Wacky @AnnCoulter Mocks Tulsa Massacre

#WackyNutJob Ann Coulter exposed the hardness of her heart in a single tweet mocking the Tulsa Massacre.

Ann Coulter mocks Tulsa Massacre. What next? Holocaust? Pearl Harbor? 9/11?

With one tweet, Coulter revealed her heartlessness, racist views, and eagerness to exploit tragedy wherever she finds it (a decades-long pattern for her).

In doing so – as an acclaimed (faux) leader within the conservative movement – Coulter has tarnished the reputations of all conservatives. Moreover, Coulter has given ammunition to those who contend that all conservatives are white supremacists.

Likewise, as a once-exalted (faux) Christian leader, Coulter has besmirched all Christians and the body of Christ as heartless hypocrites lacking compassion and convictions.

The following observations on Twitter are spot on.

Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, hideous human being
Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, pitiful person
Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, dead career, Alt-Right Queen
Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, Holocaust, 9/11, stereotypical ugly American
Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, hate-filled heart
Ann Coulter, Tulsa Massacre, NOT a good role model

See Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged at https://bit.ly/2TttHtF.

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis of Coulter’s worldview and character flaws which have resulted in the abhorrent pathologies she exhibits.

  • See Case Study: Politics of Death
  • See Case Study: Alt-Right
  • See Case Study: America in Black and White
  • See Case Study: WASP America

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