Coulter Confuses Confederate and American Flags

Astonishing! Ann Coulter thinks Southerners who died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan were fighting for the Confederacy!

Confederate & American Flags

Coulter wrote (8/3/16): “Southerners accounted for 38 percent of those killed in Iraq and 47 percent in Afghanistan.” She then asked Gov. Haley: “How about Nikki put their flag back up?”

Lest we be confused – or for those who don’t remember the Confederate Flag controversy – Coulter continued,

“The Confederate flag won’t lead to thousands of dead and maimed Americans, as Muslim immigration does. The only danger posed by the Confederate flag is that media elites will hold the South in even greater contempt than they already do, assuming that’s possible.”

Yes, Coulter equates Southerners with Confederates and believes that our brave military members from the South are currently fighting for the Confederacy and not for America!

No, Ann, “Southerners” didn’t sacrificed their lives for the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. Rather, they died for the noble cause of the American Experiment and the belief that all men are, indeed, created equal.

Clearly, Coulter has never believed in that aspiration and ideal. For her, that Shining City on a Hill will never shine with immigrants. Indeed, America’s only hope in her eyes is the restoration of a WASP America.


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