Coulter – Face of the Alt-Right

Donald Trump’s chief propagandist and cheerleader, Ann Coulter, is the face of the alt-Right.

Face of the alt-Right

Coulter has been a prominent member of the alt-Right community for decades. Over the past two years, Coulter’s beliefs and character have been exposed as never before. This is particularly problematic given her position as advisor to and promoter of the GOP presidential nominee. Her current book, In Trump We Trust, is a fawning tribute to failing candidate.

The alt-Right, according to Jonah Goldberg, “want[s] to replace the conservative movement.” That is Coulter’s goal, too: Destroy and replace.[1] Following are the core beliefs and attitudes of the alt-Right movement as exemplified by Coulter.


Coulter’s anti-Semitic roots go back to the early 1990s           [2] when she worked for, consecutively, two Jewish-run law firms in New York City. Her anti-Semitism exploded[3] last year[4] during the presidential debates and recently re-emerged[5] to the point[6] where a long-time friend tweeted, “I’m ashamed ever to have known you.”[7]


Once raised Catholic,[8] Coulter now expresses deep animosity toward Catholics.[9] She calls them “moral show-offs” and “fake Christians.” [10]Her anti-Catholic sentiments have only grown worse[11] as she seeks to create a New Know-Nothing Party.[12]


Coulter’s New Know-Nothing Party is modeled after the mid-19th century version, complete with its America First, anti-immigrant rhetoric and platform. Her nativism runs deep[13] as she hates all immigrants[14] and even hates Christian missionaries[15] for going on overseas mission trips to save lives.

Coulter even trashed native-born Gov. Nikki Haley,[16] calling her an “ignorant immigrant.” Haley’s roots weren’t pure enough, unlike Coulter’s which trace back to the Puritans.[17]


Race figures prominently in Coulter’s worldview[18] and remarkably so. Yet, she remains very confused in her racial constructions,[19] regards diversity as white,[20] seeks a restoration of a white WASP nation,[21] and argues that she and Trump deserve a “racism credit”[22] for seeking to help blacks even as she advocates for her own (white) racial grievance industry.[23]

Make America White Again


To that end, Coulter adopts and furthers neo-Confederate ideas,[24] continually defends the Confederacy and Confederate flag, and has actually confused the Confederate and American flags![25]

Coulter’s (and Trump’s) America is one where the elite few (like Coulter and Trump) would determine the nature of our national identity[26] at the expense of individual liberty,[27] the Constitution,[28] and our founding ideals.[29]

If one is truly America first, then one must be #NeverTrump!

[A new book, #NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia, examines the origins, worldview, and impact of the Alt-Right movement. It is now available on Amazon at]


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