Coulter: All Immigrants Are Bad

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled commentary to address yet another Ann Coulter blunder – one which exposes Coulter’s very heart.]

Ann Coulter claims that there are no good immigrants!


Last night, Coulter established herself as the undisputed head cheerleader for a Donald Trump candidacy (even in a third party): “Go, Trump, go!”[1] But, more than that, Coulter disparaged every immigrant in America.

Trump’s campaign contests illegal immigration while Coulter contests legal immigration. As she puts it, “My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones.”

There are no good immigrants? Coulter explained, “We’re taking in the poorest of the poor from the most corrupt, backward cultures of the world.”[2] (For Coulter, any non-white, non-British nation is backward.)

There Are No Good Ones

Coulter’s hyperbole has been getting the best of her for the better part of two decades. Coulter stereotypes people – from individuals, to cultures, to nations – with a very broad brush. Like Orwell’s Big Brother, Coulter is in perpetual warfare against a host of enemies – all of whom do not look like her.

With her first book of this millennium, Slander (2002), a polemic which accused all liberals of being at war with civilization, Coulter began launching a series of jihads – against liberalism, Muslims, women, and any individual or group of people she does not like.

That pattern persists to this day. According to Coulter, there are no good Democrats, only a few good Republicans, and, now, no good immigrants.

Nikki Haley – Second Generation Immigrant

In the midst of the confederate battle flag controversy, Coulter falsely accused Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) of being an ignorant immigrant.[3] In reality, Haley is a native South Carolinian well-versed in its history.

Remember, Coulter has her own definition of “immigrant.” The word Coulter wields like an epithet – immigrant – she applies to American-born citizens, calling them second-generation immigrants to fudge her data.

Gov. Haley, a citizen by birth, has proven herself a successful leader who has assimilated very well in America (even converting to Christianity). Haley’s success contradicts Coulter’s stereotype of legal immigrants and threatens her agenda.

Bobby Jindal – Anchor Baby

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), also a very successful governor, is an anchor baby. Gov. Jindal is noted for championing American exceptionalism. He identifies with being an American, not a hyphenated-American. His patriotism is undeniable. His love of country is indisputable. And, like Haley, he has converted to Christianity. As noted in 2007, “Jindal has assimilated into an American lifestyle and Christian religious practices.”

But Jindal is not a WASP. Coulter is very conscious of Jindal’s race and his origins (probably even his “funny foreign name”). Over six years ago, Coulter began her attack on this anchor baby who became a prominent conservative leader. Coulter wrote:

“Even Gov. Bobby Jindal, whom I suppose I should note was the first Indian-American to give the Republican response to a president’s speech, began with an encomium to the first black president. (Wasn’t Bobby great in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?)”[4]

Nevertheless, Coulter seriously asserts, “one thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist.”[5] Doesn’t she read what she writes and hear what she says? At times, Coulter’s writings are suffused with racism.

Coulter’s Xenophobia

Few people looking at the evidence can doubt that Coulter is a xenophobe. She claimed, “All countries suck compared to America.”[6] She condemns soccer as evil and un-American.[7] She vilifies Christian missionaries.[8] She decries all things foreign.

Most recently, Coulter has exchanged her fatwa against Muslims for one against Mexicans.[9] When she talks about immigration, she does so in distinctly racial terms,[10] demonstrating her confusion over race.[11] Moreover, she promotes white supremacy[12] and the resurrection of a WASP America.[13]

Within that context, it is easy to understand Coulter’s comments about immigrants. While most conservatives believe in the cultural superiority of America, Coulter takes it many steps further, finding nothing of value in other cultures and actually corrupting the American identity into a racial, WASP, ideal.

Why does Coulter hate contemporary immigrants? Because they are not white WASPs.


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2 thoughts on “Coulter: All Immigrants Are Bad

    1. Coulter has made it explicitly clear that she wants ZERO immigration for the next ten years. She is opposed to all immigrants. And when immigration resumes, she would restrict it to WASPs – the whiter and more Anglo-Saxon the better.

      See “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s WASP Fantasy” at

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