Coulter Admits Trump is a Fraud

Ann Coulter admits that Donald Trump is a FRAUD!

Trump is a Fraud

In yesterday’s column, Coulter wrote, “That’s why it doesn’t matter when Trump pops off and says things that are not conservative orthodoxy – or even true!”

Her very next sentence begins, “Even if you think Trump is a libertine, shallow narcissist …”

So, according to Coulter, Trump is not a conservative, says things that are not “even true” and may well be “a libertine, shallow narcissist.”

(Strikingly, Coulter does not care that Trump’s claims are not “even true,” yet she blindly believes in his empty promises. Devoid of truth herself, Coulter believes what she wants to believe!)

As National Review observes, “Donald Trump is a habitual liar, and the thing about habitual liars is that they lie habitually.” Those selfsame words could easily apply to Coulter, who shares various[1] Trumpian traits of rhetoric and style, narcissism and hubris.[2] Hence, she is smitten with her mirror image (and falling prey to her very own tricks).[3]

Nevertheless, Coulter considers Trump her – and America’s – Savior![4]

Yet another Coulter-backed RINO, a Trump nomination for the GOP or a third-party run would spell doom for Conservatism and America as we once knew it.[5] Coulter knows this and wants this.[6]

Why? It furthers her ambitions to recreate a WASP America.[7]

More importantly, Trump fulfills her fantasy of being the Harriet Beecher Stowe of the New Trump Party.[8]

Trump’s claim to fame is being anti-Establishment. Trump is not anti-Establishment. Trump IS the Establishment. Trump epitomizes corporate cronyism and vulture capitalism.

Trump is about as anti-Establishment as Communist China was anti-Communist during its internecine power struggle with the Soviet Union.

This election has never been a battle between Trump and the Establishment, but rather, it is a power struggle within and among the elites. (Ted Cruz is the real anti-Establishment warrior in this contest!)


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15 thoughts on “Coulter Admits Trump is a Fraud

  1. This smells of desperation. Coulter is a Trump supporter is the last bit of information I saw and her latest column supports that. We need to be doing our homework as we cannot afford to be seen as pandering to anyone who is not telling the truth otherwise we risk our credibility which is what Trump and Rubio want. There are MANY out there who do not want the Constitutional America we want back and they want to use our own actions against us so they can say we are just as corrupt. Cruz has one VERY strong weapon and that is his honesty/character (i.e. credibility). Engage in this kind of hypocrisy and we could cost him that advantage.

    1. Coulter is all in for Trump and fully committed to doing or saying anything to gain his nomination and election. Lying, ad hominem attacks, outright fabrications on constitutional law, derogatory and demeaning rhetoric. Nothing is off the table for Coulter.

      See “Coulter Hates All GOP Candidates But Trump” at

      1. Coulter is smart enough to see that Trump is Perot on Steroids. Trump cannot win a general election, by a design that is tailor made for the Clintons. So what is her game? A seat on somebody’s corporate jet?

  2. She must have accepted money from Trump. There is no other explanation for her behavior over the last few months. I believe she has caused herself irreparable harm, just like Sarah Palin, by her support of Trump instead of the real conservative, Ted Cruz.

    Her books have been good, but from now on, I won’t be buying them, I’ll just get them at the local library for free.

    She was lucky enough to have been in the Reagan justice department, and she pays back that opportunity by supporting a loudmouthed liberal Democrat for the Republican nomination.

    I really won’t think much of her going forward. Whores are cheap.

    1. Coulter has aligned per professional and political fortunes with Trump’s political ambitions. One, he promotes her book and gives her the spotlight, which she craves. Two, there were no other RINOs available.

      See “Coulter’s Latest RINO Would Give Democrats Victory” at

  3. I vividly recall Ann Coulter, in national election cycles past, rolling her eyes in world-weary dismissiveness—”sigh…what fools these mortals be”—as she school-marmishly lectured us (“Do I HAVE to say this again?”) on The Way It Is….

    To wit: a mere (pshaw!) congressman (à la Bachmann), or businessman (à la Cain), or a (good grief!) multi-divorced mayor (à la Giuiliani) was just NEVER going to be president, folks, so the groupies and enthusiasts with their ecstatic visions should just wake up, shake the delusions from their noggins and get behind a serious, statesmanlike figure like, say, Mitt Romney—somebody with the RIGHT resumé on every level, personal and political, to win over the electorate and take on the burden of the Oval Office.

    The same Coulter was skeptical, to say the least, about a candidate named Obama who was going around in 2008 waving Bright Shiny Things in front of adoring, fainting, can’t-wait-till-he-pays-my-mortgage, yes-he-can throngs.

    This cycle, The Body Snatchers have absconded with Ann Coulter and left a seed pod behind.

    The Seed Pod is hailing a multi-divorced businessman who has never been elected to dog catcher, much less congressman, senator or governor, as the GOP’s, and the country’s, only Hope…because he is going around waving Bright, Shiny and Huge Things to adoring, he’ll-build-a-wall-and-make-us-great, throngs.

    The Seed Pod isn’t bothered as Ann Coulter would be by the fact that the multi-divorced businessman with precisely no experience in governance, who’s running for the nation’s top governance post, has a lifetime’s worth of unabashed liberal, Democrat-favoring pronouncements and deeds to his credit. The real Ann Coulter (as we speak, she is struggling against the vines entwining her in the hold of the mother ship—Don’t give up, Ann!!) would be horrified.

    The real Ann would say, “Hello, HELLO? Is anybody LISTENING? Do you think he was KIDDING when he said all those left-wing things, but he’s telling the truth NOW because…oh, I don’t know…he wants VOTES? Okay fine—let’s have a great big belly laugh together over that choice bit of sparkling wit—c’mon, YOU remember—when he said if he ever ran for president it would be as a Republican because Republicans are stupid and he’d just lie his way to the nomination. What a card! Ya gotta love, gotta vote for, a guy with a sense of humor like that.”

    Oh, you dastardly Vegetable Aliens and your pernicious Seed Pods! I shake my fist at you! Cough up Miss Coulter from your spaceship right now!

    Then again….

    I recall Coulter going all ga-ga, once upon a time, over Governor Chris Christie, hailing HIM as the GOP/country’s one true hope—if only everybody would believe! I distinctly remember her using the phrase “in love”. She brought up his name every chance she got with evangelistic fervor. Christie was the Right Man. (And he wasn’t even doing a Bright Shiny Thing Road Tour.)

    Until she fell out of love with him and he was the Wrong Man.

    So which Coulter is to be believed: the one who “knew” Christie was the Promised Land in the Flesh, or the one who scorned him as a Love Gone Bad?

    Maybe I’m wrong about the Seed Pod. Maybe there really is an impulsive, fickle, ga-ga-prone breathless groupie at the very core of the one-and-only Ann Coulter.

    Or was the brutally realistic, skeptical, unsentimental Coulter the Seed Pod?

  4. Ann Coulter, the Rino supporting author is one of the reasons I may leave the Republican Party.

    The fundamental Problem with the South Carolina Election is that it was an Open Primary.

    It was inherently designed for Democrats to choose our Republican Nominee. I wonder how many more states have opened primaries and who was behind making them open primary states? Now you can long it up. LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WERE BEHIND IT. Just look for yourself. This election was becoming rigged ever since the Primaries became opened. This is how Progressives were influencing our party. South Carolina, Texas, Mississsippi, Alabama, Virginia, etc is an Open Primary state.

    THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE VERY FIRST THING REPUBLICANS SHOULD HAVE CLOSED. Republicans should vote for their nominees ALONE!! This was a planned subversive attack designed to destroy the conservative movement and ultimately the Republican Party. And this is how RINOS have gotten Elected in the Past and now it has regressed to now allowing DEMOCRATS to run as Republicans within our Primaries.

    Why hasn’t this issue been talked about in a major way BEFORE the Primaries!!?? This is the RNC Chairs fault for not leading in this effort to close our state primaries. It should have been commonsense!

    At this point … I know that if Trump gets the nomination. The Republican Party may be finished. My conscience will never allow me to elect a person who wants to give my tax dollars to fund a private organization that butchers babies in the wombs of mothers. As I have said BEFORE. The imagery that is being portrayed is that conservatism is the problem, but the real problem is open primaries. Primaries out to about electing the person we think would best to represent our party, not the one the liberal media or Democrat Party picks for us.

    Beware this RINO DONALD RUMP

  5. Obama in ’08 and Trump in ’16, both with their fainting, screaming, ecstatic throngs, are the fruit of the Boob-Tube-Dumbing-Down-Entertained-to-Death Syndrome that has been creeping up on America for the past, oh, forty years. It is now in full bloom, and, probably, there is no more hope. The majority of Americans are stupid enough now to think that being a reality TV star is plenty of reason to be president. It’s all over. In ’08 it was because of a pretty face, pretty speech and “First Black President”. In ’16 it’s because they like the way he says “You’re fired!” and that he never apologizes. None of it ever has anything to do with genuine capacity to govern or a proven record (Obama? A…RECORD? That’s a laugh!) of statesmanship. Oh yeah…it’s over. The experiment is over, and the mob is king…as certain prescient founding fathers warned against so long ago. Well, we had a pretty good run while it lasted. Time to learn new survival skills in a post-rational world.

  6. all of fox news worship trump they are new york values. no honor, no morals, no repect, just lies and more lies. the are no better than islam.

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