Is Ann Coulter Anti-Catholic?

Ann Coulter’s paleo-conservative predilections have remerged over the last couple of election cycles. Bent upon restoring a WASP America, Coulter has sought to transform the GOP into a new Know-Nothing Party with Donald Trump as its leader.


Coulter’s vision for this new party is xenophobic, nativist, anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, and anti-Catholic.

Following are just a few of her anti-Catholic tweets and comments:

“[Santorum] is more of a Catholic than a conservative.” – 1/4/12

“If we got them hooked up to a lie detector, we’d find out not one of these moral show-offs believes in God.” – 7/23/14

“Not ONE of the grandstanding fake ‘Christians’ in these photos believes in God.” – 7/23/14

“… you phony, grandstanding, Bible-toting hypocrite?” – 7/23/14

“The Catholic Church was ‘largely built by pedophiles.’” – 9/23/15

“our founders (not ‘immigrants’!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens” – 9/23/15

“Catholics were not accepted until they became more AMERICAN Catholic less ROMAN Catholic” – 9/23/15

“Catholics: You’re being put to shame by the Evangelicals” – 1/26/16

“Jeb!, an AMERICAN Catholic, defends Trump, disapproves of Pope bossing around U.S. on wall. Rubio, a ROMAN Catholic, beholden to the Pope.” – 2/18/16

“AMERICAN Catholics defer to the Pope on abortion, adultery and homosexuality — not politics & our national sovereignty.” – 2/18/16

“A black president just nominated a Jewish justice to join five Catholics and four Jews on the Supreme Court. The KKK d…” – 3/16/16

(Not surprisingly, Coulter and Trump both have links to the KKK.)

Readers might recall that Coulter’s father was Catholic and paid for her education at a private Catholic school. Coulter’s opposition to Catholicism actually began in kindergarten, when a young Ann opposed her teacher’s anti-war stance on the Vietnam War. Disagreements over church doctrines and political positions would continue well into adulthood.

Coulter now calls herself an evangelical Christian.

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