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Vile #NeverTrump

Let’s look beneath Ann Coulter’s faux humanity. Coulter revealed the real Coulter in an interview for The Drive Home (9/29/16): a phony hypocrite who pretends to like those she hates.


Speaking of conservatives opposed to Trump, Coulter boasted, “But all the people that I had to be talked into liking before because they’re technically on my side, whoa, they’re all gone now.”

Her next words: “I don’t have to pretend I like them anymore. It was all the ones I hated. Gone, gone, gone.”

Hear that, conservatives! Coulter no longer has to pretend to like you. Talk about phony! She really hated you all along!

You are now “gone, gone, gone” down into her personal memory hole. Except, naturally for her, Coulter never forgives and she never forgets.

A split microsecond later, Coulter singled out one name: “John Podhoretz.” (Podhoretz, a former friend and ally, incensed Coulter by shaming her inexcusable behavior.)

A few seconds later, Coulter claimed, “I don’t have to defend the people who were the most embarrassing to our side.”

Who is the real embarrassment, Ann?

Trump is a B.S.-er, Not Liar

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Donald Trump really is full of B.S.


Ann Coulter told the audience of The Drive Home (9/29/16), “I think what Trump is is a BSer, not a liar, by which I mean, it’s rhetorical.” She went on to claim that Trump is guilty of hyperbole and jokes, but not lying.

If only that were true.

Coulter has had to contend for over 15 months with Trump’s often bizarre formulations. Coulter has called her candidate “mental” and she “wanted to shoot” her TV prompted by Trump’s words and actions.

Coulter has admitted that Trump is a fraud, yet defends his every misstep, from mocking disabled journalists to defending misogyny. For her, death threats are fun and threatening to nuke Europe a blast.

Never forget, Coulter remains a propagandist for Trump, who, at heart is a bully. Coulter herself is the face of the Alt-Right.

Truly a match made in Hell.

Coulter Hates What She Isn’t and Who She Is

Since the 1990s, Ann Coulter has expressed her hatred[1] for individuals and entire groups of people.[2] Moreover, she has called hatred a patriotic duty.[3]

Not surprisingly, Coulter hates those who are not like her.[4] She hates, in others words, what she isn’t.

Coulter Hates Self

But Coulter also hates who she is.[5]  Indeed, Coulter hates what she isn’t because of who she is.

Let’s look at who and what Coulter hates and see how, in reality, she hates herself.

Coulter Hates Conservatives

But, wait, isn’t Coulter a conservative? Coulter claims, “I’m like the conservative ayatollah.”[6] And, “I really do need to be the ayatollah of this [conservative] movement.”[7] (Do conservatives even have ayatollahs?)

Joe Newby, at the Conservative Firing Line, made a strikingly accurate observation (emphasis added): “But more to the point, [Coulter] has ripped the mask off and revealed that underneath, she truly hates conservatives, especially those who disagree with her – and she’s not beneath throwing them all under the bus.”

Notice, Coulter hates conservatives who disagree with her.[8] Part of her shtick is that she is always right, never wrong. When Coulter-generated controversies inevitably arise, she attacks and reviles those who hold her accountable for her words and actions.[9]

Moreover, Coulter often has an agenda which is distinct from, and in opposition to, conservative principles. Consequently, Coulter vilifies those principled conservatives who oppose her.[10]

Coulter Hates Christians

But, wait, isn’t Coulter a Christian? Coulter claims: “I’m an extraordinarily good Christian.”[11]

Despite her claims of fealty to Christ, Coulter has attacked Christians for most of the past two decades.[12]

Coulter calls Christian missionaries “fake Christians,”[13] attacks Christians who are godly and promote godliness,[14] and opposes attempts to stop Christian genocide occurring overseas.[15]

Coulter even, with professed “blind worship,” champions a godless liberal as her “Savior.”[16] (Just a decade ago, Coulter pilloried everyone she regarded as godless liberals in her appropriately named book, Godless.  Now, pillories are passé and crosses are chic.)

Coulter Hates Pro-Lifers

But, wait, isn’t Coulter a pro-lifer? Coulter claims to be: “I am totally pro-life.”[17]

Contrary to her assertion, Coulter passionately attacks conservatives and Christians for pursuing a pro-life agenda.

As far back as the late 1990s, Coulter began attacking pro-lifers for purely political purposes.[18] Coulter blames pro-life “putzes” for Republican election defeats – because they pursue a pro-life agenda.

Coulter disparages pro-lifers as morons and cowards[19] for simply seeking to defund Planned Parenthood![20] She calls them “pathetic,” “weak-kneed” “sissies” and “pussies” trying “to prove their toughness by being pro-life.” Perhaps they are actually principled pro-lifers.

In reality, Coulter would have pro-lifers do nothing and let the unborn fend for themselves![21]

Coulter Hates Herself

But, wait, isn’t Coulter a narcissist? Yes![22] (Who knew?)

Even narcissists can experience self-doubt. More than that, two decades of compromising principles and behaving deceitfully[23] have taken their toll. In time, liars tend to believe their own lies. But each lie conflicts with a previous one until discerning the truth becomes like grasping the wind.

Coulter went from espousing principled positions[24] to behaving contrary to those very same principles. Confronted with her hypocrisy, she entered into a prolonged and deep denial[25] from which she has yet to recover. She eventually gave up trying to do the right thing.

The “mass of contradictions” in her life quickly snowballed out of control. In time, Coulter – all the while claiming she has never changed – dramatically changed her positions and views on almost everything.[26]

Consequently, huge swaths of the conservative movement, Christians, pro-lifers, libertarians, and the like now shun Coulter.[27] They will continue to do so until Coulter gets her act together. Even then, she will have to earn their trust.

Right now, Coulter is extremely confused, caught up in a mishmash of conflicting and confusing visions of herself[28]her self-identity[29] – and a worldview which has become warped from years of lies, treachery, and deceit.[30]

I suspect that Ann never really believed in the Christian ideals and conservative principles she espoused. Indeed, she was not the “true believer” everyone believed her to be. Rather, she adopted those ideals and principles from her parents, whom she loved. Her father died in 2008; her mother in 2009. Since then, Ann’s moral and spiritual compass no longer exists. Ann is being tossed to and fro by the pragmatism of the moment and the passing whims of her heart.

Coulter hates conservatives, Christians, and pro-lifers for being what they are because she once believed she belonged in those categories. Now, whenever these people of principle act on their principles, she is put to shame as a charlatan. They expose Coulter for who she really is – a fraud.

Will Ann always be a fraud? Only God knows and only He can bring meaning and direction to her life. Unless and until Ann courageously faces the reality of who she has become and fights the good fight of faith to become the person God has called her to be, she will always be filled with hate and fear.

May God grant Ann repentance and transform her heart.


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Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Bio Fraud

(Saying Goodbye to Integrity Even in a Book Cover)

Bad habits die hard, if ever. Ann Coulter’s proclivity for embellishing her accomplishments continues to this day.


Coulter’s fraudulent biographical claims include:

  • Status as a ten-time bestselling author
  • Writes and researches her own books
  • Founded the Cornell Review
  • Had a private law practice
  • Does pro-bono work

(If you can’t trust Coulter’s bio, how can you trust Coulter?)

Ten Nine-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

Adios, America is emblazoned with the assertion that Coulter is “Author of 10 New York Times Bestsellers.” Wrong!

In 2013, Coulter insisted, “By the way, it’s now ten best sellers.”[1] Two months later, I exposed her claim as fraudulent.[2] Still, Coulter continues to – very unnecessarily, I might add – puff up her résumé.

Coulter’s newly-launched Facebook page claims, “Ann Coulter is a ten-time New York Times bestselling author, gun-clinger and right-wing polemicist.”

Contrary to Coulter’s contentions, her tenth book did not make the best-seller list. Even her publisher disputes Coulter’s claim.[3]

Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 did not make the bestseller list. According to Regnery, her last book made the “Also Selling” list, not the Bestseller list.

Regnery maintains a list of Regnery books making the bestseller list and it necessarily includes rankings from only 1 – 15. Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 is not on this list.

To reiterate, Also Selling is not Bestselling. But Coulter insists it is. (Hint: Also Selling books aren’t given a “number of weeks on bestseller list” number.)

It would be like placing fifth in the Olympics and claiming to be an Olympic medalist, or like being virtually a virgin.

Why does Regnery exclude Coulter’s tenth book from its list of published bestsellers yet promote her as a ten-time best-selling author? I suspect that we can blame Coulter more than Regnery.

A little history is in order. Regnery published Coulter’s first book in 1998. At that time, Coulter boasted, “I had vituperative arguments with Regnery that required a number of tantrums to pull off.”[4] Apparently temper tantrums work in Ann Coulter’s world.

(Oddly, Regnery doesn’t use Coulter’s criteria for its other books. To date, Regnery has not provided a rationale for its  decision.)

But why would Coulter lie? With such an obvious, fact-checkable lie?

Perhaps Coulter felt her 10th book deserved to be a best-seller so she claimed it was. Perhaps she wanted a perfect record of bestsellers.

Alternatively, she may have felt ashamed of her failure to make the list, especially given her history of using that list as a criterion for success.

Coulter’s Obsession

Coulter has an obsession with bestsellers.

As a guest host for a three-hour talk show in 1999, Coulter repeatedly introduced herself as the author of a bestseller which was on the New York Times bestseller list longer than James Carville’s book.

For Coulter, an elite’s elite, rank matters. Status matters. Image is everything.

Coulter loves to cite her bestseller status:

“I’m a massively successful bestselling author.”[5]

“I write about it in my very first New York Times’ bestseller, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”[6]

“It’s nine [bestsellers] now. .. It does technically make it nine, I made number three the first week.”[7]

“I’m Ann Coulter, the author of NINE massive NYT Best sellers.”[8]

Coulter thinks of her books as her children, and she lavishes praise on every single one. Here are but two examples:

“This fabulous book [Mugged] is available at fine book stores everywhere – or it oughta be!”[9]

“As noted in that great book that came out this week, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans …”[10]

How gauche! Praising her own books. (More to follow.)

Coulter’s Adios, America

As for Adios, America, Coulter said that the publisher should move up its publication date because, “The country needs this book. … this is the best one ever.”[11] Hubris?

In March, Coulter said, “I’ve just turned in the edits to my next book, which is fantastic.”[12]

Effervescent and irrepressible in praise of her own book, Coulter gushed, “It’s a rollicking book!”[13] It’s an “explosive upcoming book.”[14] “It’s a blockbuster.”[15]Fantastic book. It’s unbelievable. Out June first.”[16]

“I’ve been finishing my page proofs for my magnificent new book that comes out June 1st.”[17]

“This blockbuster book …”[18] “You’re gonna love it.”[19] “But the audiobook is fantastic.”[20] Also, “my smash new book,”[21] “isn’t it fun? Don’t you love [my book]?”[22]

Not only is Coulter’s book yet another blockbuster – and magnificent to boot – but it will save America!

(Didn’t Coulter repeatedly describe both Romney and his catastrophic 2012 presidential campaign as magnificent?)[23]

“And this next book of mine, I’ve told my friends … this is my last shot at saving the country, and if this doesn’t work, then screw it. I’m building a bunker and hiring the cheap maids.” [24]

Yes, Adios, America will save America!

“I’m thinking we may have to move [the release date] up. The country needs [my new] book.”[25]

It is promoted thus: “If you love your country, you need to read ¡Adios, America!

Moreover, Coulter contends that an elite conspiracy seeks to silence her. Coulter claims, “The only problem is going to be getting word out about my book when every elite group in America is against me.”[26]

As if preparing an excuse for not getting a bestseller, Coulter again promoted a vast left-wing conspiracy to deny her due glory as a bestselling author.

Coulter began her last column prior to book launch hyping her book, her bogus bestseller status, and her perceived liberal conspiracy to silence her:

“I have an explosive book on the No. 1 issue in the country coming out next week, I’ve already written 10 New York Times best-sellers – I’d be on a postage stamp if I were a liberal – but can’t get an interview on ABC, NBC or CBS.”[27] She made the very same claim that night on Hannity.

“I love Jorge [Ramos]. I salute Jorge. I finally found a Mexican willing to do a job no American will do: interview Ann Coulter.”[28] Coulter then repeated her column lead virtually verbatim, adding, “Will NBC, ABC, CBS have me on? Oh no, no, no, it’s like I’m a blogger.”

Coulter is insistent on this point: “The media’s just pretending I don’t exist and the book doesn’t exist. … Maybe Barnes and Noble will be forced to stop hiding it.”[29]

Coulter is so paranoid that she accused her friends at Fox News of being part of this vast conspiracy of silence when her segment on Justice with Judge Jeanine was canceled due to breaking news. Coulter tweeted: “Oops – canceled. Immigration is a little too hot.”[30] Were the two killers who escaped from a maximum security prison with the help of a prison employee part of that conspiracy, too?

Yes, Coulter thinks her friends are conspiring against her.

Coulter’s Paranoia Over Godless

Let’s revisit Coulter’s paranoia from nine years ago. Godless was released on June 6, 2006. The very next day, Coulter published her own review of Godless, arguing, “If the New York Times reviews it at all, they’ll only talk about the Ann Coulter action-figure doll, so I think I’ll write my own review.”[31]

Disproving her conspiracy theory, just five days later, the New York Times published a substantive review of Godless,[32] which became her second of two books to top the bestseller list.

But in her fantasy world, Coulter really believes:

“The main problem with ‘Godless’ is that I had to walk through the valley of darkness to find it. You will have to push past surly bookstore clerks, proceed past the weird people in the ‘self-help’ section, and finally past the stacks and stacks of Hillary Clinton’s memoirs. If all else fails, ask for the ‘hate speech’ section of your local bookstore. Ironically, if you find ‘Godless’ without asking for assistance, it’s considered a minor miracle.”

Although couched in humorous terms, Coulter’s personal apocalypse did not occur. Her conspiracy did not materialize. Yet another contrived Coulter controversy.


Coulter unswervingly contends, “I both write and research my own books … I am a maniacal researcher.”[33] Also, “I am a ferocious researcher.”[34]

On Hannity, she again made that same false claim: “I research my own books. I write my own books. … I look it all up myself.”

History proves otherwise. Coulter committed plagiarism in at least two books: High Crimes and Misdemeanors[35] and Godless.[36] And she has gone to great lengths to cover-up her behavior.[37]

Asked about how she came to be an author, Coulter claimed, “I’d been writing about Clinton’s various scandals for Human Events, Regnery’s sister company, so Regnery came to me and suggested to write a book on Clinton’s impeachable crimes.[38] Actually, Regnery first came to Michael Chapman because of his expertise on the Clinton scandals, and then he gave his notes to Coulter when she refused to co-author the book with him.[39]

Cornell Review

Just as Coulter repeatedly and insistently lied about her bestselling status, she exhibited a similar measure of insecurity when she padded her credentials for almost three decades, claiming that she had founded the Cornell Review. That claim was made in interview after interview, profile after profile. And it was false.

But then, once her professional status as a journalist and bestselling author was secure, Coulter admitted (just a few years ago), “I don’t think I was technically a founding editor … of the Cornell Review.”[40]

As with Also Selling being equivalent to Bestselling, Coulter treated being on the newspaper staff after its first edition was published as if she were a founding editor.

There’s something pathological there, an irrepressible neediness and insatiable longing for approval, accolades, and acclaim.

Private Practice

Coulter’s bio still claims, “After practicing law in private practice in New York City …” when, in fact, she was never in private law practice.[41] Coulter worked, consecutively, for two corporate law firms, work which she described as “mind-numbingly boring.”[42] In citing a bogus “private practice,” is she seeking to demonstrate her independence and ability to be successful on her own? Or does she feel that her legal credentials, such as they are, are insufficient as they are?


In the summer leading up to Clinton’s impeachment, Coulter boasted of doing pro-bono work for her law firm: “Pro-bono work is all I do these days. My law firm is a non-profit law firm.”[43] But according to a spokesman at the Center for Individual Rights, Coulter provided no pro-bono work for them.[44]

Clearly Coulter side-stepped the intent of the question which was whether she had ever volunteered her time. While the Center for Individual Rights does pro-bono work, Coulter was paid for her work.

Long after Clinton’s impeachment took place, Coulter again boasted of her pro-bono work for Paula Jones. That year, she also boasted of her betrayal of Jones and took credit for getting Bill Clinton impeached.[45]

In a George magazine essay,[46] Coulter defended her “motives” and accentuated her “pro-bono” generosity in aiding Paula Jones in Jones’ hour of need.

“As Isikoff reports, I had been doing a little unofficial pro bono work on the Jones case, along with a few other civic-minded Gen-X lawyers, a.k.a. the Elves. Unfortunately for Paula, she wasn’t the sort of pro bono client most lawyers favor, like a cop killer.”

“For the benefit of the American Bar Association pro bono awards committee … We are all fairly confident that none of us will be getting any pro bono awards from the ABA, which reserves its awards for enterprises such as getting guys who were convicted of molesting and murdering children off death row. Pro bono work on behalf of some poor girl who’s been sexually assaulted by the most powerful man on the planet isn’t the kind of thing that wins you accolades, at least not if the defendant is a Democrat. That kind of pro bono work gets you fired, harassed, and accused of having bad ‘motives.’”

Finally, “we were just a few nerdy lawyers quietly doing pro bono work for an unpopular plaintiff.”

[For those counting, Coulter used “pro-bono” seven times in those 170 words.]

Bear in mind, Paula Jones is the only known client for whom Coulter did pro bono work and Coulter, in the end, betrayed that client!

As for CIR, Coulter’s bio states:

“From there, she became a litigator with the Center For Individual Rights in Washington, DC, a public interest law firm dedicated to the defense of individual rights with particular emphasis on freedom of speech, civil rights, and the free exercise of religion.”

Did you notice? The bulk of that paragraph describes the work CIR does, not the accomplishments of Ann Coulter.

Coulter’s Bio Fraud

Ten-time bestselling author? No!

Writes and researches her own books? Not always.

Founded the Cornell Review? No.

Had a private law practice? Never happened.

Does pro-bono work? One time. Didn’t work out so well for the client.

Coulter’s Blue Max

Recently, I again watched the classic Blue Max in which the antagonist so desperately seeks Germany’s highest honor, the titular medal awarded to superior pilots during World War I. At one point, his aeronautical nemesis asked him whether people respected the medal or the man who wore it.

Coulter faces a similar introspective quandary. With all of her emphasis on her professional accomplishments, literary achievements and bestseller status, does she ever wonder if she would be respected without her own literary Blue Max?

Does Coulter care more about her image than about the person she has become?[47]


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