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#WackyNutJob @Ann Coulter

Incredibly, President Trump’s nickname for Ann Coulter – #WackyNutJob – is more than accurate.

Megachurch pastor and author Chris Hodges observed (emphasis added), “If we allow our self-pride to grow, it will lead to insanity.”[1]

Coulter’s self-pride has filled her heart, hardening it to God, truth, and reality.

Coulter – “Wacky Nut Job”

Is Coulter a wacky nut job?

Coulter’s wackiness was evident in November, 2018, when she tweeted:

Seriously? Coulter has falsely argued that Trump’s agenda is that of Jeb!

Here, she claimed that Hillary would have been a better president than Trump.

In reality, there was no Republican candidate who could have done a better job than Trump is doing right now. Trump has been phenomenal in many areas, good on most, but falls short on others. Trump has proven himself a fighter in spirit, reminiscent of William Wallace.

Coulter’s suggestion that Hillary would have been better than Trump belies the fact that nothing Trump accomplished would have been executed by Hillary.[2] Indeed, Clinton would have covered-up all of her shenanigans prior to and during the 2016 election cycle, would have solidified the Deep State, and would have run pell-mell toward the far-left fringe of the Democrat base, cementing and expanding upon Obama’s legacy. All without a wall!

Instead, Trump has been steadily dismantling the Obama legacy and making America First his top priority.

Coulter’s hubris compels her to believe that her single issue – the wall – is paramount to everything else. Her myopic vision blinds her to the bigger picture. She needs to replace her electron microscope with a telescope to see more clearly.

But Coulter’s pride prevents her from even considering that she might be wrong.

Wacky is the perfect word to describe many of Coulter’s positions and tweets. Here we will address just a few of the most recent inanities offered up by the erstwhile goddess of the conservative movement.

For example, Coulter lashed out at Trump, using the marriage of her best friends, George and Kellyanne Conway, as a foil. Her betrayal of her friends, whom she has known for over two decades, posed a threat to the health of their marriage.

Five days later, Coulter insanely tweeted that Trump “hasn’t kept any of his promises.” (She would still make that claim even if he had kept every promise but one – the wall.)

Two particular points stand out regarding the above tweet. First, she is giving aid and succor to the enemy (as she has often done over the past year or so), ostensibly to “pressure” Trump to do her bidding.

Her strategy of bullying and threats against Trump – going back well before his 2016 election victory – is obviously not working, yet she continues to behave in the exact same manner as before, somehow, expecting different results.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results (e.g., like Progressives’ vain pursuit of a Socialist Paradise).

Second, Coulter hyperbolically contends that Trump “hasn’t kept any of his promises.” We know this to be an utter, bald-faced lie.[3]

Trump’s supporters know it is a lie and love the abundance of promises that he has kept.

Trump’s detractors also know it is a lie and they hate the abundance of promises that he has kept.

It appears that Coulter is alone in believing that Trump “hasn’t kept any of his promises.”

Is Coulter channeling her inner Ross Perot? She certainly appears to be channeling her inner Rachel Maddow and Adam Schiff by promoting a demonstrable lie to attack President Trump.

Coulter has surprisingly joined the ranks of the delusional #Resistance (which she once claimed is futile!), suffering from late-onset #TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

The next day, upon hearing of the Mueller Report’s vindication of Trump, Coulter tweeted:

Again, Coulter’s tweet betrays the depths to which she has sunk in her own delusions. Her advocacy for collusion (with a wall) is utterly nonsensical. If the Trump presidency were to be brought down over collusion (real or fabricated), Coulter’s wall would be null and void.

Really? Law and order are now inconsequential? Justice no longer matters? Restoring the integrity of our institutions of government is unimportant? Bringing down a presidency and subverting our republican government by a coup employing false narratives to overturn the results of the 2016 election – that is of no consequence?

Moreover, why would a law-and-order conservative want any president to be falsely convicted of being a Russian agent (the Left’s delusion)? Coulter’s inner Jerry Nadler grows stronger by the day.

Coulter would destroy the entire #MAGA #AmericaFirst agenda – and the integrity of our governmental and cultural institutions – all for the sake of a wall!

Coulter recently announced that she favors Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Coulter wants a wall and doesn’t mind all that “socialist stuff!” She said she would vote for – and work for – Sanders!

Ever since Trump won his election, Coulter has claimed that she wished she had voted for Gore (2000), Kerry (2004), and Clinton (2016). Now, she’s favoring Sanders (2020).

Why? Because, at one point or another, each of those people has made a statement regarding immigration with which Coulter agrees.

Coulter has obviously not thought this through. She wants a wall and immigration moratorium to prevent the Left from seizing power forever. But she will endorse, vote for, and work for a Leftist … who promises a wall. But, in her books and columns and in interviews, Coulter has repeatedly observed that the Left never keeps its immigration promises. So, why believe them now?

If Sanders became president, with a far-left Democrat Congress in power, Coulter’s worst nightmare would unfold: an unbridled descent to a Socialist Paradise using the Green New Deal or using whatever name they want to call it. Welcome Venezuela 2.0.

For a wall? Consider this, every Socialist dictatorship has used walls to wall people in, not wall people out.

(This is an abbreviated extract from a case study in Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged.)

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis in this holistic exposé of how and why Coulter has become such a warped human being.

Joker addresses the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, familial, sexual, and spiritual dimensions which have shaped the Ann Coulter that we know today and it highlights both the positives and the negatives of Coulter’s life and career.

Ann’s brokenness provides an object lesson for all of us and, hopefully, this book will act as an intervention to help Ann face her deep brokenness and motivate her to seek healing and restoration.


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Bully Boy Trump!

The bully, Donald Trump, proved himself just a bloviating boy. In the end, bullies usually do.

David French related two key moments in the Houston debate.

Bull Boy Trump

First, The Donald insisted that Rubio “Be quiet. Just be quiet.” Why? Trump fears the truth, especially about himself.

As French put it, “An alpha male commands respect; a bully tries to rule by fear. But when no one is actually afraid, the bully looks foolish. When the bully demands silence but instead receives a sarcastic retort, he reveals that that his ‘strength’ was a mirage.”

George Will puts it this way: “Like all bullies, Trump is a coward, and like all those who feel the need to boast about being strong and tough, he is neither.”

Second, The Donald insisted that Cruz apologize. Why? Trump wants the truth, especially about himself, to go away. Trump wants to suppress the truth! Intimidation is his primary tactic to achieve that end.

French noted, “Once again, the bully made his demand, this time for an apology. Cruz refused to comply, and went on to make exactly the right point: that Trump would be the Democrats’ best ‘Republican’ friend.”

Rubio correctly characterized Trump as a “con artist,” a truth many have heralded since before Trump launched his presidential campaign. Cruz astutely noted that Trump cares nothing for the Constitution and would be a Barack Obama in whiteface.

As I and others have pointed out before, Trump is a braggart and a bully who holds neither conservative principles nor a Christian ethos. Jonah Goldberg argues, “His cheap macho posturing and boasting is simply tacky.”

Trump is, as Andrew McCarthy describes, “a fraud – a liberal Democrat posing as the Republican savior.” Transfixed by Trump, some people still “blindly worship” him as their “Savior”!

McCarthy outlines, on issue after issue, the fraudulent nature of Trump’s politics, persona, and character.

It is important to stress Trump’s own purported self-image, concocted for the moment, to garner votes. After the Houston debate, he claimed, “I’m a strong Christian.” On another occasion, he claimed, “nobody reads the Bible more than me.” Goldberg noted, “Either Donald Trump believes what he said, or he doesn’t. If he does believe this, he’s sufficiently delusional to disqualify himself for public office. If he doesn’t believe this, he thinks his conservative Christian supporters are morons.”

Trump also alleges, “I’m very conservative,” adding, “I’m the most conservative person in the world” on a host of issues. Even New York Magazine called him out on that one.

But Trump is following in the footsteps of his consigliere, Ann Coulter, who regards herself as both an exemplary conservative and extraordinary Christian. Coulter boasts, “I’m like the conservative ayatollah” and “I’m an extraordinarily good Christian.”

As an example of her good judgment and proof of her conservative and Christian credentials, Coulter said that she would actually marry Trump if he were available. Maybe they should (after his fourth divorce). They are made for each other.

[NOTE: This essay was originally posted on BrotherWatch at http://wp.me/p4scHf-df.]


Coulter Hawks Hillary – Again!

Remember the good old days when Ann Coulter hated John McCain so much that she vowed to campaign for Hillary?

Ann’s back!


Before we look at now, let’s recall what happened back then.

Coulter Backs Hillary in 2008

Early in the presidential race, McCain’s campaign seemed doomed, but then he staged a comeback. To counter McCain’s comeback, Coulter declared that Hillary Clinton was more conservative than John McCain. Coulter asserted, “I think [Hillary Clinton] would be stronger on the war on terrorism. I absolutely believe that.”[1]

Coulter later vowed, “I will campaign for her if it’s McCain [for GOP nominee].[2]

On a later show, Coulter reaffirmed her hatred for McCain, saying, “But I’m not going to vote for a Democrat, so I won’t vote for John McCain.”[3] She insisted that “Hillary would be better on national security.”

Earlier at a CPAC conference, Coulter quipped, “The only way I can promise that I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton is if John McCain appoints her as his vice president.”[4]

Coulter was saved from voting for Hillary due to Obama’s ascendency.

So much has changed since the Obama presidency began, yet so much is still the same.

Coulter Backs Hillary in 2015

In the meantime, Coulter briefly supported Chris Christie, and, later, fell into undying love for Mitt Romney,[5] a love which waxed strong until Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign.

Now, a newly enraptured Coulter[6] exclaims, “Donald Trump, my new hero!”[7]

So much so, that Coulter actually supports a third-party candidacy by Trump.[8] Coulter assumes that if Trump is not the nominee, then it will be either Bush or Rubio and that either of them would lose to Hillary. (A lot of disputable assumptions there.)[9]

Coulter hates Bush and Rubio as much as she hates McCain, so much so that she lets her hatred get the best of her. Coulter is so repelled at the thought of a Bush or Rubio presidency that, in the event Trump is not the nominee and that Trump does not run as a third-party candidate, she would throw her allegiance to Hillary Clinton. Again!

Coulter instructed her listeners, “You have to vote for Hillary over those two [Bush and Rubio].”[10]

Why? She explained: “At least with Hillary, she wants to socialize any other industries that haven’t been socialized, she wants to lose wars for us abroad, she wants to take your children away, make abortion mandatory, gay marriage mandatory, perhaps. There are a lot of items on her agenda. Whereas, Jeb and Rubio: single-mindedly focused on opening the border and passing amnesty.”

Yes! Coulter charges Hillary (whom she claimed is more conservative than McCain) with a very long list of very left-wing agenda items (which would, of course, include amnesty, but she fails to list that one) as reasons to vote for Hillary!


Coulter would rather support a Democrat nominee whose entire platform is far-left (including on immigration) than support Bush or Rubio, who would at least rein in the excesses of the Left.

Remember, Hillary is more pro-open borders than any GOP candidate! In May, Hillary announced, “We can’t wait any longer for a path to full equal citizenship. … This is where I differ from everybody on the Republican side. Make no mistake. Today, not a single Republican candidate – announced or potential – is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. Not one.”

Hillary reaffirmed his views on immigration just a few weeks ago.

When will Coulter support a real conservative?[11]


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Coulter’s Iraq War Nonsense

Is Ann Coulter lying – again – to sell a book?

In correcting the historical record, Ann Coulter has engaged in her own historical revisionism. Coulter recently responded to the recent left-wing gotcha question about the Iraq War[1] with facts, false assertions, and not-so-very-sound logic.


Let’s briefly revisit the Iraq War: superb invasion, disastrous occupation, a mid-war strategy change (surge) leading to victory and to a tenuous, fledgling democracy; hand-off to Obama.

Through Coulter’s looking glass this is what happened: “Iraq was perfect in every single way: we won. It was fantastic.”[2] (Remember, she once claimed, “As for catching Osama, it’s irrelevant. Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan.”[3])

Coulter Discounts WMD Rationale Altogether

Coulter devoted an entire column to the reasons for invading Iraq. In it, Coulter downplayed the issue of WMDs in a rather remarkable and trite manner. Coulter claims (emphasis added):

“The least important reason to invade Iraq – the one that was tacked on for the sole purpose of taunting liberals over their goofy reverence for the United Nations – was that Saddam had refused to allow U.N. weapons inspectors in, leaving the strong impression that Iraq was chock-a-block with WMDs. It was the equivalent of asking where the feminists were when we invaded Afghanistan – although technically, we didn’t invade because the Taliban were mean to women.”[4]

(Sorry, Ann, but you are wrong.)

According to Ann, “It was never about weapons of mass destruction. I mean, it was, because it was fun to taunt liberals about weapons of mass destruction. … The way weapons of mass destruction came up, that was merely to taunt liberals.”[5]

Actually (for those paying attention at the time), the suspected existence of WMDs was the primary reason given by the Bush administration for invading Iraq. Indeed, WMDs were at the crux of their argument that Saddam Hussein posed a potential or imminent threat to the United States and her allies. None of the other reasons cited by Coulter in her column posed a clear and present danger to the United States. WMDs were the principal and primary focus of the Bush administration’s attention.

Given the national and geopolitical stakes, I rather doubt that President Bush intended to needlessly taunt Democrats, whose support he needed for this grave undertaking. (Taunting should be reserved for those who deserve it.)

U.S. Immigration Created Iraq Disaster

Coulter’s deliberate misrepresentation of events less than a generation ago is bad enough, but her conclusion is astonishing and self-serving. Coulter concludes that five decades of immigration in the United States is the reason ISIS now controls so much of Iraq today.

To the question, “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion?” Coulter claims “The correct answer is:[6]

Now that we know that a half-century of Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act would result in a country where a man like Barack Obama could be elected president, and then, purely out of antipathy to America, would withdraw every last troop from Iraq, nullifying America’s victory and plunging the entire region into chaos, no, I would not bother removing dangerous despots in order to make America safer.

“Instead, I would dedicate myself to overturning our immigration laws, ending the anchor-baby scam and building a triple-layer fence on the border, so that some future Republican president could invade Iraq without worrying about a foreign-elected president like Obama coming in and giving it away.

Yes, Coulter is claiming that Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008 because of demographic changes in America due to immigration.

Coulter made this explicitly clear in a recent interview: “Obama never could have been elected in this country but for Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act. Never, never, ever, ever!”[7]

(Sorry, Ann, but you are wrong. Again!)

Obama was almost assured victory in 2008 due to a political perfect storm scenario: an economic crash under an unpopular Republican president, a war-weary electorate, a poor Republican candidate, a charming (black) Democrat candidate, identity politics, a liberal media rooting for Obama, etc.

Let’s not forget Coulter’s own contribution to Obama’s victory: her “Let’s Get Drunk and Vote for McCain” campaign.[8]

This is not the first time Coulter has been wrong – and purposefully so – in politicizing national security and military matters. (Sometimes Marie Harf makes more sense.) Coulter has compared Washington D.C. to war-zone Baghdad[9] and repeatedly defamed military war heroes for partisan political purposes.[10]

Now, Coulter does so to promote her next book.


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Is Coulter as Corrupt as Clinton?

Coulter has written yet another diatribe[1] against Hillary Clinton, again contending that “the smartest woman in the world is not only arrogant and corrupt, but incredibly stupid.”[2]

To prove her point, Coulter lists a series of scandals and controversies, culminating with Hillary’s destruction of public records. But, as I’ve contended, this is not proof of stupidity. Rather, it is further proof of arrogance and corruption.


According to Coulter, Hillary must be stupid to be involved in so many scandals and behave so unethically – so often![3]

Coulter’s reasoning: “I think Hillary’s just really dumb. … it’s so stupid, it is such a self-inflicted wound … With her, it’s always – it’s just something that is so stupid.”[4]

But is that true? Let’s take Coulter for an example. Her intelligence has never been questioned by me. At times, she is brilliant.[5] But she is also integrity-challenged. One scandal or controversy after another.[6]

Consider this sampling. Coulter has …

Are these the actions of a bright person, or a stupid one?

IQ is not the parameter. The answer lies elsewhere: integrity.

But Coulter has always felt superior to most people, even to her peers and her colleagues.[17]

Coulter was born and bred an elite who came to believe her own press.[18]

Ann and Hillary share so many character traits[19] that Coulter had to find something to differentiate herself from Clinton. That something – stupidity – is a smokescreen. Coulter would prefer to believe that Clinton is stupid as opposed to “corrupt and venal,”[20] because those are traits she shares with the former First Lady.

Hillary has survived this long because she knows how to manipulate the system; she possesses money, power, and influence; and she has a network of colleagues and friends who will protect her no matter what she does. Hillary keeps getting away with immoral, illegal, and unethical behavior because she has never been held accountable for that behavior. Her ability to arrogantly get away with every escapade emboldens her in her arrogance and encourages further escapades.

The entire paragraph above applies equally to Ann.


[1]               Did I say “diatribe?” Yes. In addition to calling Hillary a “chubby” “ho,” Coulter wrote: “She’s a bore. She has the warmth of an Arctic ice floe. She hates people, and they hate her. She makes children cry and puppies shy away from her. Nobody wants to watch her wallow around in those neon pantsuits for the next five years.”

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Is Ann Coulter a Courageous Christian?

Ann Coulter recently commended mainstream Christian merchants for the courage of their convictions while attacking “most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party[1] for their cowardice.[2]

Is Coulter a courageous Christian? By her very own standards – No!


Coulter also vilified Christian missionaries[3] for their alleged cowardice, treason, and vanity, despite their obvious courage (and compassion) in serving in dangerous and inhospitable locations.[4]

But is Coulter courageous? Again, not by her standards.

Coulter insists, “the one thing every Christian should have is courage.”[5]

She has correctly identified the problem: “It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all. Because that is the foundation of our country, and everything – all of our freedoms come from that, freedom of association, freedom of speech, this direct attack on the Christians.”

Gay Bullies

But even as she commends Christian merchants for opposing the gay agenda and standing courageously for what they believe in, Coulter offers an Obama-like defense of those persecuting Christians.

She said, “This is the most consequential nation on earth. And the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof by changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies, and I don’t think it’s gay bullies, I think it’s – as you call them secular progressives or liberals.”[6] [Emphasis added.]

No, Ann, it is “gay bullies.” For over three decades, gay bullies have foisted the gay agenda into dominance in the public schools, academia, Hollywood and television entertainment, and other cultural institutions in America, including some churches!

Why does Coulter, with bold, broad-brush strokes, vilify all liberals as godless, America-hating, terrorist-loving traitors, denigrate all Muslims as terrorists or terrorist wannabes, and disparage all illegal immigrants as dangerous criminals, yet – in the face of all the evidence – offer an Obama-like “nuanced” interpretation of the nature of those who are promoting the gay agenda?

It is, indeed, “gay bullies” who are bullying into submission all those who oppose the gay agenda, and Ann Coulter has – for years – sided with those bullies.

Why, when America was at a tipping point, did Coulter choose the wrong side? Why is she now attempting to straddle the fence?

Ann Coulter – Gay Icon

In 2010, Coulter became the spokesperson for GOProud, a Republican organization promoting the gay agenda. She was acclaimed a “Gay Icon” and became “the honorary chair for the advisory council of GOProud.” According to GOProud, “Ann helped put our organization on the map.”


As for Coulter, she preened, “I am honored to serve in this capacity on GOProud’s Advisory Council, and look forward to being the Queen of Fabulous.”

At the very same time, actually courageous Christians at World Net Daily stood up for biblical truth and disinvited Coulter from their Take Back America Conference. Coulter reviled those courageous Christians (not dissimilar from the Christian merchants she praised in 2015), calling them “fake Christians” seeking “publicity.”

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel Action, agrees with World Net Daily: “There is nothing conservative about the radical homosexual activist agenda which seeks to impose, under penalty of law, sexual anarchy.”

Coulter also appeared on LOGO’s gay TV show, The A-List Dallas. Once again, Coulter’s message was pro-life, while ignoring homosexuality itself!


True courage (and compassion) would speak biblical truth, would preach the gospel of repentance, forgiveness, healing, and transformation. True courage (and compassion) would proclaim Jesus’ gospel of salvation so that they might he saved in this life and the next. Enabling sinners to remain in sin is neither courageous nor compassionate.

When will Coulter repudiate her past promotion of GOProud and unequivocally oppose the gay agenda?

When will Coulter repent of her attacks upon those Christians who are, in fact, doing God’s work, whether those biblically-informed activists involved with the Take Back America Conference, or those heroic missionaries serving the least of the least overseas?

When will Coulter exhibit the courage she exhorts other Christians to exhibit?


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Fake Christians (in Coulter’s eyes)

Ann Coulter, who claims to be “an extraordinarily good Christian,”[1] rails again persecution of Christians yet attacks faithful Christians for their faith – because of political differences!

For almost two decades, Coulter has denied the very existence of liberal Christians.[2] Coulter has also attacked Christian conservatives – calling them “fake Christians” – as well as Catholics and Christian missionaries![3]


Fake Christians – Missionaries!

Last year, Coulter repeatedly defamed Christian missionaries,[4] calling them cowards,[5] traitors,[6] and glory-seekers.[7] She has not changed her views.

A few weeks ago, Coulter lauded “These small-town owners of [Memories Pizza] have more Christian courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party”[8] and she exhorted Christians to have “courage [and] … Go out and fight.”

But in the midst of her exhortation, Coulter again attacked Christian missionaries, saying, “these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof by changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies.”

As one person tweeted, “If you let @AnnCoulter define God’s mission, you’re doing it wrong: http://bit.ly/V4pU77 #JumpingTheMissionShark,”

Indeed, Coulter misses the essence of the gospel, which infuses selfless love for the lost into global outreach in fulfillment of the Great Commission. Notice that Jesus’ commission – for worldwide, not national, evangelism – is recognized as “great.”

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus instructed all of his disciples to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

The apostle Paul spoke of this in Romans 10:15, “And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’”

But Coulter despises those whom God has sent!

Fake Christians – Liberals!

To reiterate, Coulter hates liberal Christians, even denying that they could be people of faith and children of God. During the 2012 election cycle, Coulter opined, “all liberals are atheists. Only the ones who have to stand for election even bother pretending to believe in God … There’s only one true Christian liberal in the country and that’s Mike Huckabee.”

As she later explained to Huckabee:

“So I started thinking, what if you were a genuine Christian but you had some crazy liberal views on things that are not directly Christian, what would that look like? And I thought of you, Governor.”

(Is Huckabee really a liberal? Coulter knows he is not.)

Fake Christians – Conservatives!

Coulter has also attacked self-evidently conservative Christians who support traditional marriage and other biblical precepts. In 2010, Coulter vilified one conservative Christian organization for cancelling her speech, claiming, “These are fake Christians trying to get publicity.” She also castigated the organizer, Josef Farah, calling him a “publicity whore” and a “swine” who could “give less than two s—- about the conservative movement.”

Farah responded in a Christ-like manner: “Coulter called me a ‘publicity whore’ for my decision. But look who is on television talking about this – throwing mud, name-calling, smearing not only me but my entire staff. I will not engage in the kind of ad hominem attacks that have made Coulter so famous and that are making her even more of a media darling in this age of reckless anger and character assassination for the sake of entertainment.”

Fake Christians – Catholics!

Demonstrating her commitment to inclusivity, Coulter also lambasts Catholics (liberal and conservative) as “fake Christians.”

As Newshounds noted: “It seems like right wing diva Coulter is pretty pissed off about those Catholic public figures who are advocating that immigrant children should be treated with tolerance. So she blasted off some tweets which were, uh, strongly critical of these Catholics, including several directed towards friend of Fox Cardinal Timothy Dolan.”

She ramped up the rhetoric in a series of tweets assassinating the character and faith of compassionate Christians: (Emphasis added.)

  • If we got them hooked up to a lie detector, we’d find out not one of these moral show-offs believes in God
  • Oh wait, I’m sorry, Cardinal Dolan –you wanted to be a moral show-off while sending them to someone else’s property?
  • Not ONE of the grandstanding fake “Christians” in these photos believes in God. Look at them! It’s SEIU!
  • How about the governor’s mansion, you phony, grandstanding, Bible-toting hypocrite?

Notably, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck were among those providing aid.

But Coulter is not one to let the truth get in the way of one of her phony narratives.[9] She does conservatives and Christians a disservice[10] by misrepresenting both and by offering herself up as a parody to, ironically, discredit those she claims to defend!

If Coulter truly understood the gospel that she purports to champion, she could be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, she is merely the blowhard she once cautioned against becoming.[11]


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