Ann Coulter’s Crazy Funhouse Mirror

Peeking behind the variety of masks Ann Coulter wears can be very intriguing and entertaining. Looking into her soul reveals insights into human nature. Seeing Ann Coulter through her eyes is equally enlightening.

Last year, I noted Coulter’s many conflicted expressions about her self-identity[1] and her divorce from reality. For Coulter, nothing less than superlatives describe her. (Only the best for the best.)


She calls herself, “right-wing crazy and proud of it.”[2] She’s not just a run-of-the-mill crazy, but the best: “I’m second to none in right-wing lunacy.”[3]

Coulter is anything but a squishy conservative or a RINO (as she tells it): “I went to Cornell, but I was a casual conservative. After being in Ithaca, NY, I left a violent conservative.”[4] Indeed, she goes to an extreme to prove herself the ultimate conservative: “I’m like the conservative ayatollah.”[5]

Ann is also the poster child for libertarians, claiming, “I’m more libertarian than most people who call themselves libertarian.”[6]

Condemning Sarah Palin (whom she regards as a fake Tea Party leader), Coulter considers herself the opposite (and a card-carrying member at that): “I’m more Tea Party than most tea partiers.”[7]

Let’s not forget her (not so) warm and fuzzy spiritual side: “I’m an extraordinarily good Christian.”[8] Do “extraordinarily good Christians” actually call themselves that, or, being “extraordinarily good Christians” do they exhibit a tad bit more humility than Ann?

So, to recap, Coulter is the best conservative, best libertarian, best Tea Partier, and best Christian. Oh, I almost forgot, paraphrasing Coulter, nobody does crazy as well as her.

Coulter’s Characters

In addition to superlative characteristics, Coulter imports herself into superlative characters, likening herself to famous people, such as Bob Woodward, Bibi Netanyahu, Abbie Hoffman, H.L. Mencken, and Mark Twain.

(One must wonder whether Coulter really thinks that highly of herself, or whether she thinks so little of herself that she wants to be someone else!)

The masks Coulter chooses to wear are illustrative of how she wants to be seen by others (and how she wants to think of herself).

Coulter’s bio promotes the irreverent, iconoclastic, side of Ann, proclaiming her to be “the Abbie Hoffman of the Right.” Strikingly, the qualities which made Abbie Hoffman Abbie Hoffman are neither conservative nor Christian in nature, suggesting the impossibility of a right-wing version. But irreverence is part of what she sells and is a term frequently used to sell her books. (Wait! Didn’t Ann write a book decrying anarchy and mob-like behavior? Yes – Demonic!)

Coulter has strongly denied any comparisons of her with her counterpart, Michael Moore, but she has offered up two preferred alternatives: “I think I am the right-wing [H.L.] Mencken, the right-wing Mark Twain. I am not the right-wing Michael Moore.”[9]

However, “Newsbusters’ Warner Todd Huston dubbed Coulter ‘the H.L. Mencken of our times … minus the intellect.’” As Ilana Mercer put it, “Coulter is sui generis, but Mencken she is not.”

More recently, Coulter has repeatedly compared herself to the renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward, only (in her mind) she’s better than him and she does it all on her own. Coulter boasts, “I’m the female. I’m the conservative Bob Woodward, except I don’t hire researchers and co-writers.”[10]

Strikingly, Coulter plays the Gender Card as she crows, “I’m the female Bob Woodward except I don’t have researchers or co-writers.”[11] Coulter reiterates, “As I said, I’m the female Bob Woodward.”[12]

Yes, she thinks she better than Woodward and she does her own work. (Yes, Ann, we believe you: not a smidgeon of plagiarism.[13]) Plus, she’s a woman to boot. (Yes, Ann likes her boots.)

To demonstrate her own courage, Coulter likens herself to a renowned Israeli warrior and statesmen: “I might just show up anyway just to piss them off. I could be the Bibi Netanyahu of CPAC.” Her Facebook bio brazenly states: “Coulter … has emerged as the bold heroine of our day!”

Carrying on in the grand Coulter tradition, others have made their own Coulter comparisons. Brad Miner claimed, “[Coulter] is to the 21st century what Lenny Bruce was to the 20th.”[14] (Again, Coulter is being compared favorably with a decidedly countercultural figure antithetical to conservatism.) Yet, in many ways, such a comparison is apropos. Coulter is known to use profanity, racial (and other) slurs, and, generally, just say whatever she wants to.

In fact, with her book, How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must), Coulter enumerated her rules on how to be deliberately offensive. Coulter fervently and irreverently follows her own rules.[15]

Bernard Goldberg, once a big fan of Coulter, admitted, “Ann Coulter is the Miley Cyrus of political commentary.” Dorothy Rabinowitz said, “[Ann Coulter is] the Maureen Dowd of conservatism.”

Meghan Daum suggested another intriguing impossibility: “[Coulter is] the adopted lovechild of Oscar Wilde and Gore Vidal.”

A Wordsmith – More or Less

I have always regarded Ann Coulter as a gifted wordsmith[16] – and said so.[17] But receiving praise and praising oneself are two different things. The former should be done with grace; the latter is unseemly and tasteless (gauche).

(Rush Limbaugh’s shtick includes tongue-in-cheek superlatives about his own greatness; Coulter is serious.)

Ann Coulter has an exalted sense of self because she constantly exalts herself.[18] Consequently, she says and does some very foolish things.[19] Pride is the embodiment of foolishness.

During Passion Week, Coulter spoke about Christian courage:

“I mean if the one thing – a few days before Easter, it’s worth mentioning besides eternal life with your Creator – the one thing every Christian should have is courage. The most important thing in your life.”[20]

Does Ann Hart Coulter have the courage to face herself and her Creator?


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