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Ann Coulter Hates Princess Diana for What Coulter Is Not

WASP Ann Coulter, an avowed Anglophile, hates Princess Diana and has done so for over two decades. Why? Because Diana was everything Ann is not.

At her height, the world adored Diana; at Ann’s greatest notoriety, the world despised Coulter.

Surprisingly, Ann and Diana shared much in common. Both moved in elite circles; both suffered from insecurity and eating disorders; and both were, in different degrees, narcissists.

Where they differed is that Diana was open about her faults, whereas Ann “despised weakness of any kind.” Diana gave selfless love, whereas Ann was, and remains, a selfish opportunist.

People saw the courage and compassion shine through Diana’s faults; they see the flaws and dysfunctions beneath Ann’s professed virtues.

For more details, see Chapter 2: The Cuckolding of Conscience in the Beauty of Conservatism at http://bit.ly/2a79k0j.

Ann Coulter Despises the People’s Princess – Diana

Polemicist Ann Coulter hated Princess Diana in the 1990s and denounced her just days after her death.

Coulter’s hatred for Diana had not dissipated two decades later.

Ironically, Coulter herself has been credibly accused of being an “anorexic, bulimic, narcissist.”

The truth must hurt.

See Chapter 8: The Lost Art of the Eulogy: It’s All About ME! in Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory at http://bit.ly/1M2z2O5.

Ann Coulter Trashed Princess Diana Just Days After Her Death!

Ann Coulter passionately hated Princess Diana. She chose to trash the People’s Princess just days after her tragic death as the world grieved.

Why did Coulter trash Diana? For many reasons. Coulter viewed Diana as deficient as a human being because of her faults. Coulter couldn’t understand why so many people loved Diana. Coulter was jealous of the attention Diana got that she thought she herself deserved.

And Coulter could not discern Diana’s love and courage.

What did Coulter say about Diana?

It’s one thing to say, “Look, she had a difficult situation, it wasn’t her fault that Prince Charles walked out on her, and it wasn’t her fault that the paparazzi were following her around and catching her sleeping with all these useless playboys.” But you can’t say “We forgive her that” and “She’s a good mother.” You can’t have it both ways! What? You can’t! You’re saying you can be a round heel and a good mother? Her children knew she’s sleeping with all these men. That just seems to me, it’s the definition of “not a good mother.” … And it was well known the paparazzi were taking photos of her. She couldn’t hold back so the children wouldn’t know that she’s having premarital sex with some guy who doesn’t pay his debts to the 21 Club in New York?

Everyone’s incredibly mean to her. She’s the only good true person in her own version of her life and, maybe there were a lot of bad things that happened to her, but, boy is she paying them back now.”

Everyone! … It’s so unbelievable and so self-serving. She’s the only one who’s good and pure here. I mean, maybe she did have a tough life, but, boy, she’s getting her revenge: the Queen, her mother, her step-mother. She’s the only one who’s hurt and wounded.”

For details, see Chapter 2: The Cuckolding of Conscience in the Beauty of Conservatism at http://bit.ly/2a79k0j.

What Would Ann Coulter Eat?

If Ann Coulter can ask Who Would Jesus Kill (WWJK)? then we can surely ask What Would Ann Coulter Eat (WWACE)?

(This is a very abbreviated extract from a case study in Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged.)

When not drinking chardonnay, Coulter’s non-alcoholic beverage of choice is a Diet Coke.[1]

In a 2000 column, Coulter wrote, “If anyone ever opened my closets, they would have thought I belonged to some crazy survivalist cult that believes in storing a year’s worth of toilet paper and Diet Coke.”[2]

Ann’s current Twitter fan club, Anntensity, observed: “Coulter reacted with tacit satisfaction, calmly took a sip from her Diet Coke.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

“But here is Ann Coulter, fresh from a lecture and book-signing, sipping a glass of Diet Coke in a quiet conference room and exuding not venom and hatred but sunshine and light.”

“So fine-boned and slender she almost disappears when viewed sideways, she’s all glowing tan and shiny blond mane. A diamond tennis bracelet twinkles on her right arm. Her pale blue-gray eyes sparkle. With a smile she says no, she doesn’t write to shock.”

“She’s wearing a cropped jacket and a form-fitting spaghetti-strapped dress cut to her signature micro-mini length. (‘Skirts so short you can see her brains,’ a Salon wag wrote of her wardrobe.)”

“It’s an outfit that would look absurd on most women of 39 (by her account) or 41 (according to her voter registration record). But it flatters Coulter, who lacks thighs and wrinkles and could pass for a mid-20s grad student.”

Nicorette Gum

Not technically a food, Coulter often treats Nicorette gum as if it is a nutritional necessity.

Multiple interviewers have observed Coulter’s addiction to Nicorette. One noted, “I believe she was chewing her fourth piece of Nicorette…”[3] Another asked, “How does she stay so thin? Never ate, chewed gum all night.”[4] Another wrote, “[Coulter] devoured tablets of Nicorette gum as though they were Tic Tacs.”[5]

Coulter “chewed her third piece of Nicorette at a French café on the Upper East Side.”

To one interviewer, Coulter exclaimed, “I have two patches on right now – and Nicorette gum in my purse! I quit last October and I don’t feel any better – no better whatsoever. Plus, it’s like a miracle drug. When you’re upset, it calms you down.”[6]

Is Coulter so addicted to nicotine that she can’t quit?

Is Coulter so nervous before an appearance that she needs nicotine to appear in control?

Check out this fascinating off-air but on-camera exchange: [7]

FEMALE SPEAKER: “Did you want to keep the gum?”

ANN COULTER: “No, I have my little thing [container].”


ANN COULTER: “I’m waiting for them to come to me. It’s my Nicorette. So, it’s like smoking before I go on.


ANN COULTER: “Right? And they’re still chattering with Peter King. And then there will have to be a commercial.”


MALE SPEAKER: “I have two here.”

ANN COULTER: “I don’t think I’ll need another one before I go on, but thank you. If you can chop it up so I can snort it. That would help. …”

ANN COULTER: “Oh, OK. So, we do have a commercial before you come to me? OK, I’m putting my Nicorette back in.”

Coulter was relentlessly mocked for her rather endearing self-deprecating humor regarding nicotine. Yes, it is evidence of an addiction she cannot seem to kick. Her words were intentionally comical, yet her chewing was unintentionally exaggerated – chewing to get as much out of it as quickly as she could. This suggests Coulter experiences some measure of insecurity on set and requires her nicotine fix to be calm. (Remember, Ann suffers from panic attacks.)

From the moment I saw that clip, I felt it was endearing (but I repeat myself). Coulter exhibited genuineness and likeability. Her real personality appeared to shine through.

However, I would think that if one has been struggling with addictions for decades, one would have some measure of compassion for others with theirs.

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis in this holistic exposé of how and why Coulter has become such a warped human being.

Joker addresses the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, familial, sexual, and spiritual dimensions which have shaped the Ann Coulter that we know today and it highlights both the positives and the negatives of Coulter’s life and career.

Ann’s brokenness provides an object lesson for all of us and, hopefully, this book will act as an intervention to help Ann face her deep brokenness and motivate her to seek healing and restoration.


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