Ann Coulter Still Blind to Abortion

Last Friday, Ann Coulter launched yet another tirade against conservatives for being pro-life. In other breaking news, Coulter claims to be totally pro-life herself.

How obtuse can one get? I have lauded Coulter’s intelligence and craftsmanship in the past, but her hubris has blinded her to reality.


Phony Conservative Bad-Asses

As a guest host for the Peter Tilden Show,[1] Coulter passionately attacked conservatives for pursuing a pro-life agenda. Coulter began her rant ridiculing those who seek to defend the lives of the unborn by saying, “I am getting very, very bored with [conservatives] being bad asses on abortion.”

The implication in her choice of words (“bad asses”) suggests, as she has often done in the past,[2] that present-day politicians currently in office who are pursuing a pro-life agenda are engaging in political posturing. Yes, she is impugning the motives of those she condemns.[3]

This is classic Coulter, who denigrates all those who disagree with her. During the 2012 election cycle, Coulter besmirched all those who opposed her hero, Mitt Romney.[4] Now, she belittles all those who endanger [5]a Donald Trump candidacy.[6] To do so, Coulter frequently attacks their motives and character.

We’ve Won

Continuing to berate pro-life conservatives, Coulter made another demonstrably false claim, “We’ve won that, Republicans.”

No, Ann, we haven’t.

Victory would mean that abortion has been eradicated. Remember, Coulter is attacking conservative politicians (and presidential candidates) who are fighting for the unborn. Coulter is chastising them for seeking to defund Planned Parenthood. Coulter is lambasting them for doing what they are supposed to do: represent their pro-life constituency.

The pro-life cause has been given new life – on a national stage – due to the heroic efforts of the Center for Medical Progress, which, through a series of investigative videos, has exposed the truly evil nature of the “medical procedures” being performed by Planned Parenthood.

For perhaps the first time in our nation’s history, We, the People of the United States, have before our eyes the graphic evidence of a baby holocaust in America.

And Coulter would have pro-lifers do nothing!

No! Pro-lifers are seizing the moment to seize the victory which Coulter contends we have already won.

Pro-Life in Name Only

Coulter went on to explain what she meant by victory:

“Since the hero of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, ran for president as a Republican and didn’t get out of the starting because he was pro-choice, the one thing – I promise you – any Republican candidate is going to be is pro-life. You’re not proving to me that you’re a cool guy now by being pro-life. No, that was cool when Ronald Reagan ran, which was, what, three decades ago?”

Victory, in Coulter’s view, is to have Republicans who profess to be pro-life. But the moment they start to put into practice their pro-life principles, she condemns them.

Few people regard Coulter as a principled conservative because, over the years, she has proven herself to be without scruples. Principles come and go, but Coulter’s career must continue.[7]

During the last election cycle, Coulter attacked the Tea Party[8] for seeking “ideological purity” and she urged voters to vote for anyone running as a Republican. After the election, Coulter discovered that RINOs will be RINOs.[9]

Still, Coulter acts as if only she is principled.[10]

On Peter Tilden Show, an incensed Coulter stammered, “these Republicans who want to prove what hairy-chested conservatives they are by endlessly talking about immigration [she meant abortion]. No, we have won that, Republicans. We have won it within the Republican Party and that’s all we’re gonna be able to win it in until Roe v. Wade is overturned.”

Astonishing! Coulter wants to wait till Roe v. Wade is overturned. But who will overturn it? The pro-lifers she is now condemning! Coulter practically screams: “They are cowards. They’re unimaginative. They’re not very smart.”

New Litmus Test

Being pro-life is so passé now that Coulter has created a new litmus test for conservatives:

“Now, today‘s litmus test – today, how you separate the mice from the men – is the question of immigration.” To be clear, Coulter repeats: “They have no imagination. That is not the litmus test now. The litmus test is immigration.”

But if simply espousing pro-life principles without acting on them is sufficient for Coulter, then what can we expect from politicians espousing the current set of principles Coulter advises? And why have litmus tests at all if we expect them to be ignored?

Coulter continued her rant, claiming, “I’m pro-life. Donald Trump is pro-life. But let me tell you pro-lifers, you’re never gonna get rid of abortion unless our current immigration policy is changed. … So don’t even pretend you care about abortion, unless you care about immigration first.”

This is nonsense! As she has done since at least the 2000 election cycle, Coulter subordinates pro-life concerns to virtually everything else. She is a pro-life procrastinator, putting off till some perfect moment in time in the future what she should be doing today.

The concept of fighting on more than one front at a time seems foreign to her. Somehow, the Allies in World War II managed to defeat enemies in both Europe/North Africa and the Pacific. Courage is required (the courage Coulter lacks) to combat abortion and immigration at the same time. This is the moment to which we have been called – and Coulter vilifies those who are answering that call.

Speaking of illegal immigration, Coulter once joked, “The motto should be: There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any. It even rhymes.”[11] Coulter has repeatedly said that even just one crime committed by one illegal alien is one too many.

If only Coulter would apply her immigration motto to abortion: “There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any.” But, for Coulter, the unborn will have to fend for themselves.

The 2,000 babies aborted every day will have to make do until Coulter’s immigration agenda is put into place. Anyone (in or outside the womb) who poses a threat to her new hero, the Donald,[12] must be dispensed with, regardless of principle – or life.


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1 thought on “Ann Coulter Still Blind to Abortion

  1. I grew up under sharia law. It is oppressive. Holy men measured women’s dresses and skirts. At the beach they decided if a bathing suit was too revealing. They decided where and when alcohol could be sold. They decided the curriculum for schools and would not let evolution be taught. Every morning school kids were required to listen to a prayer over the loudspeaker and then each class was required to say a pray. Twice a month a traveling religious teacher would visit each school and give religious lessons. We were taught the Earth was 8,000 years old and dinosaurs were on Earth at the same time as humans. All other religions were taught to be demonic. Non white people were not considered citizens and were prohibited from eating, sleeping and using the same places as white people. They were not allowed to go to the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods or sit in the same waiting rooms as white folks. White women could not marry a non white man.

    I grew up in Georgia in the 50s and 60s. I grew up under sharia law. It was oppressive. Thank goodness we have grown beyond that.

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