Coulter’s Desperate Lies About Cruz

Coulter is at it again – telling more lies about Ted Cruz to protect her Savior, Donald Trump.[1]

Coulter’s Desperate Lies About Cruz

First she lied about Cruz’s eligibility for President,[2] then called him a midget,[3] then she lied about the Supreme Court and Natural Born Citizens.[4]

Now, Coulter is lying about what Cruz said and the fact that Trump has repeatedly promoted universal health care.

Among Coulter’s many tweets lying about and disparaging Ted Cruz (emphasis added):

“This is shocking. Cruz is a sleazy, Rovian liar. You can look up the debates. Trump never said ANYTHING like this –” – Ann Coulter, 11:14 AM – 11 Feb 2016

“Trump insults opponents; he doesn’t lie about them. Cruz is a despicable liar – see video:” – Ann Coulter, 11:15 AM – 11 Feb 2016

“See my Facebook page for transcript of what Trump actually said about healthcare, compared to Cruz’s outright lies on Coyote News last night” – Ann Coulter, 11:29 AM – 11 Feb 2016

Ted Cruz lies like a Clinton — see my Facebook page for details.” – Ann Coulter, 11:33 AM – 11 Feb 2016

“FULL transcripts of Cruz’s lies & Trump’s actual words on my webpage. I wanted to like Cruz, but this is despicable.” – Ann Coulter, 12:29 PM – 11 Feb 2016

“RT @bdean1468: This @tedcruz delegate has had enough of his snake like campaign and lies. Must read!…” – Ann Coulter, 9:52 PM – 11 Feb 2016

Coulter can’t even get her own lies right!

Coulter’s provided transcripts of the relative portions from Trump’s debate and his very own words contradict her claims!

Trump said (as provided on Coulter’s website), “As far as single payer, it works in Canada. It works incredibly well in Scotland. It could have worked in a different age, which is the age you’re talking about here.” Trump added, “And then we have to take care of the people that can’t take care of themselves. And I will do that through a different system.”

What kind of “different system?” One which provides universal health care at government expense.

Last September, Trump said, “I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.” Trump explained, “The government’s gonna pay for it.”

Trump said (as provided on Coulter’s website), “What I do say is, there will be a certain number of people that will be on the street dying and as a Republican, I don’t want that to happen. We’re going to take care of people that are dying on the street because there will be a group of people that are not going to be able to even think in terms of private or anything else and we’re going to take care of those people. And I think everybody on this stage would have to agree you’re not going to let people die, sitting in the middle of a street in any city in this country.

Ted Cruz was right! Ann Coulter is wrong! Again![5]

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2 thoughts on “Coulter’s Desperate Lies About Cruz

  1. I didn’t see a lie in the bunch. I just think Cruz supporters are blinded. Cruz cannot get the nomination because he could never WIN a general election. He’s thoroughly unlikeable with ZERO crossover appeal.

    1. Are you saying that Coulter has not lied?

      Coulter is a habitual liar. Most recently, she cast vile aspersions (totally untrue) against Cruz regarding Trump’s position on healthcare. Prior to that, Coulter repeatedly lied about Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency and she lied about Supreme Court cases and constitutional law to make her fraudulent case.

      No lies?

      Coulter has a history of lying about the law. See “Coulter Lies About Supreme Court Case” at

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