Coulter’s Humanity

In a series of tweetspromoting her book and its anti-immigration theme – Ann Coulter belittled Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman who committed suicide in jail.


Notice Ann’s extraordinary compassion toward the victim and her family and friends. Notice, too, Ann’s deep concern for the rule of law, civil rights, suicide prevention – and simply discovering the truth.

(Coulter is known for disparaging innocent people, from defaming Christian missionaries to falsely accusing a journalist of plagiarism.)

Ann Coulter Tweets (emphasis added):

Massive investigation for druggie/scofflaw’s jailhouse SUICIDE, not for immigrant’s cold-blooded murder of 5 marines. – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:05 am

MSNBC more upset @ suicide of a jailed black woman druggie/scofflaw than a Muslim immigrant’s murder of five marines. #WhiteLivesDontMatter – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:06 am

NYT homepage is bristling with stories about druggie/scofflaw Sandra Bland today. Muslim’s slaughter of 5 Marines gets a few small AP items. – Ann Coulter, 7/26/15, 10:19 am


2 thoughts on “Coulter’s Humanity

  1. I don’t get it…. are you suggesting that this feisty woman’s death in jail (I’m not sure you can even blame the cop for that) deserves more attention than 5 dead American soldiers murdered by a psycho-terrorist while having lunch??? this is so NIL. Coulter wins.

    1. No, I am suggesting that disparaging the death of a human being (even a suicide in jail) is callous, and disregarding the concerns stated in my second paragraph is nonsensical.

      I am not comparing the relative merits of the two cases but stating that Coulter has a cavalier attitude toward the lives of those she cares nothing about. The phrase “jailed black woman druggie/scofflaw” in the context of her tweets almost suggests this woman deserved her fate, as if, like Scrooge, Coulter considers her “surplus humanity.”

      Let’s show some respect for the dead and compassion for the grieving family.

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