Trump to Pick Coulter for VP

In a stunning develop, political pugilist Donald “The Donald” Trump will pick polemicist Ann “The Shock Jock” Coulter to be his running mate in his bid for Bully-in-Chief[1] of the United States of Trump.

Coulter as Trump's VP

At least one insider was nonplussed over this development, pointing out, “When they look at each other, it’s as if they’re looking into a mirror.”[2] Coulter agrees, saying, “Donald Trump, I love him because he does talk a little like me, which is to say, blunt.”[3] Moreover, “I’ve detailed everything he’s saying. He gives the campaign speeches on it. My book is the footnotes.”[4]

(Yes, Ann Coulter is the Leni Riefenstahl[5] of the Trump campaign’s propaganda[6] machine.)

Like Trump, Coulter forsakes the pro-life movement,[7] looks with disdain on immigrants,[8] and actually pursues non-conservative policies.[9] Oh, and they’re both    [10] bullies.[11] Coulter has certainly proven that she’s no better than Trump.[12]

Inquiring minds want to know if love is in the air. Early in Trump’s campaign, Coulter said, “I would like to be the head of Donald Trump’s Homeland Security.” An enraptured Ann later gushed, “I totally would [marry Trump if he were single].”[13] It looks like she may have to settle for vice president.

Denied (at least for now) a real marriage made in heaven, Coulter is presently part of a political one. Coulter declares, “Trump – the greatest candidate for president ever!”[14] Everything The Donald says and does is magnificent in Ann’s eyes. (Love is blind! But, bear in mind that Ann calls Trump her Savior and admits their relationship is one of “blind worship.”)[15]

Referring to Trump’s immigration policy, Coulter tweeted, “The greatest political document since the Magna Carta.” (Yes, Ann skipped over the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Washington’s Farewell Address, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural, etc.)

Coulter’s assessment of Trump’s recent foreign policy speech is equally hyperbolic (ALL CAPS on Twitter!): “GREATEST FOREIGN POLICY SPEECH SINCE WASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS.”

Privately, Coulter entertains some doubts. In a brief moment of candor, Ann admitted that Trump is “mental,”[16] but, nonetheless, she still argues, “he’s magnificent now.”[17] (Perhaps they are both mental!)

Coulter has staked her career and what’s left of her tattered reputation[18] on a Trump victory and she has even renamed the GOP “the new Trump Republican Party.”[19] Indeed, Coulter admits, “I hope Donald Trump does destroy the Republican Party and we have a new pro-American Republican Party.”[20]

Even though Ann views herself as the Harriet Beecher Stowe of this New Trump Party,[21] becoming Vice President Coulter would be a splendid prize and honor which would only further increase her vanity.[22] Hubris is surely a trait Ann shares with Donald.[23] They are, after all, the elite of elites.[24]

Ann Coulter played the role of Vice President of the United States in Sharknado 3 and on a Fox News comedy show. Will she become the real thing?[25]


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33 thoughts on “Trump to Pick Coulter for VP

  1. what a total, unabashed mindless hack she has become, and has been for quite some time. Keep up the great work!!

      1. In response. Can Hillary be trusted? Why did the embassy in Benghazi not have sufficient military protection long before the attack. The fact that Trump and Coulter are too similar is a positive not a negative. When Coulter speaks she’s saying what Trump believes in so the identity of a Trump Administration is firmly defined. When Hillary talks is she speaking for Obama or herself. Any team sports or political needs to have a unified voice to be victorious in obtaining their goals. Anthony in LA.

      2. Did you get reply. It’s a good thing Trump and Coulter are one and the same. It eliminates confusion like Obama and Clinton. One person or two

      3. As far as I am concerned, they ALL share many traits, among them: narcissism and a sense of almost godlike superiority over mere mortals; character so flawed as to be virtually non-existent; ideological proclivities which are anti-liberty and anti-Constitution subordinated to a will to dominate and be in charge. Will to power drives each and every one of them.

        Only Obama is a “true believer.” The others are willing to change and adapt their beliefs and policies for personal or political gain.

        See “Delusional – New Ann Coulter Book” at

        See “Ann Coulter’s Crazy Funhouse Mirror” at

      4. Reply. So you would prefer hillary and obama. Two people who did not adequately provide the milady protection ahead of time to help prevent 4 people including a US Ambassador from getting killed. I do not think Trump and Coulter would have permitted a insufficiently protected embassy. Anthony in LA

      5. This argument has been used forever, the lesser of two evils fallacy. I have given into far too many times and what do I get for going for it? Nothing, zilch a big zero. I will gladly abstain from voting, and do so with a clean conscience and the knowledge that I didn’t vote for either Nero nor Caligula

      6. Reply. I understand and sympathize with you. It is absurd our politicians are at extremely low levels for positions of great magnitude. However we live in a very stupid and unfair world. We usually if not always must make decisions on the basis of the lesser of two evils. This does not render our decisions as comparable ones in a utopian world. 4 people died unnecessarily at Benghazi because or the worser of our 2 current evils. To abstain from the process that would at least prevent another Benghazi or worse is in my humble opinion shirking a moral and ethical responsibility that especially applies to those who are intelligent a group I consider you to be a member of. Warm regards and admiration. Anthony

      7. Though the argument could be made why vote when our politicians are all equally evil there lies in my humble opinion a ethical and moral responsibility that intelligent citizens have to make decisions decisions usually if not always based on the lesser of 2 evils. 4 people died in Benghazi because the worse of the 2 evils presented to us did not take intelligent,ethical, and moral action. To all of us who are intelligent and your reading my comments here confirms you are intelligent not to take the political action needed to prevent history repeating itself in another Benghazi or worse would be to shirk the ethical and moral responsibility that intelligent people have placed upon them that is of a higher magnitude of those less intelligent. We are in a way protecting them from themselves as we would run after a child racing across a busy intersectuon. Warm regards Intellegensia from Anthony in LA.

      8. Reply will your conscience be clear not if but when we have another Benghazi and we could have voted for deeply flawed and imperfect politicians but who had minimal IQ levels sufficient to know American embassies are embarrassingly insufficiently protected against military attack that results in loss of life. The argument that don’t blame me for the inevitable mistakes by whoever assumes the Presidency because I didn’ t vote I am sure will be very reassuring to the families of the dead victims. Warm Regards Thinking Minds. Anthony in LA.

      9. I will not be complicit in evil and Trump is evil. To vote for Trump is to vote for evil.

        Moreover, we have no assurance that Trump would actually prevent a future Benghazi.

        Finally, Trump has a totalitarian mindset. Quoting Ramesh Punnuru: “He is cruel, impulsive, petty, and insecure; he admires dictators; he undermines standards against political violence and bigotry.” See

      10. Reply. My intelligent friend you sound to be very literate and have ptobably already read Machiavelli’s The Prince. Preservation of the state requires it’s leaders to be evil. Democracy left to itself self destructs. Sincerely, Anthony in LA

      11. It’s not preservation of the “State” that I am concerned with. Rather, the preservation of America and liberty. Evil people will not achieve that.

        Washington, Lincoln, Reagan – these were not evil people. Rather, they were God-fearing, liberty-loving, Constitution-abiding leaders who are rightly to be revered and who, each in turn, aided the nation (not the state) in her hour of need.

      12. Reply. What is your opinion of Richard Nixon perhaps evil but also perhaps saint. Watergate vs. Ending The Cold War? Anthony

      13. Trump could just as easily put our servicemen in danger given his haughtiness and utter lack of foreign policy. What exactly is his foreign policy? Does Trump even know? One day he says we will destroy ISIS the next day it’s “let Putin do it”. Supreme arrogance doesn’t make someone a leader actually it leads to things like Bonaparte’s march to Moscow

      14. Again it boils down to the lesser of 2 evils. Evil or as I would call it intelligence cannot be evaded if self preservation both on a individual or national level is to persist. Anthony in LA.

      15. Your philosophy and political science fits perfectly in the nation of Utopia. Please tell me where this island paradise on a globe of the world. I think you would need more than a globe of the world but a supernatural map where Heaven can be located.

      16. Have not tried to bully you but have a intelligent conversation . I will stop further conversation. Best wishs. ANTHONY

      17. Evil people will do evil things. No one can predict with any certainty what any of these candidates would do, though we DO know from their character that it would be self-satisfying and self-promoting, that they would place their own interests and concerns about that of the nation and the People.

        Let’s use Coulter as an example of a narcissist without character or principles. She has claimed to be “totally pro-life” her whole life, yet, for practical reasons, she has opposed the pro-life movement for the last two decades.

        See “Coulter Disses Pro-Lifers – Again!” at

        See “Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues” at

        See “Ann Coulter Still Blind to Abortion” at

        See “Coulter Attacks Christians for Being Godly” at

      18. Reply. Any intelligent person like yourself would agree with your assertions that all politicians do what is politically expedient for themselves but this line of argument does not detract from the argument that politically expediency can in at least in some cases profit more than the particular politician in question. And in certain situations i.e. In Benghazi like attacks there are no politically expedient alternatives other than to militarily protect foreign embassies that would prevent another Benghazi never happen again. To do other wise would be to committ political suicide a condition that even the dregs of the American politicos avoid at all costs. Warm Regards Intelligent Minds. Anthony in LA

  2. i will love to see donald taking ann coulter, he need her to appeal to women, since the criminal hillary is on the Democratic side.

      1. Coulter would be the perfect VP choice. I hope it happens. Anthony in LA.

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