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Coulter’s Messianic Complex

From almost the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, Ann Coulter has treated him as the Savior of America, and of even the world.[1] She regards him as “America’s savior”[2] “who’s going to save America.”[3]

Coulter’s Messianic Complex

Of Trump, Coulter gushed: “my hero, our Savior, the man who’s going to save my world.”[4] Asked to describe her actual relationship with Trump, Coulter replied, “Blind worship.”

Coulter warns, “America is the most consequential nation on Earth … If America falls, it will be a thousand years of darkness for the entire planet.” A Trump defeat would mean “it is lights out for the entire world for a thousand years!”[5]

In Coulter’s eyes, the source of America’s (and the world’s) salvation is not God but Donald Trump – and Ann Coulter!

Coulter frequently couches her views in terms of God blessing America through Trump – and through Coulter herself since the thesis of her book, Adios, America!, creates and permeates Trump’s immigration and foreign policy.

Headline: “The woman who tells Donald Trump what to think.” Coulter boasts of being the brains behind the Trump campaign. Her idol worship is obvious as she crows, “I’ve been doing nothing but watching Trump on TV. I wish there was a Trump channel where you could just watch him 24 hours a day. I’d never sleep.”

But she is more than an idol worshipper; Coulter is Trump’s consigliere. In Adios, America!, Coulter claims: “I’ve detailed everything he’s saying. He gives the campaign speeches on it. My book is the footnotes.”[6]

On Newsmax Prime, Coulter reiterated a sentiment she has often expressed: “Thank God [Trump] read Adios, America! I feel like one of those insects that give birth and then can go off and die.”

(Does anyone believe Ann is going to go quietly into the night and die having given birth to the Trump Phenomenon?)

As reported in The Times: “For his sake, she says, she has been prepared to wreck her career. While he campaigned in the primaries, she followed him from state to state, appearing on local talk radio shows. She met with Trump and told him: ‘I’m the only one losing money trying to get you in the White House, you’re going to listen to me.’”

Except, Coulter has sacrificed nothing for either Trump or her country. She loves every moment of being in the limelight, of being one election away from close ties to the White House, of publishing yet another bestselling book, of saving America according to her plan.

Coulter has always seen herself as the ultimate power-broker, whether in local, state, or national elections. Continuing her modus operandi from the 2000,[7] 2004, 2008[8] and 2012[9][10] election cycles, Coulter championed her man and defamed his opponents. Coulter did so this election cycle, supporting Mitt Romney,[11] until Trump appeared on the scene.[12]

Now, Coulter declares Trump the perfect candidate and her current Savior. Therefore, if America’s Savior is Donald Trump it is only because of Coulter, thus, Coulter is also America’s Savior.

Coulter remains seated at the left hand of Trump dispensing the wrath of her Savior.


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Are Coulter’s ‘Facts’ Right?

Ann Coulter has been sacked by the Truth[1] more often than RG3 has been sacked by the Detroit Lions.

Coulter often does speak truth, but she all too often tells lies. Discerning between truth and lies can be problematic with Coulter. During her latest book tour, Coulter has told countless lies. Small lies. Big lies. Smug lies. Hurtful lies. Shameful lies.


One tactic Coulter uses to present her propaganda[2] (to promote herself and her agenda) is that of speaking with conviction. She will forcefully and vehemently lie with the expectation that her seeming conviction will convince others of her falsehoods.[3]

Coulter v. Colmes

Before highlighting some of the many falsehoods from Coulter’s current book tour (so many lies, so little time), it would be instructive to consider an exchange with Alan Colmes:[4]

Coulter: “The truth about immigration is always the same; the lies are always different. I look at the studies. You know, you have to read down and figure out, where’s the lie here? Where’s the lie there? They lie in all different kinds of ways.”

Colmes: “So whenever I present data you don’t like, you just say it’s a lie.”

Coulter: “Exactly!

Colmes: “So every study is wrong except the ones you quote?”

Coulter: “Look! I show the data. You can look at it yourself.”

Whenever Coulter is confronted with facts she cannot refute, she will dismiss them or deny their veracity.

Coulter’s False “Facts” on Her Book Tour

Here are just a few of Coulter’s many prevarications:

[The hyperlinked headings provide the truth about her fraudulent claims.]

ISIS poses no threat to the American homeland.[5] “I don’t even care about ISIS! … ISIS is not at our doorstep.”[6] And, “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.”[7]

ISIS: 0.[8] Dismissing the terrorist threat in America, Coulter concluded a column: “Now go back to worrying about ISIS.”[9]

America has taken in 25% of Mexico.[10] “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.”[11] And, “We’ve taken one quarter of Mexico’s population.”[12]

Civil rights[13] are only for blacks.[14] “The only time you should be able to sue for discrimination is if you are an African-American. That’s it! That’s it! I don’t want to hear about anybody else. You can hire whomever you want to. You can fire whomever you want to. … Civil rights are for blacks.”[15]

Diversity is white.[16] Ann Coulter’s America is exceedingly small and insular. Coulter crows, “It used to be more diverse, admittedly from white, Western European countries, mostly. But I consider, you know, the Scotch, the Irish, the English – I think that’s enough diversity. That really mixes it up for me.”[17]

America will be a WASP nation again.[18] Coulter explained (emphasis added): “It’s a monochromatic WASP country that other ethnicities have come to and for the first 400 years of its existence, (as a colony and then as a country) the ‘wildly diverse’ immigrants were other white western Europeans. That was the extent of the diversity.”[19]

And, “Send me a million people who want to come to America, and I will decide them all before breakfast. I can pretty much decide on looks; it would save a lot of money.”[20]

Coulter has never been accused of racism.[21] “One thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist. Um, anyone, anyone who reads my book – or, or Mugged – will see, um, that that would be a very difficult case to make.”[22]

All immigrants are bad.[23] “My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones.”[24]

Pro-lifers are putzes[25] and sissies.[26] “Exactly. So sick of the anti-abortion machismo from right wing sissies.”[27]

And, “… their big thing is to keep talking about this abortion thing. Well, that’s great if it were 1977. I’d think you’re really brave and you’re doing a great thing. But I kind of think you’re just a putz imitating what was good forty years ago at this point.”[28]

Mitt Romney was better than Reagan.[29] “[Romney] did better than Reagan did. I think that’s pretty good.”[30] And “The best we ever had was Mitt Romney.”[31]

Donald Trump could win as a third-party candidate.[32] “[A third party candidacy] would be fantastic! Go, Trump, Go!”[33] And “I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win.”

Hillary Clinton will be Democrat nominee.[34] “I promise you Jeb or Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency.”[35] And, “You have to vote for Hillary over those two[36] [Bush and Rubio].”[37]

Nikki Haley is an ignorant immigrant:[38] “Well, I’m a student of American history. On the other hand, [Nikki Haley] is an immigrant and does not understand America’s history.”[39]

Ted Cruz is ineligible to be President:[40] “Ted Cruz gave a good answer on immigration. Too bad he’s not a natural born citizen!”[41]

Carly Fiorina is just a woman who can talk:[42] “I’ve turned against [Carly Fiorina] as of yesterday with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns. … At first, I admit I was suspicious because I hate this, ‘Oh, a woman can talk, oh, isn’t that’s great?’”[43]

Ann Coulter is better that Donald Trump.[44] “Trump’s a piker compared to moi.”[45]

Coulter is Not Conservatism’s Best

Delusions of grandeur aside, Coulter cannot be trusted because she thinks too highly of herself and she regards her lies as superior to the truth that we all need to make informed decisions.

RG3 boasted: “I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league, and I have to go out and show that … There’s guys in this league that have done way more than me. But I still view myself as the best because that’s what I work toward every single day.”

Throughout her book tour,[46] Coulter has boasted about her superiority,[47] praising herself[48] and her book.[49]

Coulter is sacked by truth on a weekly, if not almost daily, basis. Until Coulter speaks the truth and sticks with the truth, Conservatives should not stick with Coulter.[50]


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Coulter Trumped Up

Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations have dovetailed well with Ann Coulter’s book tour for her most recent polemic, Adios, America! However, Trump’s media firestorm – and Coulter’s response to it – says more about Coulter than it does about America.

Coulter “Dines” With Trump


In a fascinating dialogue with Alan Colmes, Coulter claimed, “I am having dinner with [Trump] tonight,”[1] implying it was a private dinner. After Colmes queried her several times about this dinner, Coulter explained, “There will be 500 people there.”

So, it was to be a Trump event, not a personal tête-à-tête. But then Coulter explicitly made the point that she would be “sitting at his table,” suggesting favored treatment by Trump. (Was she invited by him to sit at his table or did she pay for a meet-and-greet?)

Colmes later asked whether she expected to have “any one-on-one time” with the Donald. Coulter expressed hope, saying “I just wanted to slap him on the back, shake his hand, tell him to keep up the work, and tell him to cite my book.” So, it’s really all about her book![2]

I’m reminded of a very desperate Coulter pleading for President Bush to hold her second book in public.[3] (Nothing has changed after all these years!) Coulter’s first book in four years, Slander, was being published and she was desperate for success. At that year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, she pleaded with Ari Fleischer, President Bush’s press secretary. What did Coulter want? For the president to be seen carrying her book!

Coulter begged Fleischer: “I will do anything! I’ll swear to you you’ll like it! I will do anything!

Trump NOT Using Coulter’s Book?

Tweeting about a column by her good friend, Mickey Kaus, Coulter wrote: “BRILLIANT ANALYSIS. (But I’m expecting more than a little asterisk ‘honorable mention,’ Mickey.)” In his brilliant analysis, Kaus wrote:

“*** I’ve just finished Ann Coulter’s anti-immigration polemic, Adios America!, which may have influenced Trump. Coulter talks a lot about immigrant rapists, but she doesn’t say Mexico is sending us the dregs of its society, nor does she suggest that most Mexican illegal immigrants are criminal types. She says they come from a peasant culture, and peasant cultures are not known for, say, their progressive treatment of women.”

Coulter actually disagrees with Kaus, arguing that Trump lifted his material from her.

“Yes [Trump got an advance copy], I’ve been broadcasting it like mad. I don’t know why he won’t admit it. … I’ve detailed everything he’s saying. He gives the campaign speeches on it. My book is the footnotes.”[4]

(According to Coulter, only the first chapter of her book discusses illegal immigration; the remainder addresses legal immigration. Trump’s immigration campaign focuses almost entirely on illegal immigration. Is Ann saying that Trump’s entire campaign derives from one chapter of her book?)

Coulter insists that Trump is promoting her book, only “not by name, and I’m a little ticked off by that.”[5] She claimed, “I’m going to bring up the fact that he got an advance copy of the book. All this stuff he’s saying is coming directly from my book.” Coulter argues, correctly, that “it would help him if more people read this book.”

But perhaps Coulter is wrong. Perhaps Trump is not getting his information from her book! (The world does not revolve around you, Ann.)[6] Trump has, in fact, cited sources other than Coulter. How does Coulter know that Trump has actually read her book? Perhaps this busy billionaire running a presidential campaign can’t spare even five minutes for her book.

Still, Coulter asserts, “Isn’t [Trump] magnificent? One thing – I think he could mention my book.”[7] Nevertheless, Coulter has no idea whether or not Trump has read it.

Coulter says she sent Trump an advance copy of her book. But why would she? Before Trump’s announcement as a GOP presidential candidate, Coulter considered him a clown.

Trump: Clown or Hero?

In April 2011, Coulter said, “I think Trump is a clown,” criticizing him for pretending to be conservative, for donations to Democrats, and for advocating a “birther conspiracy.”

[Dana Perino recently questioned conservative support for a candidate who is clearly not a conservative: “The thing as I don’t understand on the point of this issue is the conservative purity that is demanded from most people on the conservative side, but for some reason, they’re totally accepting of a Donald Trump candidacy. When actually in his background, he has supported some of the most liberal policy positions and candidates in his career.”]

Four years later, when asked if Trump is still a clown, Coulter replied, “No, he’s magnificent now.”[8] Defending the erstwhile clown, Coulter averred, “We all make mistakes. He made a mistake after the 2012 election criticizing Romney for the self-deport language, so we all make mistakes. By-gones will be by-gones.”

Indeed, Coulter has actually endorsed Trump for president, saying, “I absolutely am [supporting Trump for President].”[9] Again, “Obviously, [I’m supporting] Donald Trump [for the GOP nomination].”[10]

In defending Trump, Coulter is actually defending herself. And promoting her book in the process – a sound marketing strategy. Yes, Trump’s campaign is a proxy for Coulter’s book tour, or so she would like it to be.

Donald Trump, a Male Ann Coulter

Perhaps looking in the mirror, Coulter exclaimed, “Donald Trump, I love him because he does talk a little like me, which is to say, blunt.”[11]

What did Trump say?

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Coulter loved that last line! “I thought it was nice when [Trump] said, ‘And I assume some of them are nice people.’ I loved that!”[12]

Again claiming to be the source for Trump’s derogatory remarks, she added, “And, by the way, he did get an advance copy of my book. He’s getting all that spicy stuff about Hispanic gang rapists from moi.”

Spicy stuff, indeed.

But when asked by Hannity to respond to GOP criticisms of Trump’stone” regarding Mexican immigrants, Coulter evaded his question.[13]

Coulter has even attacked her idol, Mitt Romney,[14] for criticizing Trump, asking, “Why? Then he comes out and condemns Trump? Trump speaks in a blunt, harsh manner that Romney doesn’t have to speak in. So what? You have to leap out and condemn him?”[15]

(I guess book sales are more important than the next election.)

Coulter is known to inject attacks on abortion into any conversation and constantly defends the humanity of the unborn – a humanity she seems loathe to extend to many who are living outside the womb.

Coulter once defended the paparazzi from charges of harassing the rich and famous. Coulter said, “You’re rich and famous. I mean, you people talking about how horrible it is to live with the paparazzi. Of all the problems there are in this world this is really kind of at the bottom of my list, I have to say. Who wouldn’t trade places with you guys?”[16]

Incensed at the notion of treating paparazzi as subhuman, Coulter barked, “It’s not below a human. Look, having your brains sucked out as a baby is below human.”

Surprisingly, Coulter is well known for being someone who treats (certain) other people as if they were, indeed, “below human.” Notably, Coulter literally loves Trump’s tone and his blanket categorization of Mexicans as rapists and criminals, as Coulter likes to say, “from primitive rape cultures.”[17]

Courage in Coulter’s Eyes

Coulter even calls Trump courageous for speaking out against immigration, a view unpopular with his sphere of friends and colleagues. She notes, “To be bad ass, you have to be saying something that people disagree with where you live.”[18] Again, “Courage is, is going against the people where you live, who your friends are.”[19]

But, Trump was a “clown” – in Coulter’s eyes – for promoting the birther conspiracy, which was also unpopular with his in-crowd.

Inconsistent? Yes.

Her friends and fans have similarly lauded Coulter as courageous for speaking out on immigration. This is utter nonsense. Coulter is a self-described provocateur and controversialist. She lives to create controversy. Coulter has built her career upon controversy.

And, in doing so, she has never had to face consequences for her actions. When she is right, she garners praise from her peers for being right. When she is justly criticized for her faults, she is hailed as a heroine who is the victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Thus, justified praise is affirmation of her heroism and justified criticism is affirmation of Coulter as a “victim” of liberal hatred. Both praise and reproach reinforce Coulter’s behavior – for good or ill. This could be called Coulter’s doctrine of heroic infallibility.[20]

Courage has nothing to do with it. Rather, Coulter’s conduct is predicated upon the belief that she – and she alone[21] – knows what is best for America, with the knowledge that her friends and colleagues will support her, no matter what, as they have done for decades.

Lest we forget, Ann Coulter is the premiere propagandist and what she sells most is herself.[22]

Update: Coulter contends that Trump could even win the presidency as a Third Party candidate. In her own words: “I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win.”


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