Coulter’s Dream Ticket: Trump-Romney

Completely shattering Ann Coulter’s dreams, former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is anticipated to give an anti-Donald Trump speech today.

Dream Ticket

Remember, Coulter was Mitt’s greatest champion[1] until The Donald became her newest Savior.[2]

Since last year, Coulter pursued – and continues to pursue – her Dream Ticket: “Trump-Romney!”[3] She has repeatedly proffered, “I have the most dynamite ticket: Trump-Romney.”[4]

Even in January of this year, Coulter opined, “In fact, my ideal ticket is Trump-Romney. That’s what I’m really hoping for. That’s the dynamite combo.”[5]

But Coulter has always known the challenges facing such a team coming together. She admitted last October, “Well, it will take a lot of careful negotiation on my part [to get a Trump-Romney ticket] since they both seem to hate one another, but it’s a dynamite combo platter.”[6]

How would this miracle happen? Through “a lot of careful negotiation on [her] part.” Yes, the smartest person in the world[7] can reconcile the matter of Trump with the anti-matter of Romney. And, only she can do it! Coulter’s hubris knows no bounds.[8]

Left unanswered, how would she do it? By using her unique gifts, talents, and connections – (and, simply because she can get anything she really wants) – Coulter is uniquely positioned to pull off this presidential Deal of the Century.

Or not.


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