Ann Coulter’s Growing Irrelevancy

Despite an nine-week-long appearance on the New York Times bestseller list,[1] a transcontinental book tour, a guest spot as a heroine in Sharknado 3, and multiple appearances on C-Span (Washington Journal and repeat showings of two of her speeches), Ann Coulter is proving her growing irrelevancy day-by-day.


By many measures, Coulter owes her success to her connections (friends and colleagues) who support her, no matter what she says or does. Major speeches and events sponsored by the Reagan Library, Eagle Forum, YAF, and other organizations garnered easy book sales and media attention.

Though she has appeared on countless radio shows (often with very close friends), a number of Internet telecasts, and several mainstream media television programs, Coulter has appeared on Fox network programs at least 24 times since her book was released.

One could argue that without the unstinting support of Fox and her friends, Coulter’s “massive” (in her words) bestseller would be neither best nor a seller.

Has Ann Coulter become irrelevant? Let me offer a few datum points for consideration.

In years’ past, the Internet was awash with parodies of and cartoons about Coulter. No longer. Not even Netizens are interested in taking her to task, apparently considering her a spent voice who has become irrelevant. Do caricaturists rightly perceive that even many of Coulter’s conservative allies have become disenchanted with her?

Remember, Coulter recently lamented that conservatives are dissing her.[2] While many conservatives are still looking to Coulter for leadership, increasingly she is being seen as the anti-Reagan conservative.

Coulter’s Debate Exclusive

Just last night, Coulter hurriedly published a post-debate exclusive on Breitbart (allied closely with Coulter) in which she heaped enormous praise on her hero of the day – Donald Trump[3] – while belittling virtually everyone else (except Cruz and Walker).

In it, Coulter confuses sophomoric humor with substantive analysis. Is “well-spoken” Rubio Coulter’s “articulate” black? No wonder so many conservatives diss Coulter![4]

Adulating Trump,[5] Coulter began, “It’s still all the Donald. He was the big man on stage.” She thrice called him “brilliant” in the next paragraph. (The exact same verbiage she uses to describe Romney!)[6]

Other GOP contenders were “hapless” self-promoters in denial over the significance of Eric Cantor’s defeat. (Strangely, Coulter is experiencing her own denial over those results.)[7]

Coulter disparaged Christie as a failed Tony Soprano, likened Bush to Caitlyn Jenner,[8] called Rubio “a field mouse,” and dismissed Kasich’s “humble origins.”

Wanting to be taken seriously, Coulter goes comic. Seriously?

Time for Conservatives to Reject Ann Coulter for Good

Also published yesterday, conservative Alex Griswold proposed what many conservatives have believed for years: it’s time to reject Coulter for good.

Praising Coulter’s “razor-sharp wit, and a willingness to say exactly what she’s thinking,” Griswold makes an important point: even though bringing the immigration debate to the national foreground is a good thing, nevertheless, Coulter is “just a bigot.”[9]

Griswold reviews Coulter’s latest weekly column, noting that “based on seven instances, Coulter declares that the entire Latino culture – including about 604 million Latin-Americans and more than 50 million Latino-Americans – are accepting of child rape.”

Coulter repeatedly contends that immigration is all about “who gets to vote.” But, more importantly, Coulter is obsessively focused on race.[10] Coulter repeatedly calls for the restoration of a WASP (white) nation.[11]

Griswold charges that Coulter “just completely invents a made-up child rape crisis and offers up zero evidence for its existence. This is not just a critique of Latino culture devoid of nuance, it’s a critique devoid of reason itself.” Yet, Coulter believes that she is not a racist![12]

Griswold concludes,

“Coulter only receives the small shred of respectability she does because thousands of conservatives buy each book she pumps out every year or so, and because conservative media outlets continue to run her column and book her for appearances. I can’t understand why openly anti-Semitic and anti-black racists are rightfully ostracized by the right, and Coulter is so adored.”

“There are some good signs that Coulter’s star is already fading. CPAC’s organizers — who aren’t exactly known for being squishy moderates – banned Coulter[13] this year despite being a crowd favorite. It’s time for the rest of the conservative movement to do the same.”


[1]               A bulk purchase dagger appeared each week. Many of those “purchases” were actually admission prices for her speeches (i.e., some events charged a nominal entrance fee with all attendees then receiving a free copy of her book). It’s called buying your way on to the list.

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