The Real Talking Head Twit of the Year

This week’s Coulter column, titled “Talking Head Twit of the Year Contest,” begs for the nomination of its writer as the winner.

Calling the GOP pundit class “clueless morons,” Coulter invites justifiable reciprocation.

Talking Head Twit

Coulter limited her critique of her peers to prognostications on Trump’s presidential campaign,[1] her singular obsession[2] this election cycle.

Ann Coulter Gems

Here are a few Coulter gems from the past year.

Absurdly, Coulter insists that the Great Depression “was the most prosperous period in American history.”[3]

Coulter has repeatedly denied (again,[4] and again,[5] and again,[6] and again,[7] and again,[8] and again,[9] and again[10]) the threat that ISIS poses to Americans in America.

Coulter’s infamous rant against Jews[11] cost her both speaking engagements and television appearances.[12] Her phony excuses[13] failed to convince others.

Coulter repeatedly attacks Catholics[14] for being Catholic.

Coulter repeatedly attacks Christians for being Christians. To Coulter, Christian missionaries are fake Christians.[15] She even attacks Christians for being godly![16] Coulter advocates for ignoring the ongoing Christian genocide[17] taking place in the Middle East.

Coulter repeatedly attacks[18] pro-lifers[19] for championing life.[20]

Coulter became a birther[21] to lie about Cruz’s eligibility for president.[22]

Coulter relishes calling other people bimbos, while inviting similar criticism.[23]

Coulter claimed that Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina[24] were popular candidates only because he is black and she is a woman. Tokens to political correctness.

Coulter’s Irrelevancy

In her column, Coulter lamented that GOP pundits “can … be so consistently wrong and never lose work.” Why does Coulter still have a job?

Of those pundits, Coulter asked, “why should we listen to you next time?” Why should we listen to Coulter?

Fortunately, a growing number of conservatives are beginning to see Coulter for who she really is.[25] Hence her growing irrelevancy.[26]

Ann Coulter announced a Talking Head Twit of the Year Contest and – surprise! – she won!


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