.@AnnCoulter Trashes Elise Stefanik

In a flurry of late-night tweets, Ann Coulter trashes pro-Trump and pro-America Elise Stefanik.

Coulter’s fans and critics alike have skewered Coulter’s bizarre remarks and hypocrisy.

Why does Coulter support Lynn Cheney, who hates Trump and Trump’s base? Because Coulter hates Trump and Trump’s base.[1] They are both virulently anti-Trump and both zealously sought Trump’s impeachment.

Why is Coulter so opposed to Elise Stefanik, who is pro-Trump, pro-America, and zealously opposed Trump’s impeachment? Coulter’s #TDS provides the answer.[2]

Here is a sampling of astute observations:

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged explains why Coulter has become so bizarre and suffers from both #TDS and #PTDS.

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[1]              See @AnnCoulter’s Grand Bargain at https://wp.me/p4jHFp-uM.

[2]              See Crazy @AnnCoulter Demands Trump Conviction for Wall at https://wp.me/p4jHFp-uR.

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