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Are Coulter’s ‘Facts’ Right?

Ann Coulter has been sacked by the Truth[1] more often than RG3 has been sacked by the Detroit Lions.

Coulter often does speak truth, but she all too often tells lies. Discerning between truth and lies can be problematic with Coulter. During her latest book tour, Coulter has told countless lies. Small lies. Big lies. Smug lies. Hurtful lies. Shameful lies.


One tactic Coulter uses to present her propaganda[2] (to promote herself and her agenda) is that of speaking with conviction. She will forcefully and vehemently lie with the expectation that her seeming conviction will convince others of her falsehoods.[3]

Coulter v. Colmes

Before highlighting some of the many falsehoods from Coulter’s current book tour (so many lies, so little time), it would be instructive to consider an exchange with Alan Colmes:[4]

Coulter: “The truth about immigration is always the same; the lies are always different. I look at the studies. You know, you have to read down and figure out, where’s the lie here? Where’s the lie there? They lie in all different kinds of ways.”

Colmes: “So whenever I present data you don’t like, you just say it’s a lie.”

Coulter: “Exactly!

Colmes: “So every study is wrong except the ones you quote?”

Coulter: “Look! I show the data. You can look at it yourself.”

Whenever Coulter is confronted with facts she cannot refute, she will dismiss them or deny their veracity.

Coulter’s False “Facts” on Her Book Tour

Here are just a few of Coulter’s many prevarications:

[The hyperlinked headings provide the truth about her fraudulent claims.]

ISIS poses no threat to the American homeland.[5] “I don’t even care about ISIS! … ISIS is not at our doorstep.”[6] And, “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.”[7]

ISIS: 0.[8] Dismissing the terrorist threat in America, Coulter concluded a column: “Now go back to worrying about ISIS.”[9]

America has taken in 25% of Mexico.[10] “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.”[11] And, “We’ve taken one quarter of Mexico’s population.”[12]

Civil rights[13] are only for blacks.[14] “The only time you should be able to sue for discrimination is if you are an African-American. That’s it! That’s it! I don’t want to hear about anybody else. You can hire whomever you want to. You can fire whomever you want to. … Civil rights are for blacks.”[15]

Diversity is white.[16] Ann Coulter’s America is exceedingly small and insular. Coulter crows, “It used to be more diverse, admittedly from white, Western European countries, mostly. But I consider, you know, the Scotch, the Irish, the English – I think that’s enough diversity. That really mixes it up for me.”[17]

America will be a WASP nation again.[18] Coulter explained (emphasis added): “It’s a monochromatic WASP country that other ethnicities have come to and for the first 400 years of its existence, (as a colony and then as a country) the ‘wildly diverse’ immigrants were other white western Europeans. That was the extent of the diversity.”[19]

And, “Send me a million people who want to come to America, and I will decide them all before breakfast. I can pretty much decide on looks; it would save a lot of money.”[20]

Coulter has never been accused of racism.[21] “One thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist. Um, anyone, anyone who reads my book – or, or Mugged – will see, um, that that would be a very difficult case to make.”[22]

All immigrants are bad.[23] “My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones.”[24]

Pro-lifers are putzes[25] and sissies.[26] “Exactly. So sick of the anti-abortion machismo from right wing sissies.”[27]

And, “… their big thing is to keep talking about this abortion thing. Well, that’s great if it were 1977. I’d think you’re really brave and you’re doing a great thing. But I kind of think you’re just a putz imitating what was good forty years ago at this point.”[28]

Mitt Romney was better than Reagan.[29] “[Romney] did better than Reagan did. I think that’s pretty good.”[30] And “The best we ever had was Mitt Romney.”[31]

Donald Trump could win as a third-party candidate.[32] “[A third party candidacy] would be fantastic! Go, Trump, Go!”[33] And “I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win.”

Hillary Clinton will be Democrat nominee.[34] “I promise you Jeb or Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency.”[35] And, “You have to vote for Hillary over those two[36] [Bush and Rubio].”[37]

Nikki Haley is an ignorant immigrant:[38] “Well, I’m a student of American history. On the other hand, [Nikki Haley] is an immigrant and does not understand America’s history.”[39]

Ted Cruz is ineligible to be President:[40] “Ted Cruz gave a good answer on immigration. Too bad he’s not a natural born citizen!”[41]

Carly Fiorina is just a woman who can talk:[42] “I’ve turned against [Carly Fiorina] as of yesterday with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns. … At first, I admit I was suspicious because I hate this, ‘Oh, a woman can talk, oh, isn’t that’s great?’”[43]

Ann Coulter is better that Donald Trump.[44] “Trump’s a piker compared to moi.”[45]

Coulter is Not Conservatism’s Best

Delusions of grandeur aside, Coulter cannot be trusted because she thinks too highly of herself and she regards her lies as superior to the truth that we all need to make informed decisions.

RG3 boasted: “I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league, and I have to go out and show that … There’s guys in this league that have done way more than me. But I still view myself as the best because that’s what I work toward every single day.”

Throughout her book tour,[46] Coulter has boasted about her superiority,[47] praising herself[48] and her book.[49]

Coulter is sacked by truth on a weekly, if not almost daily, basis. Until Coulter speaks the truth and sticks with the truth, Conservatives should not stick with Coulter.[50]


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Ann Coulter Hates Carly Fiorina

“I’ve turned against [Carly Fiorina] as of yesterday with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns.”

So said Ann Coulter on today’s Mike Gallagher Show.


Asked for her rationale for such an absurd statement, Coulter explained, “At first, I admit I was suspicious because I hate this, ‘Oh, a woman can talk, oh, isn’t that’s great?’”

Yes, Fox News’ preferred political analyst, Ann Coulter, claims Fiorina has risen to the prominence she has is solely because she is a woman who can talk? (Isn’t Coulter on Fox because she can talk?)

Fiorina has acquitted herself very well in defense of Conservatism and of America, so this dismissal of Fiorina as just a woman who can talk is utterly repulsive.

Nevertheless, Coulter continued her misogynist train of thought, claiming,

“But I just hate this affirmative action among Republicans. Look, Republicans, you’re very sweet people. I love that you’re trying to promote someone because, ‘oh, oh, oh, it’s a woman,’ but, women can talk! It’s not breaking news.”

Who is trying to promote Fiorina because she’s a woman? And Coulter would actually approve of that if it were true? Is Coulter really claiming conservatives are employing Hillary’s “I Am Woman, Elect Me” paradigm?

But Coulter’s claim is not true (as is true of so many of her claims). Coulter’s defamation of Fiorina is but the latest in a very long series of defamatory attacks Coulter has made against Republicans who oppose Coulter’s preferred candidates.

Why attack Fiorina today? Because Fiorina dared to criticize “the magnificent Donald Trump Immigration Plan,” specifically his proposal regarding anchor babies.

As a consequence, Coulter hates Fiorina “with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns.”

Does that make any sense to you?

Perhaps Coulter really is gaga after all.

See also “Coulter Belittles Carson and Fiorina – as a black and a woman” at

Coulter Gaga?

Many laugh off Coulter’s tweets as jokes while others contend she has (again!) jumped the shark.

Those who defend Coulter’s antics as humor neglect this reality: when Coulter jokes, she means it.

Coulter means everything she says!


Pro-Life Never Convenient for Coulter

When Coulter tweets,

“I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper. ,”

she means it. Coulter literally does not care whether Trump performs abortions in the White House as long as he’s in the White House. Victory is all that matters to Coulter.

Victory! Even at the expense of the unborn.[1] (She will always postpone the pro-life cause[2] as a cause to fight for in the future. When it’s more convenient to fight the battle.)

Many conservatives took Coulter to task for this particular tweet (emphasis added):

Although Coulter claims to be pro-life, she is manifestly not.

Romney Trump Better Than Reagan

Coulter once championed Mitt Romney as her political savior,[3] heralding him as better than Ronald Reagan. That is, until Donald Trump appeared on his white horse. Now, her hero worship has shifted to the Donald.

Coulter tweeted, “IT’S MORNING IN AMERICA, AGAIN! @realDonaldTrump‘s Immigration policy paper –”

Did I miss something? When was Trump elected? Has he actually done anything yet?

Trumps even beats Romney! Coulter tweeted, “We haven’t seen anything like this since Dwight Eisenhower’s ‘Operation Wetback.’ Even @MittRomney wasn’t this pro-American on immigration.”

Romney Trump Better Than Founding Fathers

Trump bests Reagan and Romney in Ann’s heart, and he also beats the Founding Fathers. Coulter tweeted, “The greatest political document since the Magna Carta – .”

What about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights? All those are distinctly American political documents and they have all served us well for centuries. One could call the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural political documents deserving of respect. (But not to Coulter.)

Trump = Coulter

From the onset of Trump’s candidacy Coulter has praised him as if she were praising herself. (She is!)

Coulter insisted, “I’ve detailed everything he’s saying. He gives the campaign speeches on it. My book is the footnotes.”[4] Perhaps looking in the mirror, Coulter exclaimed, “Donald Trump, I love him because he does talk a little like me, which is to say, blunt.”[5]

Outdoing herself, Coulter tweeted, “Trump’s a piker compared to moi.”


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Coulter Claims Cruz Ineligible

In the midst of the first GOP presidential debate, Ann Coulter made the astonishing claim that Ted Cruz is ineligible to be President!

Coulter tweeted: “Ted Cruz gave a good answer on immigration. Too bad he’s not a natural born citizen!”[1] Although she quickly deleted her tweet, a few weeks later she again claimed, “Cruz is not a natural born citizen.”[2]

Now you tell us! But is it true?


No, Ann got this one wrong,[3] too. (And she knows it. Ann deleted that tweet from her twitter feed.)

Constitutional scholar Mark Levin explains:

“The Framers’ understanding, combined with statutes enacted by the first Congress, indicate that the phrase [natural born citizen] means both birth abroad to American parents in a manner regulated by federal law and birth within the nation’s territory regardless of parental citizenship. The Supreme Court has confirmed that definition on multiple occasions and in various contexts.”[4]

Ted Cruz’s eligibility is incontestable, as pointed out be Levin in his video (produced in 2013).

Why would Ann lie? Donald Trump[5] is her new political savior.[6] In Ann’s words: “[Donald Trump is] America’s savior.”[7]

Free Republic Response

Because Coulter deleted her tweet, few people know of it. But people at Free Republic saw it. Here are a few of their observations:

  • “Looks like Ann pulled that tweet from her feed. Too late, though.”
  • “She’s trying to pull support from Cruz to Trump by throwing out flat out lies. I can’t stand Ann.”
  •  “Former Chistie/Romney gal now on board with the former Democrat/Independent/whatever will make me the most money post primary candidate.”
  •  “I think Coulter has lost most of the stature she ever had with her love affair for RINOS over the past few election cycles.”
  •  “Ann always becomes unhinged when she’s in the grip of one of her political crushes. I remember one instance in 2012 when she started screaming – literally shrieking – about Romney on Hannity’s radio show. Sean seemed taken aback and said, ‘Good grief, calm down.’”
  •  “That’s the final straw. Ann is all about Ann.”
  •  “Last cycle she pushed Christie and then Romney, telling us how he was the only one who could win.”
  •  “Ann has been talking about this for some time. But she’s been erratic. Sometimes she says she says Cruz is ineligible. Sometimes she says she doesn’t know. Once she tweeted that he was eligible.”
  •  “Ann Coulter, an accomplished and proud polemicist.”

Yes, Ann is a proud polemicist.[8] Vanity[9] has unhinged her from reality.[10] But Coulter still wants us to obey her[11] and will do whatever she can do achieve her goals.[12] Coulter, the propagandist![13]

Update: In her Veterans’ Day column, Coulter claimed, “Too bad Cruz isn’t a natural-born citizen.”


Update: Coulter thrice tweeted this same nonsense on January 6, 2016.

Tweet #1: I thought so too until I looked into it. Lawyers I usually trust were playing fast and loose with the Constitution.

Tweet #2: NYT: Cruz was born outside the U.S. to 1 American parent: “Under the Constitution this makes him a ‘natural born citizen.’” Absolutely false

Tweet #3: Same lawyers who said anchor babies are in the Constitution now tell us being born outside U.S to 1 American parent = natural born citizen.

For a definitive refutation of Coulter’s phony birther claims and true motivation, see check out this column at “Birther Coulter Births More Lies” at


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Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues

Coulter retweeted Jim Norton’s tweet: “The morons are easy to find. They write multiple tweets questioning the motives of a comedian.”[1]


Coulter has herself written multiple tweets questioning the motives – and character – of Republicans opposed to abortion. Coulter calls them “pathetic,” “weak-kneed” “sissies” and “pussies” trying “to prove their toughness by being pro-life.”

Is Ann Coulter a moron?

(Moreover, Coulter argues that the war against abortion is over! Over? When did that happen? Tell that to the 2,000 babies aborted every day in America!)

In her zeal to oppose immigration (legal and illegal) as the defining issue for this election, Coulter abandons the pro-life movement with equal fervency.[2] (But, then again, she has attacked pro-lifers for nearly two decades for her own political purposes, so why should we expect an impenitent Ann Coulter to change now?)

Ann Coulter’s (Recent) Tweets Attacking Pro-Lifers
RT @FrankJ1232: @AnnCoulter Exactly. So sick of the anti-abortion machismo from right wing sissies. – 10:40 AM – 12 Aug 2015
Absolutely, positively no GOP candidate 4 POTUS will ever be for abortion. Why do pathetic GOPs try to prove toughness by being pro-life? – 11:01 PM – 11 Aug 2015
GOP hard-asses on abortion (but not immigration) are like the Dems coming around on Civil Rts AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. #ItsImmigrationStupid – 10:57 PM – 11 Aug 2015
We won the abortion fight (in the GOP) 30 years ago! Weak-kneed GOPs can talk about nothing else. Where were you during the fighting? – 10:56 PM – 11 Aug 2015
I love GOPs who are hard-asses on abortion, but pussies on immigration. IMMIGRATION IS THE NEW LITMUS TEST. – 10:55 PM – 11 Aug 2015

Update: Coulter’s latest presidential messiah – Donald Trump[3] – is wishy-washy on abortion, just like previous candidates Coulter has promoted (from Christie to Romney). Coulter is ever willing and even eager to subordinate moral imperatives for political expediency or to personal advantage. In her world, politics supersedes morality and godliness.

Yet, Coulter defends Trump on abortion! “It isn’t a flip-flop on Planned Parenthood. He is not a politician, he is not familiar with all the deceptive ways Planned Parenthood will sneak through funding for abortion.”[4]

It would behoove Coulter to heed her own words: “When you go along with the in crowd and don’t speak out against liars, against promiscuity, against abortion, you are taking a step closer to the devil.”[5]

Update: Coulter demonstrated her unscrupulousness and willingness to betray any principle for the sake of political expediency, tweeting,  “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper.”[6]


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Honest Ann? Honestly?

Ann Coulter seems intent upon continually out-Coultering herself. Yesterday, she claimed: “If you crave association with honest people, you’ll love Ann Coulter!”[1]

When it comes to truth, Coulter is frequently truth-deprived. Coulter has a trust deficit because she has a truth deficit. (Not unlike Hillary Clinton.)[2]


Let’s consider Ann’s record over just the past nine weeks, during her current book tour.

Coulter has lied about …

Even after her claims have been debunked, Coulter repeats them – and even amplifies to them.

For quite some time, Coulter has been living in an alternative universe[17] where she envisions and ascribes various and sundry superlatives to herself[18] (best Christian, conservative, libertarian, pro-lifer, etc.).

Why is Coulter not trusted? It all has to do with Coulter’s integrity and veracity,[19] or lack thereof.

To be trusted, one must be trustworthy. Coulter is not.


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Coulter’s Quip

Ann Coulter, quip-lover and queen of conservative sarcasm, is proud of her own quips while denouncing those of her foes.

As she began her latest book tour, Coulter penned a special column condemning Gov. Rick Perry’s fence-ladder quips.[1] She called Perry a “moron” without a brain for his quips.


Continuing to lambast Perry for using quips in lieu of substantive foreign policy, Coulter tweeted, “Also @GovernorPerry: ‘The 15-foot ladder business is going to get good on that 14-foot fence.’”[2]

Coulter claims Perry is “the pioneer of the argument that fences don’t work, buckets and wheels don’t work. It’s the craziest argument I’ve ever heard. Have they heard of East Germany and the Soviet Union? They wanted to keep people in, we want to keep people out. Fences work just fine.”[3]

Coulter is absolutely correct: we need to secure the border, including using fences. And, yes, fences work just fine – for the most part.

Fences, Ladders, and Tunnels

However, Coulter fails to grasp the implications of ladders and tunnels, which pose provably effective means of circumventing fences, thus giving sustenance to Perry’s fence-ladder quips.

Decrying fence detractors, Coulter noted, “[They say,] ‘fences don’t work.’ It’s like being told wheels don’t work. What are you talking about? It worked for centuries!”[4] (If wheels always worked, why not use them for mountain climbing?)

Tunnels are not new. They’ve worked for centuries, just like fences. Drug cartels regularly use tunnels along the Mexican border for their drug trade and human trafficking.

The epic blockbuster, The Great Escape, told the true story of Allied POWs escaping from the Nazis’ specially-designed, “escape-proof” POW camp. Tunnels worked just fine.

Still, Coulter dismisses Sen. Marco Rubio’s legitimate concerns, contending, “Rubio says because El Chapo built a tunnel.”[5] Smirking, Coulter then proudly quipped,

“Somehow El Chapo didn’t build a tunnel under Israel’s fence. That has managed to work.”

For those who have forgotten, Coulter has repeatedly emphasized that Mexican immigrants pose a threat to us because they can walk across the border. Israel is not on Mexico’s border. Of course, “El Chapo didn’t build a tunnel under Israel’s fence.” Why would he?

Yes, Israel’s fence works just fine, the 36 miles of it that have been completed. Meanwhile, America’s border with Mexico stretches 1,989 miles. Imperfect parallels.

A quip is only funny to Coulter when it fits her agenda. Otherwise, the quipster is a moron.

Trump’s Fences and Amnesty

Just last night, Coulter complained, “I don’t understand this weird objection. ‘What’s he going to do? What are the policies? It’s just phrases.’ What? As opposed to, ‘I’m going to secure the border, but not with a fence because fences don’t work, and you can build a tunnel under a fence.’ No, he’s giving specific policies …”[6]

Except, the Donald is long on bombast and short on details. What, specifically, would Trump do? Where Trump has been specific, he has been nonsensical.

National Review derides Trump’s immigration platform as incoherent at best.

“Trump’s original proposal was to build a wall and force the government of Mexico to pay for it. The latter half of that proposition is too silly to merit much criticism and may be dismissed as bluster. The first half is a little more complicated: The actual geography of the U.S.–Mexico border ensures that there will not be a wall, though a series of barriers is desirable.”


“But that is only a small part of the solution: Walls can be ascended or tunneled under, and must be patrolled; recent research suggests that more than half of new illegals do not sneak cross any border but simply enter legally and overstay their visas; no effective national system is in place to enforce our immigration laws at the critical place: the work site. ‘Build a wall’ is at most a part of the broader solution.”

As the editors at National Review point out, Trump’s deportation-reimportation strategy is amnesty by another name – “and a complicated, expensive, and thick-headed version of amnesty at that.”

Although amnesty is anathema to Coulter, she dismisses Trump’s version because Trump has spotlighted immigration, the subject of Coulter’s latest book.[7] This is yet another instance where Coulter’s political positions are incoherent.

Coulter champions Trump as the only person (apart from Mitt Romney)[8] who can end the scourge of immigration and thwart amnesty efforts, yet, Trump has his own (very complicated) version of amnesty. Coulter attacks every other presidential candidate who advocates some version of amnesty, yet heralds Trump as the savior of the nation despite his own amnesty proposals.

Coulter even supports Trump as a third-party candidate,[9] thus ensuring a GOP defeat and the rise of yet another open borders Democrat administration.

But if immigration is the death knell of Conservatism and of America, why is Coulter fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the open borders immigration policies of the Left will be solidified under another Democrat presidency?

If all of the other GOP candidates are midgets because they support amnesty, what does that make Trump? A more flamboyant midget? And why support him to the detriment of the nation?

Oh, that’s right, she has a book to sell.


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Ann Coulter’s Growing Irrelevancy

Despite an nine-week-long appearance on the New York Times bestseller list,[1] a transcontinental book tour, a guest spot as a heroine in Sharknado 3, and multiple appearances on C-Span (Washington Journal and repeat showings of two of her speeches), Ann Coulter is proving her growing irrelevancy day-by-day.


By many measures, Coulter owes her success to her connections (friends and colleagues) who support her, no matter what she says or does. Major speeches and events sponsored by the Reagan Library, Eagle Forum, YAF, and other organizations garnered easy book sales and media attention.

Though she has appeared on countless radio shows (often with very close friends), a number of Internet telecasts, and several mainstream media television programs, Coulter has appeared on Fox network programs at least 24 times since her book was released.

One could argue that without the unstinting support of Fox and her friends, Coulter’s “massive” (in her words) bestseller would be neither best nor a seller.

Has Ann Coulter become irrelevant? Let me offer a few datum points for consideration.

In years’ past, the Internet was awash with parodies of and cartoons about Coulter. No longer. Not even Netizens are interested in taking her to task, apparently considering her a spent voice who has become irrelevant. Do caricaturists rightly perceive that even many of Coulter’s conservative allies have become disenchanted with her?

Remember, Coulter recently lamented that conservatives are dissing her.[2] While many conservatives are still looking to Coulter for leadership, increasingly she is being seen as the anti-Reagan conservative.

Coulter’s Debate Exclusive

Just last night, Coulter hurriedly published a post-debate exclusive on Breitbart (allied closely with Coulter) in which she heaped enormous praise on her hero of the day – Donald Trump[3] – while belittling virtually everyone else (except Cruz and Walker).

In it, Coulter confuses sophomoric humor with substantive analysis. Is “well-spoken” Rubio Coulter’s “articulate” black? No wonder so many conservatives diss Coulter![4]

Adulating Trump,[5] Coulter began, “It’s still all the Donald. He was the big man on stage.” She thrice called him “brilliant” in the next paragraph. (The exact same verbiage she uses to describe Romney!)[6]

Other GOP contenders were “hapless” self-promoters in denial over the significance of Eric Cantor’s defeat. (Strangely, Coulter is experiencing her own denial over those results.)[7]

Coulter disparaged Christie as a failed Tony Soprano, likened Bush to Caitlyn Jenner,[8] called Rubio “a field mouse,” and dismissed Kasich’s “humble origins.”

Wanting to be taken seriously, Coulter goes comic. Seriously?

Time for Conservatives to Reject Ann Coulter for Good

Also published yesterday, conservative Alex Griswold proposed what many conservatives have believed for years: it’s time to reject Coulter for good.

Praising Coulter’s “razor-sharp wit, and a willingness to say exactly what she’s thinking,” Griswold makes an important point: even though bringing the immigration debate to the national foreground is a good thing, nevertheless, Coulter is “just a bigot.”[9]

Griswold reviews Coulter’s latest weekly column, noting that “based on seven instances, Coulter declares that the entire Latino culture – including about 604 million Latin-Americans and more than 50 million Latino-Americans – are accepting of child rape.”

Coulter repeatedly contends that immigration is all about “who gets to vote.” But, more importantly, Coulter is obsessively focused on race.[10] Coulter repeatedly calls for the restoration of a WASP (white) nation.[11]

Griswold charges that Coulter “just completely invents a made-up child rape crisis and offers up zero evidence for its existence. This is not just a critique of Latino culture devoid of nuance, it’s a critique devoid of reason itself.” Yet, Coulter believes that she is not a racist![12]

Griswold concludes,

“Coulter only receives the small shred of respectability she does because thousands of conservatives buy each book she pumps out every year or so, and because conservative media outlets continue to run her column and book her for appearances. I can’t understand why openly anti-Semitic and anti-black racists are rightfully ostracized by the right, and Coulter is so adored.”

“There are some good signs that Coulter’s star is already fading. CPAC’s organizers — who aren’t exactly known for being squishy moderates – banned Coulter[13] this year despite being a crowd favorite. It’s time for the rest of the conservative movement to do the same.”


[1]               A bulk purchase dagger appeared each week. Many of those “purchases” were actually admission prices for her speeches (i.e., some events charged a nominal entrance fee with all attendees then receiving a free copy of her book). It’s called buying your way on to the list.

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Conservatives Diss Coulter!

Ann Coulter recently evinced surprise to be criticized by conservatives. Why? Is she just now noticing?


Since 9/11, many conservatives have frequently found fault with the substance and style of Coulter’s work, as well as with her integrity and veracity. In fact, conservative criticism of Coulter has increased dramatically in recent years.

Yet, Coulter grumbled, “I expect liberals to diss me, but not conservatives.”[1]

Playing the victim card once again,[2] Coulter added, “What is it with me? Is it because I’m a girl?”

No, Ann. It’s because you are not the conservative you claim to be.[3]

Coulter consistently attacks Christians,[4] the Tea Party,[5] pro-lifers,[6] and libertarians,[7] while promoting RINOs[8] – from Chris Christie, to Mitt Romney,[9] to Donald Trump.[10]

As she does so, she issues death threats[11] and tells lies[12] (often whoppers!) about individuals,[13] groups,[14] and even American war heroes.[15]

Ann Coulter – Not a Reagan Conservative

For years, Coulter idolized America’s 40th president, proclaiming herself a Reagan conservative – and proud of it.

No longer.

In her 2004 eulogy for the Gipper,[16] Coulter attacked his grieving family.[17]

Since the 2012 election cycle, Coulter has regarded Mitt Romney as the new and improved Ronald Reagan.[18]

Until Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, Coulter was so obsessed with a Romney nomination that she engaged in historical revisionism, repeatedly claiming that “[Romney] did better than Reagan did.”[19] Quick to lie about one of the greatest American presidents and a hero to the Right, Coulter falsely asserts:

“In 1980, Reagan won the biggest electoral landslide in history against an incumbent president, Jimmy Carter. Without the last 40 years of immigration, in 2012, Mitt Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did. He got more of the ‘Reagan coalition’ than Reagan did.”[20]

Is it true? No!

With 1980 demographics, Romney would have received 52% to Obama’s 46% – a 6 point spread. But Reagan won in 1980 with a 10 point lead. In 1980, Reagan received 51% of the popular vote; Carter, 41%.

Immigration is Coulter’s single-issue this election cycle, and, therefore, immigration trumps everything else – including reason, integrity, and veracity.

Now, Coulter looks askance at Reagan and his admirers, bemoaning, “These johnny-come-latelies to Reagan worship seem to think that he was Jesus Christ and could do no wrong.”[21]

A recent Coulter tweet berates conservatives: “GOPs all trying 2 B Reagan in a nation that wld not elect RR today bc of post-1970 immigratn.”

Actually, Ann, Reagan was a visionary who knew what he was talking about and he had a way of connecting with people from all walks of life. He was truly a People’s President. (See my 1997 “Ronald Reagan Special Edition” (28 pp) with tributes from people who knew him best.) I suspect Reagan would have done well in today’s political environment.

Reagan, a charming and compassionate man with character and integrity, was a real winner. (But not good enough for Coulter, whose appreciation of those very qualities is decidedly lacking.)

Ann Coulter – Not a Conservative

As I noted in my CPAC 2002 press kit:[22]

“Let us dispense with this preposterous notion that Ann Coulter is arch-conservative or far-right. Adding arch or ultra to conservative implies more; Coulter is less. Coulter may be arch but she’s not conservative; she may be far but she’s not right.”


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Coulter Hawks Hillary – Again!

Remember the good old days when Ann Coulter hated John McCain so much that she vowed to campaign for Hillary?

Ann’s back!


Before we look at now, let’s recall what happened back then.

Coulter Backs Hillary in 2008

Early in the presidential race, McCain’s campaign seemed doomed, but then he staged a comeback. To counter McCain’s comeback, Coulter declared that Hillary Clinton was more conservative than John McCain. Coulter asserted, “I think [Hillary Clinton] would be stronger on the war on terrorism. I absolutely believe that.”[1]

Coulter later vowed, “I will campaign for her if it’s McCain [for GOP nominee].[2]

On a later show, Coulter reaffirmed her hatred for McCain, saying, “But I’m not going to vote for a Democrat, so I won’t vote for John McCain.”[3] She insisted that “Hillary would be better on national security.”

Earlier at a CPAC conference, Coulter quipped, “The only way I can promise that I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton is if John McCain appoints her as his vice president.”[4]

Coulter was saved from voting for Hillary due to Obama’s ascendency.

So much has changed since the Obama presidency began, yet so much is still the same.

Coulter Backs Hillary in 2015

In the meantime, Coulter briefly supported Chris Christie, and, later, fell into undying love for Mitt Romney,[5] a love which waxed strong until Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign.

Now, a newly enraptured Coulter[6] exclaims, “Donald Trump, my new hero!”[7]

So much so, that Coulter actually supports a third-party candidacy by Trump.[8] Coulter assumes that if Trump is not the nominee, then it will be either Bush or Rubio and that either of them would lose to Hillary. (A lot of disputable assumptions there.)[9]

Coulter hates Bush and Rubio as much as she hates McCain, so much so that she lets her hatred get the best of her. Coulter is so repelled at the thought of a Bush or Rubio presidency that, in the event Trump is not the nominee and that Trump does not run as a third-party candidate, she would throw her allegiance to Hillary Clinton. Again!

Coulter instructed her listeners, “You have to vote for Hillary over those two [Bush and Rubio].”[10]

Why? She explained: “At least with Hillary, she wants to socialize any other industries that haven’t been socialized, she wants to lose wars for us abroad, she wants to take your children away, make abortion mandatory, gay marriage mandatory, perhaps. There are a lot of items on her agenda. Whereas, Jeb and Rubio: single-mindedly focused on opening the border and passing amnesty.”

Yes! Coulter charges Hillary (whom she claimed is more conservative than McCain) with a very long list of very left-wing agenda items (which would, of course, include amnesty, but she fails to list that one) as reasons to vote for Hillary!


Coulter would rather support a Democrat nominee whose entire platform is far-left (including on immigration) than support Bush or Rubio, who would at least rein in the excesses of the Left.

Remember, Hillary is more pro-open borders than any GOP candidate! In May, Hillary announced, “We can’t wait any longer for a path to full equal citizenship. … This is where I differ from everybody on the Republican side. Make no mistake. Today, not a single Republican candidate – announced or potential – is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. Not one.”

Hillary reaffirmed his views on immigration just a few weeks ago.

When will Coulter support a real conservative?[11]


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