Trump is STILL Coulter’s God

Self-described Christian conservative and evangelical Ann Coulter began 2016 by extolling her worshipful devotion to The Donald.


Asked to describe her actual relationship with Trump, Coulter replied, “Blind worship.”

Blind worship? “It’s a little like the North Korean people with their dear, dear leader.”

Nine months later, Coulter expanding her adoration for Trump, claiming that she would die for him.

In a taped interview for Politico, Coulter boasted, “I worship him like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leader.’ Yes, I would die for him.” Later in that same interview, Coulter emphasized, “Like a North Korean, absolutely. He’s my ‘Dear Leader.’ He’s the ‘Dear Leader.’”

Yes, she calls Trump “my” Dear Leader, then “the” Dear Leader, as if there could be no other.

Hence her book title displacing God: In Trump We Trust.

(By the way, her book did not make the New York Times bestseller list. It made the Also Selling list.)

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