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Ann Coulter (Again) Promotes Loony Leftist Attacks on Trump

Trump-deranged Ann Coulter regurgitates anti-Trump propaganda from left-wing sites like the New York Times. Her latest attack commended nonsense from the Le Monde diplomatique, which falsely claimed:

“He lied constantly, even in easily checked public statements. He was a demagogue who only pretended to care about working people. He used the nation’s highest office to enrich himself and his supporters.”

Her Retweet was brief: “Check, check and check.”

FACT CHECK: Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Remember Coulter’s worst column?

Returning to Coulter’s most recent ludicrous tweet:

The writer, Thomas Frank, vilified every GOP president – a strikingly obvious clue that this was a partisan hit job. Coulter, who has hated Trump for years, fell for it.

Many responses aptly noted the delusional nature of Coulter’s tweet:

“As I read it I thought they were talking about Biden.”

Why such hate ? When I read supposed Intellectuals like this buffoon it becomes even more clear why Trump was elected. I loved the “old Ann” that would go on The Howie Carr Show.”

what happened to you? do the dems have your fbi file or something? what you’ve posted is totally false !!! #thefive

“And somehow, some way, was the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.”

Ann is behaving like a jilted lover. Boring. #unfollow

Sounds more like the Biden family. Trump did more for blue-collar working families in my state than any of the last 3 democrat presidents, and the last couple of Republican residents at the White House (#’s 41 & 43).”

“For all the hair on her chest, who new Ann’s fragile ego couldn’t handle an alpha male with more money than her, who was more effective at dealing with the democrats/liberals that she so claims to loathe. Rather than attack the swamp, she rolled over and became what she despises.”

“I love how people can claim he “enriched himself” when he lost $1.3 billion off his net worth. Ann’s schizophrenic relationship w/ the 45th President continues.”

Stalker Ann can’t stop talking about Trump. She’s still not happy that he didn’t cater to her and give her a job in his administration. He saw right through her. She’s having a hard time with not being Trump’s friend. So sad.”

The article exclusively denigrates GOP presidents. Not a good take to circulate this.”

Coulter’s obsessive hatred for Trump gives aide and comfort to those who want to destroy America. As ever, Coulter is on the wrong side, placing her enmity above the interests of America and the MAGA movement!

See @AnnCoulter, the Left’s Secret Weapon Against America at https://wp.me/p4jHFp-oh.

Comedy Central Cuts Coulter’s Conscience

You could say Ann Coulter was the butt of all their jokes, if she had one. (Groan.)


The Let’s Roast Ann Coulter Instead of Rob Lowe Roast was truly eye-opening, revealing the heart of Hollywood and of Ann Coulter.

Neglected are crucial portions of the taped program cut from the broadcast version.

Coulter contends that Comedy Central edited the final version to make her look bad. (Here is an annotated transcript of her set as broadcast.) Comedy Central also appears to have edited out at least one portion which shows Coulter’s humanity, her conscience.

Steve Bramucci reported his eyewitness account of the taping, observing:

“There was one final moment of unexpected Coulter pathos, though. When she was supposed to insult Jewel – something about the singer’s teeth – she broke into her own joke to apologize, saying, ‘they’re making me say this.’”

This is remarkable for three reasons. First, no one ever makes Coulter say or do anything. Everything she does is what she wants to do. Therefore, she is responsible for every single word she says and action she takes.

Second, Coulter never apologizes!

Even more remarkable, Ann felt a twinge of guilt – even having just been savaged by hostile peers. At that very moment, her conscience was pricked.


Did Coulter, perhaps for the first time in a very long time, personally feel what it’s like to receive the kind of vitriol her victims regularly feel? Did she finally grasp that the reason she is so hated is because she is so hateful?

About that God moment, Bramucci remarked, “It was also the most humanity I can remember her showing in a public setting.”

Humanity – a thing of beauty.

He continued: “The moment was so jarring that the guy working the teleprompter must’ve fallen out of his chair, because the scroll stopped halfway through Coulter’s set and she had to literally beg for it to go back on.”

Perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned about Coulter is that she is a human being, too. (I can envision a roaster saying, “Even monsters have feelings.”)