Ben Carson is a White Guilt Candidate

In a remarkable appearance on the Mark Simone Show, Coulter reiterated her belief that GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson is a nominee merely because he is black. Earlier this year, Coulter claimed that Carson and Fiorina were candidates only because one is black, the other female.[1]

Carson White Guilt

On Simone’s show, Coulter argued:

“I think it’s another White Guilt Candidate with Ben Carson. I mean, he’s a lovely man, but – and a very impressive man – but there are a lot of lovely, impressive people out there who aren’t presidential. We go through this every Republican cycle, with Colin Powell, and Herman Cain, and now Ben Carson.”[2]

Coulter is so beset by her own version of identity politics that she must think Republicans are inherently racist and sexist.[3]

Yet, Coulter projects her own dysfunctional attitudes upon conservatives, chiding them: “Republicans have got to get out of this identity politics game – oh, we’ve gotta have a woman on the ticket, we’ve gotta have a black on the ticket – No! That’s not our party.”[4]

If anything, Coulter’s pride and arrogance[5] continue to grow as she sees herself as the one person in America who knows what is best for the nation fighting against all those opposed to her worldview and agenda.


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