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Coulter on Rape – Good for Politics

Ambulance-chasing Ann Coulter never lets a bad analogy go to waste, especially if it involves rape. Coulter sees rape when none exists or imposes rape into a political discussion for its emotional impact and to distract from the real issues at hand.


Coulter’s most recent foray into depravity was her claim that Donald Trump is the victim of media rape. She has fantasized about rape – being raped – for years.

Rape Fantasies

Coulter has likened immigration to rape.


Coulter claimed to be personally raped by immigration.


Coulter charged New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio with raping her again!


Chillingly, Coulter joked about being raped by political correctness.


Coulter defended Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of assault charges by claiming to have been gang raped.

Coulter Gang Raped

On the other hand, Coulter has little regard for either the victims of actual rape or their unborn children. Even opposition to a rape exception for abortion in tantamount to treason in Coulter’s eyes.


Nonetheless, Coulter is absolutely right to oppose the “epidemic” of false rape accusations on college campuses. One wonders why, then, she would perpetrate her own rape hoaxes.


Coulter lives by her own set of conflicting rules which necessarily create contradictions and cognitive dissonance. No wonder Coulter continues to lose credibility and relevance.

Ann’s Rape Fantasies

Polemicist Ann Coulter has an obsession with making bogus rape accusations to achieve her political ends. Her shock-jock technique of employing hyperbole in this way grotesquely trivializes actual rape. Strangely, Coulter frequently criticizes the rash of rape hoaxes perpetrated by the Left.

Rape Fantasies