How Ann Coulter Became a Psychopath

Ann Coulter has long been recognized as a high-end narcissist.

Where is Coulter on the Narcissism Spectrum? The following chart offers my perspective.[1]

Narcissism Spectrum

Coulter could learn much from George H.W. Bush. Sen. Alan Simpson’s tribute to the later George H.W. Bush included these words: “He was a man of such great humility. Those who traveled the high road of humility in Washington D.C. are not bothered by heavy traffic.”

But Coulter won’t. For her, other people are merely “’objects’ that [she moves] around to meet [her] needs.” This objectification of people falls in well with the sociopathic and psychopathic traits discussed below. It also explains Coulter’s willingness – even eagerness – to betray friends, colleagues, and other people who trust her!

Narcissists have shame over public exposure of their faults, but they project their personal (private) guilt (if they have any) onto others. For narcissists, appearances matter far more than reality. They want to feel good about themselves.

Coulter gets her validation and approval – and her sense of self-worth – through praise, book sales, talk show appearances, red carpet events, networking and cavorting with elites of all kinds, her socio-economic status, being seen as a mover and shaker and as a sex symbol, and wielding the power of a provocateur to provoke others (controlling their emotions) while remaining unscathed from the consequences.

As a narcissist, Coulter has a desperate need to control everything so that nothing can bring her shame.

Coulter was raised in a shame-based family and religious culture and shame is her greatest fear.

Did you know that Coulter also ranks high on a scale for sociopaths and that she is a mid-range psychopath?

Degrees of Sociopathy and Psychopathy

There is often a correlation between narcissism and sociopathy and/or psychopathy.

Coulter registers at the high end of the Sociopath Scale and is probably mid-range on the Psychopath Scale.

Sociopath and Psychopath Scales

I have never seen Ann express or exhibit guilt over hurting people, whether personally or professionally. Indeed, she takes delight in provoking people, enjoys employing elimination rhetoric, and loves attacking the recently dead and grieving.

Ann experiences no guilt over anything and exhibits no shame in attacking and wounding others. But she does experience shame when it comes to herself. She hates criticism of herself, hates being viewed as a liar, racist, or fool. She feels shame when she fails to measure up to her various self-identities, such as beauty, brains, and balls. She feels shame when her jokes fall flat, her witticisms are proven witless, and her credentials are credibly challenged.

In other words, any shame Ann feels is because of how people view her as opposed to how she treats others. Her shame in inward-oriented, not outward-directed. The world could end tomorrow and she would be fine with that as long as the world loved her.

Twenty years ago, Ann boasted that she was obsessed with biographies of serial killers (“studies of serial killers”), saying, “I actually am sort of interested in it.”[2] Would she, herself, kill anyone? I doubt that. Does she take pleasure in the death of other people? Quite often. Did she, as a child, exhibit cruelty toward animals or insects? I don’t know. But, throughout her career as a journalist, she has exhibited cruelty toward her fellow human beings.[3]

As noted on Quora (emphasis added): “Her pronouncements may seem outlandish and are often astoundingly untrue, but she has a sociopath’s flair for framing her actions in a moral or noble way. When she is exposed in a lie, she dramatically plays a martyr. … I think she cares about having lots of attention and making lots of money. When she inevitably loses popularity, she will become ever more desperate, even clownish in her attempts to get the attention that every narcissist needs so badly. Intelligence and self-insight don’t always go together. I think she is capable of experiencing triumph, but never peace or true happiness.  It is sad.”

So sad. Ann is truly to be pitied.

How, why, and to what extent did Ann Coulter become a psychopath? For in-depth answers, see Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged!

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis in this holistic exposé of how and why Coulter has become such a warped human being.

Joker addresses the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, familial, sexual, and spiritual dimensions which have shaped the Ann Coulter that we know today and it highlights both the positives and the negatives of Coulter’s life and career.

Ann’s brokenness provides an object lesson for all of us and, hopefully, this book will act as an intervention to help Ann face her deep brokenness and motivate her to seek healing and restoration.


[1]              See also and

[2]              Ann Coulter, Rivera Live, CNBC, 7/28/99.

[3]              See Lydia Cornell’s harrowing experiences at the hands of a wrathful Coulter (The Wrath of Ann) in her Foreword to Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged! Consider Coulter’s approval of attacking President Obama’s daughters!

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