#NeverTrump = Atheists?

Ann Coulter asserts a nebulous connection between the Never Trump movement and atheism.



A large percentage of #NeverTrump members belong to that movement precisely because of their faith.

On the Eric Metaxas Show (10/3/16), Coulter argued that George Will and Charles Murray are opposed to Trump because “they are both atheists.”

Coulter then argued:

“I guess status matters. As I always say, the reason status doesn’t matter to Christians is we’re looking up. If you have nothing to look up to, if you’re not getting your standard from God, then you have to look around. It’s either lateral or horizontal or vertical. You’re looking around and it matters to you – the opinion of other people.”

This is a rather strange argument for Coulter to make, especially given Coulter’s repeated boasts of worshiping Trump as her Savior and her condemnations of Christian leaders who oppose Trump.

A substantial number of evangelicals oppose Trump because they discern the huckster beneath the veneer. They recognize a libertine liberal bully masquerading as a champion for the people and a savior of the nation.

I suspect there are far more atheists in the #OnlyTrump camp than the #NeverTrump one.


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