Coulter Proud to be Leni

Ann Coulter is proud to take the credit for Donald Trump’s political ascendancy as the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Coulter Proud to be Leni

Coulter is a propagandist without peer,[1] the Leni Riefenstahl[2] of the Trump campaign,[3] and she is delighted to be called “the most influential commentator of this campaign.” Coulter always wanted to be a king-maker,[4] regardless of the outcome. Previously, she foisted Mitt Romney on us;[5] now she has given us the man with little hands.[6] Little hands, big ego.

If Coulter wants the credit, then she can take the blame!

Trump and Clinton are equally disasters, narcissistic statists who would further Obama’s statist agenda and, perhaps, irreparably end the American Experiment.[7] It doesn’t matter who prevails – Hillary or The Donald – because they are both liberal statists[8] unbridled by morality and unfettered by constitutional restraints.

Coulter has knowingly done this. Coulter admits Trump is a fraud[9] and exclaimed he is mental![10] Moreover, Trump will not pursue her professed immigration,[11] yet Coulter still extols Trump. Whatever his faults – and they are legion – Coulter is worse than Trump.[12]

As Americans suffer under the next liberal president[13] – likely with a Democrat House and Senate and an additional left-wing activist Justice – remember who wanted the credit and deserves the blame!


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