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Shallow @AnnCoulter Makes Massive Blunders!

In a scant five hours, “journalist” Ann Coulter made two massive blunders.

Coulter is often very shallow, with little depth. She is superficial, not substantive. She often makes snap judgments and reaches simplistic conclusions based on a superficial look. Remember: Coulter famously said that she could solve America’s immigration crisis using Tinder!

Coulter’s first blunder was a retweet about the Bail Project nonprofit. Coulter falsely claims,

“It’s almost all women in that picture. Men need to marry women to keep them out of politics.”

Problem number one: There are at least 15 men in that photo.

Problem number two: Two of Coulter’s political heroines are Margaret Thatcher and Phyllis Schlafly, both of whom were political leaders and married mothers. In fact, Coulter wrote a lengthy obituary for Schlafly. (Perhaps Ann simply forgot. The aging process will do that.)

Coulter is merely perpetuating her two-plus-decades long jihad against the 19th Amendment and assault on women in general (“girl” cops, “girl” soldiers) and liberal women in particular (whom she regularly depicts as fat, ugly, and stupid).

Coulter’s second blunder was a retweet of a New York Times article (Zelensky Answers Hamlet) in which she, again, erroneously claims,

“It’s disturbing to see how many Americans can be easily whipped into a frenzy or hate or adoration.”

The problem: The photo depicts British Parliament, where the events of the story take place.

Coulter was once a Congressional aide, but now she mistakes Parliament for Congress?

I remember when Coulter confused the American and Confederate flags!

Ann Coulter is increasingly having difficulty in differentiating between fact and fiction, largely due to her Trump Derangement Syndrome and her insistence that everyone who disagrees with her about anything is wrong or evil.

Why is Ann Coulter, who prides herself on doing her own research, so derelict in discerning the facts which are so blatantly self-evident in the photos and articles she retweets? That she actually does not read beforehand what she tweets about is becoming more obvious by the day.

What are the reasons for Coulter’s dysfunctional behavior and shoddy journalism?

See Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged at for greater insight.


.@AnnCoulter Rejects Ukraine’s Heroism and Accepts Putin’s War Crimes

Ardent isolationist Ann Coulter resurrects the spirit of Charles Lindbergh, who was an apologist for Hitler and shared many of his views on the preservation of the white race.

If Lindbergh was pro-Hitler, Coulter is pro-Putin.

Replying to a tweet noting the massive number (almost a million at that time) of Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland, Coulter tweeted:

“Yeah, but they get Ukrainians. We get the Tsarnaev brothers, the Pulse nightclub shooter, the illegal who just murdered all his kids in CA, and a million Mexican meth and fentanyl dealers.”

(Don’t expect any compassion or empathy from Ann.)

Coulter had previously dismissed Putin with this tweet:

“I have no idea what sanctions against Putin will work at this late date, but I suggest we start with mask mandates, quarantines, and mandatory lockdowns.”

Coulter even suggested that Putin’s War is a false flag operation:

“Have you noticed a lot of the Ukraine fire footage on TV looks suspiciously like stock shots from Kenosha or Seattle?”

In the first of two back-to-back columns on Ukraine, Coulter demanded: “Stop Talking About Ukraine, Republicans!” She wrote:

“Whenever you see any media talking about Ukraine, your Pavlovian response should be, Oh, I see. They don’t want me to think about immigration or crime.”

Continuing that thought, Coulter stated:

“This year, the worshipful reverence for Ukraine’s borders has the added bonus of blocking Americans from thinking about immigration and crime.”

Coulter continued:

“In our ruling class’s ideal country, there will be nothing but defense contractors, Black Lives Matter activists and Latin American gardeners.”

Coulter even blamed Trump for Putin’s war.

Coulter also contends:

“Republicans ought to be talking their heads off about the unprecedented crisis at our border, Afghan ‘refugees’ raping little kids in our country, illegal aliens hauling meth and fentanyl into our country, rampant shoplifting, carjacking and assaults destroying neighborhoods in our country.”

Coulter concluded her first column with dripping sarcasm:

“GOP 2022 Contract With America: ‘Putin’s like Hitler.’”

In reality, Putin IS like Hitler. Both committed atrocious war crimes and were responsible for massive refugee crises.

Coulter said the 24/7 media coverage of the Russian-Ukrainian War is a diversion designed to help Biden and Democrat Party prospects in the upcoming election. This is conspiracy theory nonsense. Wars always get intense media coverage, especially one as dramatic and impactful as Putin’s War.

American Thinker agrees:

“And it’s silly to think that the war has distracted Americans from the country’s festering domestic woes.  Sillier still is the idea that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is Biden’s means of offloading the troubles he’s created.  Biden and his hapless White House handlers would surely love to pin Biden’s across-the-board failures on a distant war.  But a majority of Americans aren’t suckers.”

“Moreover, importantly, all politics are local and personal.  Middle- and working-class Americans are seeing their paychecks shrink daily as their family budgets continue to stretch.  That’s happened for many months now.”

Coulter’s opening paragraph in her second column managed to diminish the import of the Russian-Ukrainian War and … attack Jared Kushner!

“As World War III looms in Europe, we must put narrow partisan differences aside and tap the brain power of the greatest minds among us. It is time for the Biden White House to call upon … Jared!”

(Coulter always blames Jews.[1] By the way, the heroic and Churchillian Zelensky is Jewish.)

Coulter recounted U.S. policy vis-à-vis Russia from Obama to Biden and remarkably gave credence to the Russia Hoax, writing,

“(This was absolutely NOT an insane conspiracy theory supported by zero evidence.)”

Coulter’s conclusion?

“Unlike the experts and journalists whose deep study has led them to a sophisticated take on Russia (that flips back and forth with the politics of the moment), my position on Russia has been as unchanged as the Rock of Gibraltar, at least since the end of the Cold War. Coincidentally, it is exactly the same as my position on Taiwan, Haiti, Uganda and North Korea.”

“It is this: Tens of millions of illegals are pouring across our border and must be stopped.”

(Remember, Coulter claims that ALL immigrants are bad!)

In other words, let the whole world go to hell in a hand basket and let refugees die the deaths they deserve for not being Americans.

War crimes are OK for Coulter.

At least Lindbergh was appalled at what he saw in Nazi death camps!

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[1]              See Case Study: #BlameJewsFirst in Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged at