Will Ann Coulter Apologize to Michelle Fields?

When Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was assaulted by Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, Ann Coulter attacked the victim.

In a series of nasty tweets, Coulter likened Fields’ credible and substantiated claims to phony rape hoaxes.

Michelle Fields

Eyewitnesses weren’t enough for Coulter and other Trump supporters.

Coulter’s initial defense of Lewandowski was tame, suggesting “Video Emerges to Suggest WaPo Reporter Ben Terris Misidentifies Lewandowski in Fields Incident.”

But just two minutes later, Coulter tweeted, “Charles Johnson’s $1,000 award for anyone w/ a video of @Corey causing Michelle Fields to lose her balance is safe.”

The next day, Coulter tweeted, “Smoking gun video of @CLewandowski allegedly assaulting Michelle Fields shows NOTHING. But the headline is damning!”

The day after, Coulter alleged (emphasis added), “it’s beginning to look like Michelle Fields assaulted Trump.” Yes, Coulter falsely accused Fields of assault!

Then Coulter began comparing Fields to phony rape hoaxers, asserting, “In honor of Michelle Fields ESPN just ran a 30 for 30 on the Duke Lacrosse case. Amazing documentary.”

Moreover, Coulter likened Trump to the Duke Lacrosse victims, tweeting, “The lone Duke student who bravely defended falsely-accused Duke students was Stephen Miller, Trump advisor.”

Continuing to bravely defend Trump’s campaign manager (now, why would she do that?), Coulter retweeted, “THRILLED that we finally have smoking gun footage of Lewandowski shanking Fields from ambush and then leaving her to b…”

Two weeks later, the truth has clearly emerged, Lewandowski did assault Fields, and Coulter wrongly savaged Fields (and her own credibility). (Why does Coulter extol bullies?)

Now that Lewandowski has been arrested for battery and video clearly confirms Fields’ charges, will Coulter apologize to Fields? To her followers? To anyone?

[For greater insight into the narcissism and hubris possessing both Coulter and Trump, see Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory.]

Update: There is nothing Coulter will not do or say to defend Trump and his people. See “Ann Coulter Was Gang Raped!” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-dp.

Update: For a timeline of events related to the assault on Fields, see http://thebingethinker.com/2016/03/2466/.

Update: Jonah Goldberg succinctly states the case: “Without rehashing the whole thing again with reference to frame-by-frame analysis best left for the Zapruder film, let me just say I think all of the important and relevant facts are on Fields’s side. There’s audio of her describing what happened immediately after the Corey Lewandowski incident. There are the bruises captured on film. There’s video and there are eye-witness accounts, all of which corroborate the basic story Fields has been telling.”


5 thoughts on “Will Ann Coulter Apologize to Michelle Fields?

  1. Sorry lewendowshi didn’t assualt fields, he merely intervened to block fields attempts to get to Donald trump, he may have grabbed her arm to pull her hack from mr trump but sorry that’s not assualt, fields has a history of claiming assualt, said same about Leo de capris during interview she had with him,also during Wall Street protest claimed police assaulted her,then recanted, watched the video and sorry nothing of consequence in that…

    1. Actually, that’s not how it works. Fields was non-threatening. Fields behaved as any other journalist would behave.

      Lewandowski man-handled Fields. That is NOT what security is supposed to do. (Technically, Lewandowsi is not “security,” but he should still know better.) Security personnel are NEVER to touch someone in circumstances like that. They are to position themselves between the person being protected and the other person.

      And, again, according to Florida law, it was, indeed “misdemeanor battery.” His intentional action, according to the law, was battery, as defined by the law.

  2. I have no respect for Coulter anymore. I thought she was intelligent. An intelligent person would not support a person for president who has no positions on anything. She certainly did not vet the candidates.

    1. Of course! Fields knew in advance it would help her career, knew that Lewandowski would grab her arm and jerk her back, knew that behavior on his part would generate a bruise on her arm, knew the entire Trump apparatus would go ape and the Trumpkins would threaten her to the point where she would have to move out of her apartment, and knew she would be out of a job because of it.

      With all that keen foresight, Michelle then – at the time the incident happened – said to her companion (her actually saw what happened) that she had been injured. She also, by careful planning, made sure that she had witnesses, audiotape, and videotape of the event that she herself orchestrated.

      Let’s not forget that Michelle Fields was the mastermind behind JFK’s assassination.

      #Michelle Fields #IStandWithMichelle #TrumpThug #Insanity

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