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New and revealing book – a portrait of Ann Coulter – just published!

Looksism pervades every aspect of Ann Coulter’s life, worldview, and relationships. It warps her perspectives in virtually every area of life. It manifests itself in her own versions of identity politics and critical race theory. And it distorts her own self-identity and perceptions of herself.

See LOOKER: Ann Coulter’s Mirror at www.coulterwatch.com/looker.pdf.

Porn Star is in Eye of the Beholder

Which porn star do you prefer: Melania Trump or Alicia Machado?


Donald Trump has repeatedly body shamed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Consequently, Trump supporters have flooded the Internet with pornographic photos of Machado to justify Trump’s sexist and derogatory behavior.

Funny thing is: Trump supporters decried any posting of any pornographic photo featuring Melania Trump.