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Coulter’s Iraq War Nonsense

Is Ann Coulter lying – again – to sell a book?

In correcting the historical record, Ann Coulter has engaged in her own historical revisionism. Coulter recently responded to the recent left-wing gotcha question about the Iraq War[1] with facts, false assertions, and not-so-very-sound logic.


Let’s briefly revisit the Iraq War: superb invasion, disastrous occupation, a mid-war strategy change (surge) leading to victory and to a tenuous, fledgling democracy; hand-off to Obama.

Through Coulter’s looking glass this is what happened: “Iraq was perfect in every single way: we won. It was fantastic.”[2] (Remember, she once claimed, “As for catching Osama, it’s irrelevant. Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan.”[3])

Coulter Discounts WMD Rationale Altogether

Coulter devoted an entire column to the reasons for invading Iraq. In it, Coulter downplayed the issue of WMDs in a rather remarkable and trite manner. Coulter claims (emphasis added):

“The least important reason to invade Iraq – the one that was tacked on for the sole purpose of taunting liberals over their goofy reverence for the United Nations – was that Saddam had refused to allow U.N. weapons inspectors in, leaving the strong impression that Iraq was chock-a-block with WMDs. It was the equivalent of asking where the feminists were when we invaded Afghanistan – although technically, we didn’t invade because the Taliban were mean to women.”[4]

(Sorry, Ann, but you are wrong.)

According to Ann, “It was never about weapons of mass destruction. I mean, it was, because it was fun to taunt liberals about weapons of mass destruction. … The way weapons of mass destruction came up, that was merely to taunt liberals.”[5]

Actually (for those paying attention at the time), the suspected existence of WMDs was the primary reason given by the Bush administration for invading Iraq. Indeed, WMDs were at the crux of their argument that Saddam Hussein posed a potential or imminent threat to the United States and her allies. None of the other reasons cited by Coulter in her column posed a clear and present danger to the United States. WMDs were the principal and primary focus of the Bush administration’s attention.

Given the national and geopolitical stakes, I rather doubt that President Bush intended to needlessly taunt Democrats, whose support he needed for this grave undertaking. (Taunting should be reserved for those who deserve it.)

U.S. Immigration Created Iraq Disaster

Coulter’s deliberate misrepresentation of events less than a generation ago is bad enough, but her conclusion is astonishing and self-serving. Coulter concludes that five decades of immigration in the United States is the reason ISIS now controls so much of Iraq today.

To the question, “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion?” Coulter claims “The correct answer is:[6]

Now that we know that a half-century of Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act would result in a country where a man like Barack Obama could be elected president, and then, purely out of antipathy to America, would withdraw every last troop from Iraq, nullifying America’s victory and plunging the entire region into chaos, no, I would not bother removing dangerous despots in order to make America safer.

“Instead, I would dedicate myself to overturning our immigration laws, ending the anchor-baby scam and building a triple-layer fence on the border, so that some future Republican president could invade Iraq without worrying about a foreign-elected president like Obama coming in and giving it away.

Yes, Coulter is claiming that Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008 because of demographic changes in America due to immigration.

Coulter made this explicitly clear in a recent interview: “Obama never could have been elected in this country but for Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act. Never, never, ever, ever!”[7]

(Sorry, Ann, but you are wrong. Again!)

Obama was almost assured victory in 2008 due to a political perfect storm scenario: an economic crash under an unpopular Republican president, a war-weary electorate, a poor Republican candidate, a charming (black) Democrat candidate, identity politics, a liberal media rooting for Obama, etc.

Let’s not forget Coulter’s own contribution to Obama’s victory: her “Let’s Get Drunk and Vote for McCain” campaign.[8]

This is not the first time Coulter has been wrong – and purposefully so – in politicizing national security and military matters. (Sometimes Marie Harf makes more sense.) Coulter has compared Washington D.C. to war-zone Baghdad[9] and repeatedly defamed military war heroes for partisan political purposes.[10]

Now, Coulter does so to promote her next book.


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