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Death is Sexier Than Sex to Ann Coulter

According to one psychologist (emphasis added): “[Ann Coulter] most likely cannot achieve sexual satisfaction without extreme fetishes if at all, her interpersonal relationships are probably rocky with few real friends, and she is most likely an insecure, lonely, aging wreck at the end of the day. Think fatal attraction material without the actions.”[1]


This column’s title, “Death is Sexier Than Sex to Ann Coulter” is borrowed from my friend, Lydia Cornell from her 2005 column. Her “facetious” title is far more accurate than anyone could have grasped at the time and, indeed, is prescient regarding Coulter’s devolution of character and descent into darkness.

Coulter responded to Lydia by doxing her on the front page of Coulter’s website with the caption, “Death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell. Wait until I tell her about the death camps I have planned for liberals.”

Wow! Elimination rhetoric to the max. (Coulter left Lydia’s private information on her website for a full year, encouraging an abundance of hate mail and stalkers.)

Lydia concluded, “I didn’t realize the extent to which hate and death are such a turn-on for Coulter.”

Coulter does, indeed, have dark fantasies. She has an obsession with making bogus rape accusations (with herself as the victim) to achieve her political ends. She frequently delights in fantasizing about liberals being sodomized in jail.

Coulter Gang Raped

In a shocking interview, Coulter told Sunday Times Magazine (emphasis added): “I like being sexually assaulted.”[2]

Discussing the #MeToo movement, Coulter boasted (emphasis added): “I’ve had very, very aggressive men push me beyond where I’ve wanted to go. I thought it was a great date. I don’t think of it as an assault. I have fond memories.”

In light of that, Coulter’s familiarity with anal sex and fisting give one pause. Coulter as dominatrix has been a popular meme for twenty years.

Coulter - POTUS

For over fifty years – beginning as a kindergartener – Coulter has engaged in a battle of wills to achieve political supremacy and victory.

Apparently, her political confrontational style has crossed over into her romantic and sexual relationships, wherein she seeks a worthy opponent to subdue (or be subdued by).

Now, she confesses that she is “dying to be date raped.” Wow! (What would Mother think? Father?)[3]

No wonder Coulter employs elimination rhetoric so often, never misses a chance to taunt the recently deceased and bereaved, and appears utterly devoid of empathy. Remember, in 2006, Coulter was already being called “cruel.”


How did Coulter become so cruel? Why are hatred and death such turn-ons for Coulter? Why has the dark side taken over so much of Coulter’s heart, worldview, and life? For answers, see Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged!

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis in this holistic exposé of how and why Coulter has become such a warped human being.

Joker addresses the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, familial, sexual, and spiritual dimensions which have shaped the Ann Coulter that we know today and it highlights both the positives and the negatives of Coulter’s life and career.

Ann’s brokenness provides an object lesson for all of us and, hopefully, this book will act as an intervention to help Ann face her deep brokenness and motivate her to seek healing and restoration.


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[2]              This may be why Coulter has become an authority on anal sex and fisting.

[3]              According to multiple sources, at least one of Ann’s lovers was abusive and liked S&M. Author interviews.

Coulter Dictates

Since becoming a conservative celebrity in 1998, Ann Coulter has felt compelled to dictate to Americans whom they should vote for. In the last presidential cycle, Coulter foisted Romney on reluctant Republicans, and we all know how that turned out. (Although Coulter, alone, still thinks Romney was an “ideal” candidate who ran a “magnificent” campaign.)

Ever since Romney’s debacle in 2012, Coulter has insisted that only governors or senators run for president. (But wasn’t Romney a former governor?)

Now Coulter is becoming even more strident in her zeal to coronate the next Republican nominee.


Nevertheless, with the 2016 election almost two years away, Coulter is insistent that her choices – and only her choices – be considered as Republican nominees for President.

Coulter’s Criteria for President

On Fox & Friends, Coulter explained, “On the Republican side, for the first time ever, I would really like if we didn’t have a bunch of crazy candidates.”[1]

Those “crazy candidates” would, of course, be those who were not governors or senators.

Coulter again reiterated her general criteria for a presidential nominee: “If you haven’t been a governor or a senator – preferably a governor – please do not run for President as a Republican.”

She then whittled away specific candidates who do not conform to her criteria: “We do not want Carly Fiorina. I love her, but no, she can’t run.”

Who is “we,” Ann? Who says “we” don’t want Carly? And why “can’t” she run?

Coulter quickly continued, “Same thing with Ben Carson. Fantastic surgeon. I never wanted Ronald Reagan to be my surgeon.”

Who asked Reagan to perform surgery? How about another non sequitur – Did Ann ask Reagan to act?

Next, Coulter dispensed with an entire category of politicians: “You can’t have congressmen.”

What does Coulter mean by “You can’t have …?” Coulter is telling us (conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, Americans) whom we can or cannot nominate! What we can or cannot do!

Advocacy for a particular candidate or policy position is one thing, but dictating whom we can vote for is quite another.

Coulter’s Very Short List

In the end, Coulter offered conservatives her four choices for Republican presidential candidates: “No wasting time. It’s down to Romney, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, or Scott Walker. That’s it, Republicans!”

Romney and Christie are both on her very short list. 50% RINOs! Romney – her first choice! Again!

And why is Christie back in favor if amnesty is the single most important issue facing Americans today? Remember, Coulter claimed, “I’m now a single-issue voter (on immigration), so Christie is off my list.”[2] Moreover, Coulter insisted, “The only thing I can’t forgive [Chris Christie] for is amnesty.”[3]

It makes no sense!

I guess Coulter has forgiven Christie. Or, far more likely, she does not care that Christie is a RINO. All that matters to Coulter is that Christie is “electable.”

Coulter’s entire convoluted set of criteria for presidential candidates is not really about selecting the best candidate, but the most electable one. For Coulter, it’s about position, not policies.

Whereas most conservatives want a robust and vigorous debate, Coulter wants to stifle and control debate – and be the one in control.

When she tells us she ponders being “czar of the universe,” it should give us pause. When she admits that she wants and needs to be the “ayatollah of the conservative movement,” we have been forewarned. We have already seen her habitual abuse of power.

Principles have never been very important to Ann Coulter. Not in her personal life. Not in her professional life. Not in her spiritual life. And clearly not in politics.


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