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Coulter’s Apocalypse

The apocalypse is nigh and Ann Coulter insists that only Donald Trump can defeat the Four Horsemen.


On The Drive Home (9/29/16), Coulter berated a Christian Never Trumper, saying, “So do not pretend to be a Christian when you are rooting for the destruction of the last Christian country on earth.”

Coulter’s rationale for haranguing this “nobody,” as she called him, is the same as it has been in recent years. In her mind, America is “the last Christian country on earth” and this election will decide the fate of America and the entire world.

Trump is not only her Savior, he is the savior of America and civilization itself.

Therefore, a Christian must support Trump – a non-Christian, bullying, libertine liberal liar masquerading as a conservative – in order to save mankind.

If you believe that God in heaven, Christian virtues and principles, Constitutional government and the rule of law, and liberty in the land of the free take precedence over a Trump victory in November, then you are pretending to be a Christian.

Moreover – or, perhaps, most importantly – Coulter has cast herself in the dramatic role of saving America with Trump. Because of her self-less self-sacrifice – “I feel like an insect that gives birth and then dies” – mankind will be saved. But only with a Trump victory.

Just the other day, Coulter contended that #NeverTrump is virtually synonymous with atheism.

Why Coulter’s sudden interest in Christians being Christians?

Not because of any concern for fealty to Christ. Rather, she is bullying believers into betraying their true Savior. Remember, she has repeatedly attacked Christians for being godly and pro-lifers for being pro-life.


#NeverTrump = Atheists?

Ann Coulter asserts a nebulous connection between the Never Trump movement and atheism.



A large percentage of #NeverTrump members belong to that movement precisely because of their faith.

On the Eric Metaxas Show (10/3/16), Coulter argued that George Will and Charles Murray are opposed to Trump because “they are both atheists.”

Coulter then argued:

“I guess status matters. As I always say, the reason status doesn’t matter to Christians is we’re looking up. If you have nothing to look up to, if you’re not getting your standard from God, then you have to look around. It’s either lateral or horizontal or vertical. You’re looking around and it matters to you – the opinion of other people.”

This is a rather strange argument for Coulter to make, especially given Coulter’s repeated boasts of worshiping Trump as her Savior and her condemnations of Christian leaders who oppose Trump.

A substantial number of evangelicals oppose Trump because they discern the huckster beneath the veneer. They recognize a libertine liberal bully masquerading as a champion for the people and a savior of the nation.

I suspect there are far more atheists in the #OnlyTrump camp than the #NeverTrump one.

GOP Base is Fringe

Coulter recently gave a stunning description of the GOP base. She claims it is a “teeny, tiny base” composed of religious zealots and extremist pro-lifers!


Coulter defended charges that Trump is “not a real Republican” by saying (emphasis added), “I don’t want someone appealing just to the base. Somebody appealing just to the base is, you know, handling tongues and having raptures on stage and is saying, like Marco Rubio, correcting Megyn Kelly, that, ‘No, I don’t support abortion in the case of rape and incest.’ Oh, good grief. Did he not remember – did he not live through Todd Akin? No, that’s sucking up to a teeny, tiny base.”

Yes, Coulter’s gunsights are aimed at Christian conservatives and pro-lifers – whom she claims represent “a teeny, tiny base.” Alert readers will gather that Ted Cruz is the specific object of her wrath. (Cruz, of course, is solidly pro-life and unabashedly Christian.)

Beginning with the 2000 presidential election cycle, Coulter has actively opposed pro-lifers for what she regards as politically pragmatic purposes. Nevertheless, Coulter told a Politicon audience, “I’m an evangelical pro-lifer. I don’t need my president speaking in tongues.” Yes, she again blended the pro-life movement with evangelical Christians. (Coulter even claims to be an “evangelical pro-lifer,” even though evidence for her being either a Christian or a pro-lifer is scant.)

Using her recurring ugly stereotype on the Nowman Show (6/25/16), Coulter argued, “[Trump] doesn’t have religious ecstasies on stage. He doesn’t speak in tongues.” Coulter will say anything to destroy Cruz.

Sadly, time after time, Coulter attacks Christians for behaving as Christians are supposed to behave – in a godly manner. Why? Political expediency? To justify her own ungodly behavior?

Coulter hated every GOP candidate but Trump – who isn’t even a Republican! Moreover, her mission was and remains to destroy the GOP. Coulter’s latest broadside against the GOP base is in keeping with her ultimate goal. She does, after all, want to form a New Trump Party.

Trump is STILL Coulter’s God

Self-described Christian conservative and evangelical Ann Coulter began 2016 by extolling her worshipful devotion to The Donald.


Asked to describe her actual relationship with Trump, Coulter replied, “Blind worship.”

Blind worship? “It’s a little like the North Korean people with their dear, dear leader.”

Nine months later, Coulter expanding her adoration for Trump, claiming that she would die for him.

In a taped interview for Politico, Coulter boasted, “I worship him like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leader.’ Yes, I would die for him.” Later in that same interview, Coulter emphasized, “Like a North Korean, absolutely. He’s my ‘Dear Leader.’ He’s the ‘Dear Leader.’”

Yes, she calls Trump “my” Dear Leader, then “the” Dear Leader, as if there could be no other.

Hence her book title displacing God: In Trump We Trust.

(By the way, her book did not make the New York Times bestseller list. It made the Also Selling list.)