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Coulter’s Book STILL Failed!

Almost three month after her failing book launch, Ann Coulter boasted, “[The Rob Lowe Roast] was the best advertising I got for my book. I got way more advertising out of it, more publicity than Rob Lowe did, before it even ran a week later.”


As reported earlier, in a stupendous election year with a magnificent candidate in Trump and massive #TrumpTrain fans, Coulter’s awesome book worshiping Trump failed to become a bestseller!

Ann, you really do have to work on your self-promotion. If the Coulter/Lowe Roast was your best publicity and you still failed miserably, then something is seriously wrong!

Coulter’s Book is NOT a Best Seller

In Trump We Trust is the second Ann Coulter book to not make the New York Times bestseller list. (Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 was her other failure.)


In an interview with Politico, Coulter praised Trump for his clever marketing strategy to increase her book sales. She said, “I think Trump accomplished three things by the fake-out on the softening. No. 1 one, most importantly, he helped promote my book.” Actually, that alleged strategy failed.

Coulter’s book debuts on the “Also Selling” portion of the New York Times bestseller list on September 18, 2016. Rank: 17.

What happened to all those Donald Trump lovers on the Trump Train? Either they don’t love Coulter as much or they don’t really love Trump.