholic Church.[11] Moreover, Coulter has previously trivialized rape itself.[12]

Given that Coulter has hitherto shown scant interest in the topic of this documentary, her participation in this event appears to be more for self-glory and book promotion than for supporting a worthy cause.

Update: Just two hours after this column was published, Coulter released her weekly column, this time on child rape by illegal immigrants from primitive rape cultures.[13] In it, Coulter promoted her book, praised Trump, and failed to address the tragic child rape highlighted by the An Open Secret documentary whose red carpet she was blessed to walk upon.

Coulter’s own view of child rape is very nuanced. She only cares about those rapes committed by immigrants, not Americans. (Selling her book, her cause, and herself is all that matters.)

Coulter has admitted that she deliberately selected the worst possible stories (the most emotional intense and graphic) for her book because they were juicier, more sensational.

Let me be clear: Coulter’s goal is not to end rape but to end immigration. (Rapists will, of course, continue to rape in their countries of origin.) Coulter’s cause is not abuse itself, but immigration. (International Justice Mission is a great “global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.)


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Coulter Defames American War Heroes

Donald Trump’s recent ludicrous attack on John McCain’s war record may prove fatal to his candidacy for President. Nevertheless, he refuses to apologize for his ill-time gaffe. And polemicist Ann Coulter – known for her many gaffes and refusals to apologize – defends Trump.

Coulter is absolutely the worst person to defend Trump from charges of defaming an American war hero (and, by extension, his blanket denigration of all veterans who were “captured” by the enemy).


But, first …

What Trump Actually Said

Trump: “He is not a war hero.”

Luntz: “He is a war hero.”

Trump: “He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He is a war hero because he was captured. OK, you can have – I believe perhaps he is a war hero.”

So, Trump initially denied McCain is a war hero, then claimed he was a war hero because he was captured, then belittled captured military, then – again – questioned McCain’s war hero status (“perhaps”).

Surprisingly, Trump echoed the sentiments of comedian Chris Rock, who once joked: ““He a war hero. He a war hero. He a war hero that got CAPTURED. There’s a lot of guys in jail that got captured. I don’t want to vote for nobody that got captured. I want to vote for the [expletive deleted] that got away.”

Personally (like many conservatives), I disagree with many of McCain’s views and policies, but his heroism is well documented and irrefutable.

Roger Simon notes, “There are different kinds of heroism. To me, McCain became a hero not when he was shot down, but when he refused to be released by his North Vietnamese captors. He refused because North Vietnam intended to use the release for propaganda purposes to show how McCain, the son of an admiral, would accept special treatment. It would also demoralize the remaining POWs.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), tweeted: “John McCain is an American hero. I have nothing but respect for his service to our country,” and “After Donald Trump spends six years in a POW camp, he can weigh in on John McCain’s service.”

Coulter Defends Trump

Coulter is up to her (very) old tricks. (Remember, in defending Trump, Coulter is defending and promoting herself.)

Didn’t Coulter call Trump a clown four years ago? Now, he’s magnificent. What changed? Trump’s candidacy and highlighting of Coulter’s primary issue enables Coulter to piggyback off of any success he may achieve.

Coulter defends Trump because, in doing so, she is defending herself and promoting her book.[1]

As for Coulter’s actually defense strategy, she employs two primary tactics. First, she dismisses or minimizes the offense, and, second, she attacks victim.

Coulter initially tweeted: “Trump was being flip and misspoke in 3 seconds. The rest of our guys, with conscious deliberation, sell out the voters and the country.”

Except, Trump didn’t misspeak. Trump stands by his words. And, notice, Coulter immediately went on the attack against everybody else. In tweet after tweet, Coulter has been aggressively attacking other Republicans for their policy views while defending Trump for his besmirching of McCain’s war record.

On Saturday, Coulter claimed, “It was a dumb thing to say, but he knows it’s a dumb thing to say. He took it back right away.”[2] Except, Trump did not take” it back right away.” Trump dissembled and ended, saying “perhaps” McCain is a war hero.

Coulter added, “This is the first mistake he’s made.” First mistake? But Trump believes what he said.

And what of his trashing of Mexicans? Coulter agrees with Trump’s characterization of Mexicans as rapists and murderers. Indeed, she agrees with – and takes credit forboth the substance and style of Trump’s contested remarks.[3]

Coulter Defames Other American War Heroes

Why is Coulter the worst person to defend Trump?

Beginning in 1997, Coulter established a pattern of defaming American war heroes and veterans,[4] especially if they were not conservative enough for her. In addition to McCain, Coulter has defamed paralyzed Vietnam veteran, Bobby Muller; triple-amputee Max Cleland; decorated Vietnam veteran General Wesley Clark; and Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient John Murtha.

A frequent tactic of Coulter’s is to question either their credentials or their patriotism. In general, those heroes who disagree with Coulter are labelled “traitors” or “phony” heroes. Time and again, Coulter uses political positions and policies as her criteria for whether or not they qualify as “heroic” or “patriotic.”

Actual heroism, as displayed in combat or in POW camps, matters little to Coulter, who has never served in the military and whose favorite movie is an anti-war parody, Dr. Strangelove.[5]

Update: Just hours after the posting of this column, Ann Coulter appeared on Hannity[6] to, again, defend Trump. It is painfully obvious that Coulter grasps neither the implications nor the impact of Trump’s defamation of an American war hero.

Coulter repeatedly downplayed the nature and the severity of Trump’s attack on McCain, claiming, “It was a flip remark, it was a mistake,” decrying “this enormous hysteria over a flip remark that was a mistake.” Again, “One flip remark he makes. One flip remark!”

Moreover, she dismissed his words, citing his emotional state (as if being presidential does not require controlling your emotions). Coulter called Trump’s flippancy “something stupid said in a moment of anger.” Yet, it was reflective of what he believes.

Coulter went through a series of policy positions (with which she disagrees) by other candidates, calling them mistakes. No! They are policy disagreements, not personal attacks. Coulter has engaged in ad hominem attacks for two decades and apparently considers them the de rigueur of political discourse.

So, Coulter attacked Trump’s critics (ably combining her dismissal of Trump’s words with her attack on his foes), charging, “Republican midgets jumping on this one flip remark.”

Coulter argued that Rick Perry’s ladder analogy (meant to portray a policy position) as worse than Trump’s ad hominem against an American war hero’s character.

Here, again, Coulter is defending the indefensible, dismissing egregious remarks as merely flippant. Coulter herself relishes such repartee.

Update: All of the co-hosts of Fox News’ The Five were critical of Trump’s remarks. Each had constructive observations.

Kimberly Guilfoyle asked, “Who’s gonna doubt that he is a war hero?” She noted McCain’s “service to this country, the fact that he stayed two years in solitary confinement, he wouldn’t come home when others – when he was gonna be allowed to because he don’t want to jump the line ahead. He’s a class-act and he handled it very well by saying, I’m not going to criticize [Trump on this].”

Geraldo Rivera pointed out that this is about more than just McCain: “There are over 500 surviving prisoners of war. We revere their service. You can’t go there, particularly, if you were a draft dodger.” Dana Perino agreed, noting that Trump’s critics include “veterans and the other POWs.”

Perino also raised a significant point: “temperament and character are what people ultimately look for a year from now.” If Trump can blow it this badly running for President, how would he fare being “leader of the free world?”

Eric Bolling pointed out that Trump had made it personal instead of political: Trump took pot shots at McCain’s military service instead of “his service as a senator, and there is a big difference there.”

Greg Gutfeld addressed those who blindly follow Trump, no matter what, arguing in his opening monologue, “Groupies offer little insight, just rope and dope. His repeat defenders always paint Trump’s gaffes as blunt honesty, which turns them into Bill Maher’s audience: pliant. They left stuff slide.”

Gutfeld continued: “If Obama had mocked McCain’s service, the right would storm the White House. When you perceive criticism as disloyalty, you turn fans into minions. But criticism is your guardrail: Embrace it and you avoid these petty feuds and these nasty gaffes.”

[But neither Trump nor Coulter can abide criticism and, tragically, neither learn from it.]

Gutfeld also noted that Trump (and his supporters) essentially argue that it does not matter if people were upset by his words. Gutfeld pointed out the obvious, that, “as a conservative, if you don’t care about this comment to John McCain, what’s wrong with you? If you don’t think this is bad, you aren’t the real conservative. You’re the RINO, if you don’t care.”


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Ann Coulter’s “Racism Credit”

Environmentalists have adopted a “carbon credit” to justify those who are creating a larger carbon footprint. So, too, Coulter employs a “racism credit” to inoculate herself and her colleagues against charges of racism.

We see this so clearly in her defense of Donald Trump’s disparaging words against Mexicans, words which Coulter herself agreed with and found pleasurable to hear.[1]


Before getting into the crux of my critique, let me reiterate my praise for an earlier book by Coulter[2]Mugged. It was exemplary, with a few exceptions, most notably her contention then (as it is now) that civil rights are only for blacks and not for all citizens. (The Bill of Rights contains civil rights for all citizens.)

Moreover, I have praised Coulter for her opposition to the racial grievance industry.[3] If only there was more consistency in her views and her expression of them.

Racism Credit for Trump

In his presidential announcement speech, Donald Trump disparaged virtually all Mexicans. (Coulter has done the same, vilifying Mexico’s “primitive rape culture.”)[4] But Coulter commended Trump and suggested (emphasis added),

“I think his next move should be that he should point out that he’s the only one who cares about black jobs. I mean have you seen the black unemployment rate? How dare liberals accuse him of racism? They don’t even have an argument. He’s the one trying to defend American jobs and particularly with the black youth unemployment rate. How about letting Americans take those jobs instead of the foreign born poor?”[5]

Yes, Coulter’s argument is that because Trump helps blacks, he cannot be a racist against browns.[6]

On Hannity, Coulter again attacked Trump’s critics, using the very same argument (emphasis added):

I’m so sick of this nonsense about Donald Trump being the racist here. He’s the one speaking for working-class Americans, for African-Americans. Have you seen the teenage black unemployment rate? Why shouldn’t they be getting those jobs? It’s Donald Trump that’s speaking up for them!”[7]

Yes, Coulter’s argument really is that because Trump helps blacks, he cannot be a racist against browns.

Blinded to Color-Obsession

Instead of being racially colorblind (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned),[8] Coulter is blind to her own color-obsession. In a soliloquy on the Joyce Kaufman Show, Coulter spoke of the many colors of the rainbow:

“The idea of some Hispanic unity, to say nothing of Black Hispanic unity, is a fantasy believed by white liberals and stupid Republicans. As I say in my book, anyone who knows any of the people they’re talking about – other than Lupe the maid – Dominicans and Puerto Ricans hate one another; Mexicans and blacks hate one another; everybody hates the Cubans. And all these Republicans think, ‘Oh, if we run Cuban Marco Rubio, it’ll be catnip for all the little brown brothers. No! You don’t know what you’re talking about![9]

About those brown brothers, Coulter contends there is no such thing as racism against them. She has defended both Trump and herself of charges of racism against Hispanics because Hispanics are not black. Such scintillating logic!

To one questioner, Coulter replied: “The answer is: you’re not black, so drop the racism crap.”[10]

No One Has Called Coulter a Racist

Coulter recently made an utterly ludicrous claim: “one thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist. Um, anyone, anyone who reads my book – or, or Mugged – will see, um, that that would be a very difficult case to make.”[11]

Ann knows better than that!

As she did with Trump, Coulter invokes previous work on behalf of blacks to insulate herself from charges of racism, this time against browns. (Defending herself, Coulter cites Mugged and, astonishingly, Adios, America!)

As for the accusations themselves …

In 2001, Coulter spoke at her alma mater, Cornell University, and was confronted with those very same accusations. According to David Horowitz, “Even before her arrival, campus Democrats had already sent out a flyer calling on students to protest Coulter’s talk, while another flyer from the more ardent left aggressively linked her with Adolf Hitler and David Duke.” Those accusations of racism were neither the first nor the last levied against Coulter.

A 2002 article, “The Racist Rhetoric of Ann Coulter,” pretty much spelled out the case against Coulter. It correctly reported that Coulter spoke disparagingly of Indians as “savages,” suggested juvenile delinquents in the hood should be flogged, and promoted the superiority of the white man.

Coulter also contended that Halle Berry won her Oscar by being white enough, writing: “Large-breasted, slightly cocoa women with idealized Caucasian features finally have a chance in Hollywood.”[12]

Chapters in two 2012 books also highlighted Coulter’s racist tendencies: The Gospel According to Ann Coulter[13] and Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory.[14]

Last year, Coulter was embroiled in numerous controversies of her own making. One revolved around her nativist denunciation of foreigners vis-à-vis soccer.[15] Another centered on her defamation of Christian missionaries.[16] Both incorporated racist views which Coulter again reaffirmed just this year.

Since Adios, America! was released, several relevant columns have been published in opposition to the overt and foundational racism contained in her work and expressed throughout her book tour: 1) “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Blood Politics,” 2) “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Racial Confusion,” and 3) “Adios, Ann: Diversity = White.”

If calling Coulter a racist is “a very difficult case to make,” perhaps we should attempt something a little easier, like proving Coulter is a person of integrity and veracity. Any takers?


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