An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Dear Ann:

You are willing to sacrifice all of your conservative principles and Christian beliefs to get Trump elected president, solely on the premise that Trump is the only candidate who is “good on immigration.” You admit that Trump is not a conservative and that he does lie.[1] Is Trump lying on immigration?


Trump’s record and rhetoric on immigration suggest that he is lying about both the wall and deportation[2] of illegal immigrants.

Trump supported the Gang of Eight bill that you despise.

Trump hired illegal aliens at the expense of American workers.

Trump favors H-1B visas.

Trump would “negotiate” on both the wall and immigration.

Trump seeks touchback deportation to bring them back as quickly as possibleahead of the line: amnesty!

So, having sacrificed every principle and ideal you once held dear, you are supporting the one person you claim is good on immigration, and he is actually the worst on immigration.

If Trump wins the presidency, America gets a liberal similar to Hillary and amnesty![3]

You have sacrificed everything for nothing!

Moreover, you have viciously[4] attacked[5] the one candidate[6] who has a proven record of opposition to amnesty and fought for the preservation of American sovereignty: Ted Cruz![7]

You regard Trump as your and America’s Savior[8] and claim that you would marry Trump if he were available. You exalt Trump[9] above the heavens and absolve him of all his faults.

At the very same time, you demonize an actual conservative who is a strict constitutionalist and devout Christian and, ironically, is the only candidate who would do what you claim you want done about immigration.

Instead, you promote a bully[10] and a charlatan.[11]

If Trump wins the nomination and is victorious in the election, America has you to blame!

But it is not too late! Will you forsake your pride,[12] reverse course, and support the candidate who would actually do what you want to accomplish on immigration and who is also an actual conservative, constitutionalist, and Christian?

What is more important to you, Ann? Your pride or America’s future?


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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

  1. Ted Cruz is as unelectable as Donald Trump. Cruz thinks the GOP loses presidential elections because it is not rigid enough, that is a bald faced lie! The GOP does not win presidential elections because hard core social conservatism is out of touch with the general electorate. Republicans do horribly with minorities, young women as well as young people because they come across like scolds. Wea re sick of hearing aobut who hates abortion and gays the most. Only Kasich or Rubio has a chance of a November 2016 win.

    1. We haven’t had a truly conservative GOP nominee since Reagan. George H.W. Bush dismissed voodoo economics and sought a “kinder, gentler America” than the Gipper’s. Bob Dole suffered from the “vision thing.” George W. Bush expanded social/domestic programs and vastly increased non-defense (as well as, of course, defense) spending. Mitt Romney was not a strong conservative, also favoring big government.

      Conservatives are correct about abortion and the people are moving in our direction. Americans are more conservative than you think. The 2014 election results attest to that.

    2. If you are implying the Cruz hates gays you ARE wrong. I have heard him condemn ISIS in particular for throwing gays off rooftops. Just because he believes in traditional marriage doesn’t make him hateful. He has a right to his convictions as much as anyone else. He is against abortion and views it as murder of a human being that God created and is truly to be protected under our Constitution as an unalienable right to life, given by GOD, NOT our constitution. That is his right and he shares that right with the majority of Americans, like it or not.

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