.@AnnCoulter Can’t Even Remember What She Wrote About Trump

In a bizarre tweet, Ann Coulter claimed to have only mentioned Trump twice in her columns this year. FACT CHECK: 10 times! (Several Coulter columns were devoted to Trump!)

Is Ann Coulter Going Senile?

Here are the ten times Coulter “mentioned” Trump.

(Of note, her first two columns were entirely devoted to haranguing Trump and she ferociously sought for the Senate to convict Trump on the Left’s bogus trumped-up hoax impeachment 2.0.)

January 6, 2021 title: “The Election Is Over. Here’s the Truth About Trump.”

January 13, 2021 title: “Most Disloyal Man in History Finally Finds a Cause Worth Fighting For.”

January 20, 2021 lead sentence: “Why can’t liberals ever just let Trump hang himself?”

February 10, 2021 lead sentence: “Senate Republicans should offer to convict Donald Trump in return for Democrats agreeing to fund the wall.”

February 24, 2021 phrase: “the Proud Boys officially announced they would not be attending Trump’s Jan. 6 rally

March 9, 2021 key sentence: “Here’s a tip, Democrats: Trump was all talk, no action.”

March 10, 2021 phrase: “other presumed Trump supporters

March 17, 2021 key paragraph: “Even the election of Donald Trump, a ridiculous creature who became president by promising to crack down on illegal immigration and build a wall (promises he ignored), hasn’t put a dent in Washington’s enthusiasm for overwhelming the country with the third world.”

May 5, 2021 key paragraph: “I’m one of those Republicans, having enthusiastically supported Alan Keyes in at least one of his three presidential runs, Herman Cain in 2012 (9-9-9!) and Ben Carson, as my backup to Trump, in 2016.”

May 12, 2021 sentence: “And of course there was the fact that Trump had floated the lab theory.”

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged explains why Coulter has become so bizarre and suffers from both #TDS and #PTDS.

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